Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday MONTH! :)


Yes, TODAY is my Birthday! The big 39 and holding! (I always wanted to say that!)

DSC_0267 (2)

I know that I have been MIA for the past week and a half...but I warned you about it here. Since that post, Dad has been admitted to the hospital, been in ICU, had surgery and is now in a long term acute care facility. It will probably be a month or so before he can go back to the nursing home, to the safety and familiarity of his own room. For an Alzheimer's patient to wake in a different place is devastating on him to say the least so everyday is a struggle for him and us.  I don't know what October brings, but I sure hope that it's better than what September had to offer.

So knowing that I'm waking up to cooler weather, great friends & family, another year, & many birthday wishes...I am truly blessed today!!!! yay!

I am ready to celebrate my birthday month...everyday, for 31 whole days! Hope you'll celebrate with me!

Have I told you thank you lately for being a sweet spot in my life?

Thank You!!!


pinkroses said...

Happy Birthday Jodie!!! You have been in my thoughts and prayers! here's to October birthdays!!!
xo suzanne

Anonymous said...


Marie Reed said...

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Impossible de vous dire mon âge, il change tout le temps:)- Alphonse Alais

Hooray for you Jodie!!!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy birthday to you! I've been thinking about you and hoping that all is well. It sounds like you have had your hands full. Will keep you in my prayers. This is a busy month for birthdays -- my oldest son will be 14 on Saturday and my youngest will be 11 on the 26th. The 20th is our anniversay ... I could go on and on. Glad to see that you found a moment to check in and let us know how you are doing. Take care and best wishes always, Tammy

Becca said...

Happy Happy!!! Have an AWESOME birthday :)

Stephanie O. said...

Happy Birthday, Jodie. Been thinking about you and your family a lot. Take Care....

zandra said...

Happy Birthday! I love birthdays, that is the one day that is truly yours! Hope you're doing something fun and eating lots of cake! Us Libras have to stick together~ ;o) Hugz, Z

Anonymous said...

Jodie! I called ya today and left a message! I have a little present to give ya. I want us to get together for lunch this weekend! Let me know k! I have been keeping you and your daddy in my thoughts and prayers. I know October will be a better month just because everyone wnats it to be! I love you and keep your head up and celebrate your bday chick! BIG BIG birthday hugs!

p.s. tell your man happy belated birthday!! hehe big hugs to him to!

Sinta Renee said...

I'm wishing you a special and very happy birthday Jodie! Us Libra girls know how to have a birthday... I mean birth-month celebration!!! (I am sorry that your dad is having so much trams, heartbreaking).

Sinta Renee said...

Uh, I wanted to let you know that Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. is having a birthday today along with you and me:)

Karen said...

DId you know that I am also "39 and holding"?
Geez, I look awful for my age!!!
Guess I should up to at least 42 . . . what do you think!
I'm sorry about your Dad. I guess you just have to be prepared for anything. Poor thing! He is so confused!

common ground said...

Yep, me too, I'm singing the BirthDay song for ya! Hope things will be a little easier for you since he's in a rehabilitation spot. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Now go enjoy your Big Day. Glad to see you post. We love ya, girl!

Lori said...

Jodie girl, i was wondering where you were...sorry to hear about your dad...i hope they are taking good care of him at the ltach...happy birthday to you darling girl...i hope your day is wonderful!!!

The Texas Woman said...

Happy birthday, Jodie. Mine's tomorrow. I'm getting chemo for my birthday. What did you get? Glad your dad's surgery is behind him!


chantal johnson said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Can't wait to see you in November...Hope your day was great!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jodie!

Have a great day/wee/month/year!


Draffin Bears said...

Happy Birthday month, dear Jodie!!

I have been wondering how you and your Dad are doing.
I have been keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.
I hope that the rehabilitation will go well for him, so he can be back in the familiar home soon.

Birthday hugs
Carolyn xo

June said...

Happy, happy birthday to you!!! It will be a wonderful birthday month for you, I just feel it.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Hi Jodie, you are so cute and such a loving daughter. I feel for you and your dad. What a hard place to be in. Find some way to enjoy this time. I believe there is truely a way to do it. It won't last forever, but it will be the last thing you remember. Do special things with him that you and your family will have when he's gone. I got a little tape for every member of my husbands family. And when my father-in-law was ok, and he could sit and talk, I had him talk to each member of our family individually. Get family picture albums and go over them with him. Play a game that he likes to play. Record funny things he says.

Thank you for catching us up on the news.


DeeDee said...

Well well well....happy birthday don't look a day over 25....hope your day was filled with family and friends and good times....

Sares said...

I'm sorry you've had such a rotten time lately. I hope your Dad gets settled in soon and is comfortable. I'm sure a Happy Birthday month will be in store for you you deserve it! Happy Birthday Jodie!

A Fanciful Life said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JODIE! (I was shouting, hope you heard me!). What a special great day - I hope you enjoyed yourself. BTW, I know another October birthday girl: Miss Gracie is four on Saturday! She sends birthday mews your way!
Sharon :-)


I am sorry to hear about your dad. I will keep you and him in my thoughts and prayers.

ANestWithAView said...

Happy Birthday dear girl. Sending you a hug for you and your father. Dementia sucks.

NicNacManiac said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you sweet friend!! I know that October will be the best 31 days of celebrating for you!! I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers!!
Cheers and Big Hugs !!
xOxO Nerina :)

Jessica said...

How did I miss this?? Happy belated birthday, Jodie! Terrible friend I am!