Friday, February 27, 2009

Evaluating my list...

We are at the end of February and I think I'm doing a darn good job on my "Things to do for 2009" list.  {pat myself on the back} You can follow along with me if you are familiar with this post from New Year's Eve.

Garage Sales: A

I have hit some garage sales so far, probably about 4 out 6 that they had in my little old town so far this year...rain, sleet, snow or shine, I was there! Still sleeping, but there!

Sunday Grilling: F

We haven't grilled a thing yet this year. I'm still working on that because I think it will require a trip to Lowe's for a new grill!

No grudges-No negative thoughts: A

Really! And don't make me think of any!!!

List Items in MY ETSY STORE: A

And I just did that tonight for the first time and I had one sale already!!!! And 5 people already {heart} me! :)

Keep in touch with high school friends: B

Not doing too bad but could do better.

Exercise: F

Does thinking about it count for extra credit??? maybe? NOT!

Take a Photography Class: I

I'll put myself an "I" for incomplete at this time. Might catch the next semester! {I am thinking positive...}

To Cook More instead of  eating out: C 

hmm. I'll be honest and put a "C" because...I didn't actually say that I would cook more this year. Thad has been doing such a darn good job almost every night so I won't take all of the credit.

To do things because I want to, not because I have to: A+

And I feel good! do-do-do-da-do...oh yeah!

Play Bingo at least twice a month (& win): A+

Yep, I brought home the $$$ already baby!

Blog often: A+

January and February are almost my two highest posting months! Whatcha think matters, Quality or Quantity???

Be More Thankful: A+

Haven't I told you I really appreciate you coming to see me??? :)

Go to the Movies at least once every two months: I

Another Incomplete. I plead my case because there is still 2 days left in February and you never know if I'll be eating some popcorn or not! {There's that positive thinking again!}

Send birthday cards: W

I put myself a "W" because I withdrew that from my list. Just now. It was affecting my GPA...

Listen to my iPod more:  D      C

Does listening to my iTunes on my computer count for extra points? Okay, then I'll just change that to a "C"...{teacher's pet}

Learn to Sew: D

Does buying scrap material every time I go to Wal-Mart count? Fine then, the "D" stays and I'll try harder I promise.


My GPA for the first 2 months of 2009:   2.010 = C-

So with all of this in black and white, do ya know what this means?

I certainly have room for improvement!

How are you doing on your 2009 list??? Please share...maybe we can cheat off of each other learn from each other before re-evaluation time rolls around again!!!!! :)

Someone stole all of my pictures this morning. I mean the dog ate my pictures. I mean they flew out the window of the bus. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!



The Victorian Parlor said...

Too funny! This was just the smile I needed to start my morning off right:) Gosh I hope the dog survives eating the pictures, or that there weren't any accidents when the pictures flew out the bus window, or...heehee-you get the picture:)

Geralyn Gray said...

Well we are only 1/6 into this year. Spring hasn't even started yet. You have plenty of time to achieve your goals. Jody, you will!!!!!!!!!! The etsy thing---I think this is great-----I have not sold a thing. LOL.....I am just happy I have tried it and I plan on still trying. You can't win it unless you are in it........wait you know that...b-i-n-g-o-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2009 is going to be great for you!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Seems to me you are doing pretty darn good. As for quality vs. quantity I think you are providing plenty of both. Cooking at home counts whether you or hubs or kids cook, as long as you aren't out buying food in a restaurant or from a drive through. I have to visit your etsy shop, I didn't know you had stocked it! Go girl. Joe and I both opened our own etsy shops this week but they are empty as of now, I think Sadie will be opening one as well. Just a family of Etsyers...not a real word. My mom and grandma used to play bingo every week. I just noticed a church down the road from us in Indiana has bingo and I was thinking my mom would like that. Maybe I'll join you and your luck will rub off. Hugs, Pam

Cindy said... funny indeed! And next to me, well, you've accomplished tons my friend, tons! Great list and grades!


Sandi said...

You are grading yourself!!! That makes it so serious. I am not even going to go there.
(who is probably at a D-, but I am not even going to check)

Karen said...

How have I misssed this?