Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I've been loving it since November...

On a cold rainy weekend in November, I treaded my way to Omaha Nebraska...

A place I had never been, but dreamed of.

DSC_0085 (3)

A place where I knew no one prior to my arrival...

A place where I was very unaware of what I was about to see or what I was about to become.

DSC_0089 (2)

A place called Silver Bella...a meeting of like minds & hearts.

DSC_0091 (3)

Little did I know that I would meet someone very special...a gypsy soul of sorts.

DSC_0086 (2)

She carried on her wrist something handmade....something simply beautiful...something Victorian inspired.

DSC_0095 (2)

One like no other I'd have ever seen.

DSC_0082 (2)

And I envied her so, until today.

DSC_0090 (2)

Because today, I have realized many things since that cold day in November...

DSC_0091 (2)

I have realized that I became a Bella...

DSC_0092 (2)

I have realized that I became a Friend...

DSC_0084 (2)

And today, I have become a Sleeve Sister to a wonderful person with a creative and very generous heart.

DSC_0085 (5)

Today, she sends me the matching cuff of the handmade, simply beautiful, Victorian inspired cuff that she wore the day I met her.

DSC_0093 (2)

Therefore today, the only envy I have of her is...

I wish that I was as talented as she.

This beautiful cuff bracelet was handmade by Sandi Moran, you may know her as The Victorian Gypsy.

My Heart is Filled with Delight!

Thank you Sandi, I love it & appreciate it more than you know.


Geralyn Gray said...

I will never hear the song "Soul Sister" again without thinking sleeve sister, sleeve sister. How sweet is that I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have been living a bella life for sure!!!!!!!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh Jodie, You lucky girl. Sandi is so talented. What a beautiful bracelet. I think Geralyn is right about the song, too funny, but wouldn't we all love to be sleeve sisters? Hugs, Pam (I am heading to leave Sandi a comment about her talent)

Barbra said...

How special!!! Friends are the best!

Anonymous said...

You get because you give....you are such a sweet Bella Friend and I am lucky I have met you!

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a beautiful gift. I have to tell you, but you are just as talented-I've seen your work and it is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie! Yes, at the library again returning from Corpus Christi from a doc's appt. After seeing the beautiful pictures, and reading about your special gift...I am very happy for you!!! How personal... the 'other' sleeve cuff!!! You were ALWAYS a 'Bella Girl'. For many years, long before you knew about Bella even! Now you found your second 'home', a special community where you connect, are loved, and able to share your gifts and talents and inspiration with all who are lucky enough to find your blog!!! I absolutely love your pictures, your blogspot, and all the wonderful things people say about you MY sister from all over the world!!! Give my love to Thad and Oreo, and BRETT!!! Another time we will enjoy crawfish together when time allows us to!!! I enjoyed the time we spent together though and catching up on your blog on YOUR computer with YOU!!! :) Love and miss you~~~ Karen OX OX OX OX

. said...

Funny I wanted to make something like that and here you go. Love your blog name also. Blessings Denise

Sandi said...

Sweet Jodie,
You are much too kind. Thank you for all the things you've said about me. You have wonderful talents too. Anything I've seen that you have made is gorgeous-your photos are breathtaking, and you are one of the greatest encouragers I've ever seen. Look how you've brought Sandy and me around to participating in Blogland!
From your Sleeve Sister,