Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because Someone Said...

This is how the story goes...

I received an email today...notifying ME that I owed her a tutorial or two. (Yeah, you know who you are!) Well, I politely emailed her back letting HER know that I don't give tutorials very well, however I really enjoy everybody else's that they may post.

DSC_0351 (2)

Greedy? Me? No, not hardly. First of all, I just don't have that kind of time on my hands...I do work full time ya know. Secondly, giving tutorials was never the intention of my blog. I just like to post pretty pictures and make up a story or two! I don't want to have to come home after work and work some more! Are you following me?

DSC_0356 (2)

Anyway, my question for you today is...Do you like these eggs in the pictures above? Good, then keep reading!

Well Miss S.R., I hope you feel guilty that supper isn't cooked, the clothes are not clean and the dog needs to go outside BUT here is your EGG TUTORIAL from ME! Just in time for Easter!!!!

I'm really happy to do this, I hope I didn't scare you away!! I'm happy see? :)

Okay, let's get these eggs rollin'...

You will need these things:

  • Paper Mache eggs
  • Acrylic Paint (neutral color)
  • Mod Podge (I use the gloss finish)
  • Two sponge brushes (one for paint and one for mod podge)
  • Scrap Paper


Step One:   (Optional)

Paint eggs a neutral color. This is necessary only if you will be using light colored paper. It is to provide a lighter background if you miss a spot when covering the egg with the paper.


Note to self:   go wash your fingers before you touch the camera!

Step Two:

Cut little strips of paper about 3/4" wide and the length (from top to bottom) of your egg.

Adhere paper strips with the Mod Podge and rub out creases with your fingers. (this gets a little messy) Work all the way around the egg until egg is completely covered.


Note #2 to self: go wash your fingers again before you touch the camera!

Step 3:

If you'd like to seal them, you can apply a light coat of acrylic spray on them. This will protect them and give them a little glossier look if you would rather them shiny. (I do this step)

Let dry and you are DONE in THREE SIMPLE (but messy) STEPS!

Do as many or little as you want but below is my stash of eggs to display in my home for the Easter Season. I used many patterns of my scrapbook paper scraps. This was a great way to use up those little pieces of paper that you just couldn't bear throwing away.

Oh, Miss G., isn't today GREEN WEDNESDAY? You girls just totally inspire me with your recycling and tutorials and stress me out but totally inspire me! Enjoy!



Geralyn Gray said...

Wow you did that post--mg I am proud of you.....don't be stressing. I love your egg tutorial--good job. I love the eggs---they are great. I have some leftover from my swap......mmm you have inspired me too.

Cherie Wilson said...

Love the eggs! Your blog is fun, my vintage friend! Fondly remembering Silver Bella and meeting you...........wish I could call you up and go on over to Second Chance! However, live it up where you are! I'll do the same:) XO Cherie Wilson

sepiadreams said...

Do you have to hard boil the eggs first? Great tutorial! ...Love Tiina...

The Victorian Parlor said...

That is so cool! The eggs are beautiful! The tutorial was great (and very entertaining:)too-thanks!

BTW, your pictures are gorgeous-you have so many talents, thanks for sharing them:)

Pam @ Frippery said...

The eggs are just great. I love tutorials on easy pretty holiday touches. I guess prodding Miss S to start her blog resulted in a little payback? I am so glad you helped her start hers as now I have another place full of fun to visit. Hugs, Pam
PS I just bought some of those little paper mache eggs, now I know what I will do with them.

Marie Reed said...

Guess what I just got it the mail! It's so gorgeous! I was actually shocked by the beauty of the packaging and then my happy little bookmark itself! It went right into the Max Gallo Napoleon book I'm reading:)

Willnnabel said...

Well, uh, thanks for the tutorial. I don't know who S.R. is but I am sure she is feeling real bad that people in your home went without supper. I am sure the guilt must be unbearable.

p.s. Did she say you owe her one or was it two? (heh, heh)

Anonymous said...

I never thought of doing a tutorial. Maybe you have inspired me yet again.

Barbara Jean said...

just going through some old posts here.

love the eggs.

barbara jean