Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garage Sale Lotto...

Good Morning Friends! Thanks to everyone's uplifting comments, I took your advice and spared some time for me this weekend. I ventured out and hit a couple of garage sales (which was great by the way!) and found some really neat things...

DSC_0238 (2)

It actually felt good to be out and see the morning sunrise and walk through the dew in the yards. It's probably been about 6 weeks since I rummaged through people's goodies!

I love that feeling {sigh}

I can't brag about finding too much, but what I found was really like hitting the jackpot. So I sat on the floor (early this morning) like a little child at Christmas time and admired my little treasures. I thought I'd grab my camera and share them with you if you have a moment.

This neat little shelf. I'm debating whether to leave it the green whitewash that it is or paint it black. (Knowing me, after I give it a little cleaning, it'll probably go on the wall in my studio just like it is)

DSC_0245 (3)

This little Avon soap in the cute little rusty western tin and the OLD suitcase, both for 50 cents!  Just had to have them I guess! Probably because the little old lady said that this was once her grandfather's suitcase...and she was old! Can you imagine where this has traveled? Oh if only it could tell us some stories!!!!


But these are what really caught my eye. OLD Board Games!!! (the top two are not old but I bought them for the wooden & plastic letters)...


The little old lady said that she played most of these when she was little. I believed it as I've never heard of Easy Money nor Boris Karloff's Monster Game. Nor did I know that they ever had a game of The Beverly Hillbillies!

The little old lady had the boxes taped up so that no one would be rummaging through the games. (you know how little children are at yard sales when they are not being watched by their parents!) She said all of the pieces were there and at 50 cents a game, I swiped them up hoping they would have some great game pieces to create some cool altered art with.

I know, I'm a little weird to be telling the world this, but when I bring anything home from a yard sale, I always spray everything with a bug killer and leave it set for the night.  Those of you who know me, KNOW that I hate any kind of bug, especially a roach. I will indeed break an arm or a leg running from one or total a car if a bug should fly inside. So therefore, I play it safe and kill all uninvited little creatures in my home, AND I do not drive with the windows down! Ever! ;)

Do you want to play some games? They are bug free...I promise!

Boris Karloff's Monster Game

DSC_0251 (2)

And the little old lady was right. The games had all of the pieces, lovingly kept in pristine shape after all these years...


The game pieces are so cute! They are little colorful cardboard monsters that together can spell out his name! Too cute!

DSC_0249 (3)

Easy Money

DSC_0250 (2)

This must have been the pre-Monopoly game. This was before my time...but cool non the less!!!!

DSC_0252 (2)

I love the shriveled paper money and tattered playing cards...

DSC_0253 (2)

Please forgive my dark photos...the sunrise was blanketed by clouds that would slowly pass through the light of the front door.


DSC_0259 (2)

When I opened this box, I was just amazed at how neat everything inside was saved. This little old lady and her siblings surely appreciated their board games to keep them in such great shape...


I've never seen a game with the "rolomatic puzzle changer" and it still works! It's so much different than our Concentration game of today!


And last but not least...

The Beverly Hillbillies

DSC_0262 (2)

Everything was pristine with this game too...

DSC_0260 (2)

I don't know about you, but this was my least favorite show when I was growing up. Granny's voice got on my nerves so much and Ellie Mae was such a blond, not to mention Jeffro was so stupid! However, I did like old Jed...he was cool.


I'm so happy with my OLD board games but now I have a new dilemma. I bought these old games for the sole purpose of using the game pieces in my altered art. Since the games are in such wonderful condition and such a vintage keepsake, I hate breaking up the games now. I guess this is part of my POD (package opening disorder), mixed with my love for everything vintage.

What would YOU do???  Dismantle or Leave as is?

Please come to my rescue!!!


For those who live in the Louisiana area, mark your calendars for:

October 9th, 10th & 11th ~ the Fall Antique Fair at the Antique School House in Washington, Louisiana

Saturday, October 17th is the 7 mile yard sale from Grand Coteau to Arnaudville, Louisiana

(I posted about the Spring 7 mile yard sale  here and here)

These events happen twice a year (Spring and Fall) and are certainly some "don't miss" events! 

Let me know if you are going as I hope to see you there!!!!


Sares said...

Love the little can and suitcase. My Mom and I always look for old suitcases but it's hard to find them that don't smell musty. The board games are great. I'm not sure about your board game delima. Maybe you could sell them on eBay to someone that collects. Perhaps you could make a profit and then take that $ and buy more goodies! I guess it all depends on whether of not you are loving the pieces and have ideas for them. Good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...

I am old as dirt I don't remember any of those games. The old lady must have really been old. I think the idea of putting them on eBay is good. My son collects old toys, mecahanical, ans some folks constantly look there for things, and them get what you will use. I agree it would be hard to separate all the pieces of those nice games.

Emom said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences....the games are from the 60's...don't ask how I know...and they are worth something to collectors on Ebay...smiles.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Hi There Girlie,
You have found some very cool treasures there. I think I would be tempted to make up some stories to go along with the old suitcase. The games... I think I would go half and half, keep half together and use the others for their pieces.
I wish I lived closer because I would love to save the date for the show. I guess those of us far away will live it through you!
Blessings dear,
PS~ You will be glad to know that so far I have kept my beautiful summer bracelet away from Sophie. She still likes to sneak and try it on when I'm not looking.

Frippery said...

Awesome finds. I especially love the games. My grandma had that Concentration game and we used to play it with her when we were little. It was based on a TV game show that she loved. She was a game show addict and Concentration was her favorite. I would use pieces of the game you have great plans for and keep the others together. Glad you got out to have some fun Jodie. Take care of yourself. I can't wait to see you at Silver Bella! Hugs, Pam

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! What great treasures you did find! I'm thinking eBay is the way to go with the board games. Such a shame to totally ransack them when they've been kept in tip top shape all these years. Antique shopping here is definitely different than the States. Everything on this side of the world comes from India and Pakistan. If I was in the States, I would be a shabby chic kinda girl, but as that is hard to find over here, I have gone with a more ecletic style that is definitely colorful! I just posted about cookies and tomorrow I will post about the Indian restaurant we went to for lunch. Love, love, love, that place. For now, enjoy the rest of your Sunday and good nite from Q8! :)

June said...

Jodie those board games were a killer find. They seem to be in perfect shape. You should have seen our board games when my children got through with them. You definitely would'nt have to feel guilty about taking them apart and using them in your art.

I don't have an opinion about using them or not, but if you do I would love to see what you create with them

A Fanciful Life said...

Jodie, Jodie, Jodie... These are great finds! Unless you want to sell the games for money, I would use all the pieces for your artwork. How special that would be! If you keep them and don't use the pieces, will I guess they could just be on display. Oh, such dilemmas! And I agree whole-heartedly about the bug thing... ewwwwww! Nipper killed a wasp on Friday in my windowsill but I just found the head today on my chair pad below the window. Ack! Body parts! At least it was not alive...
Have a great day, sweetie.
Sharon :-)



Rose Brier Studio said...

Easy Money is a game from 1935, but the other games are all from the 1960's.* I hate to think that someone who played them as a child is an old lady, as I was a kid in the 60's, and I think I have a few years to go before I'm a little old lady!

I find it so much easier to alter game pieces if the game is not complete, so I'm not much help with your dilemna! Sorry

* hey I was a reference librarian...I love researching stuff!

Karen said...

Oh Girl, you scored! Old games are the best. I always hate taking little things and ruining the game - but OH WELL! That's what I buy them for. Course I buy vintage hats to remove the flowers and haven't been able to remove one yet! What a WHIMP!
LOVE the suitcase! Oh my! And I can't wait to see what goodies fill up the shelf!
I haven't been to a garage sale all summer. Too BLOODY HOT! LOL.
I will post my weekend soon - I actually kind of . . . . well . . . ummmm . . . forgot to take a lot of pictures.
Gulp. I know - shoot me now. But I can show you what we made. And where. And what flopped and what didn't! HA!
Read your Email!!!!

Lori said...

Jodie, you really hit the jackpot!!! i love that shelf that you found...i think that is a lovely shade of green, and i would leave it as is if i were you...the game pieces will be so fun to play with and add to your altered art...that suitcase was a real find...what a great price too...i love the wonderful color...

Caleen said...

You really got some great things.. Love all those old games.. Such great fun.. The tin is great and old suitcase too. I love yard sales too.. Looks like a lot of great sales coming up too.. Have a great time.. Thanks for the sweet comments about my hair.. My silly daughter.. Have a great week.

cindy said...

*sigh*...such a hard choice...but I'm going to say, dismantle! Although, I would be tempted to put that BK game up on Etsy or Ebay first! :D

yapping cat

Signs and Salvage said...

How Fun!! I recently had the same problem! I found an old Pin The Tail Donkey Game set at a garage sale for .25. It was from the
60s and in perfect condition. I ended up scanning some of the pieces...saving them for later inspiration...then selling on Ebay for $15.00. I would have kept it around...but I am always thinking about storage...I have WAY too much stuff that cannot be thrown away as it is:) Have a great week!!!

Jane said...

Love the treasures you found, especially the old suitcase (and for only 50 cents!!!).
My opinion about the board games....use what you want and have fun with it!!! Some of the gameboards look nice framed (great for a kids room or game room) because of the great graphics...I know you will come up with something!!

Anonymous said...

Im coming over to play those games! seriously... lets play them. They look soo fun. Did you want to me meet me at Washington for the fair? I wanna get together even if it is to play games. Email me or call me if ya wanna plan something! Loveya hugs

ANestWithAView said...

I am one green-eyed lady here...

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your site and I love to see another who loved garage sale and thrift stores as much as I do. My daughter Gwen has a blog and she has inspired me to try my own.

Will visit your's ofen

Karen Valentine said...

Oh Jodie you scored big time! I can't believe you got that suitcase for 50 cents!!! That has to be the garage sale find of the year! I think you should use the games in your art. They would be given a second life that way and I'm sure would bring joy to whoever looked at the finished piece.

My Desert Cottage

zandra said...

Hi Jodie, glad you got some time for yourself! I think it would be ashame to take them apart. :o( They are in such great shape and she kept them for so long and every piece in their place? If there were pieces missing definitely, have at it. But they are games we never heard of and once you take them apart?~well, I would "Leave as is" afterall, that's what scanner's are good for. ;o)
Hugz, Z

The Victorian Parlor said...


Wow-what great board games! After I have been MIB (missing in blogland) for the past week it was so exciting to return and share in your yard sale finds. I personally think you should keep the games in tact; however, Kramer thinks you should create some really cool art with them and then send the leftover pieces to him so he can bat them around the house-lol!



PS-we'll have to talk more about this POD of yours! Between the POD, the fear of bugs, and the glitter phobia you might need to try a different therapeutic approach that starts with prescribing more wine (extra shopping sprees help too:).

Emily-Claire said...

What fun finds! The board games are great. I think you should have a game night. Invite a bunch of friends over and enjoy the games. If there are any that you really love, keep them to play again at another time. Use the ones that aren't as fun for your art.

Oh, and don't worry...I am terrified of spiders! You are not alone.

Great blog :)

Linda said...

I love the vintage board games you've found, even though I was never a fan of most board games, LOL. I still think they're fun to look at.

I can't stand bugs - especially spiders and ants. But I do drive with the windows down, sort of. Never the window on my side of the car - only the opposite for a lovely breeze. :)

vintage girl at heart said...

What treasures!!! I just read a magazine the other day and it listed vintage games that went for as little as $900!!! That was the low price!!!! I am thinking that is a LOT of Silver Bella moolah!!!!
A site was also The Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors.
Good luck and hope that your week is a blessed one!

Julie said...

I loved this post, I am exactly like that - if anything has been preserved with loving care as your board games are....well, it's impossible for me to break them up. What does that say about us??? I say check EBAY for any value concerns and if they have no value to a collector, break them up and put them to good use in a new life as ART.

I wish I could join you at the Fall Antique Fair - I mean come on, Antiques in Louisiana in the warm sunshine....heaven.

Marie Reed said...

Wowsersss! You really hit the thrifty nifty jackpot! A Beverly Hillbillies game? Who would have thunk it?

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Glad that you had a little bit of me time for yourself.
You got some fun things there, I love the little suitcase and the soap tin.
As you say the wee case would have a few tales to tell. All the board games will be fun too, the dices and bits and pieces.

Sending hugs to you and your Dad.


Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Jodi, you can't take those games apart and us them for something else. Not after the care that they have had. I like the idea of e-bay.

Or you could just keep them and let your family play them.

I loved the shelf, I use to go crazy for shelves. I'd paint it black, it would be prefect for my sewing room. And the suitcase, what a treasure. Go back to the old lady and get some story about the case and then paint it and display it.

Aren't I bossy today?

Teacup Mosaics said...

Bug spray??? I usually bring out the Lysol, shhhhhhh don't tell anyone. OK I think you should use the games to create a altered art suitcase ( I have been wanting to do one forever) then you can enjoy all the games at the same time.
OH NO I think I'm going to be thrown out of the "true vintage" club.
Take care! Kelley

Sue said...

Great games! And great to hear that you are taking some time for yourself. After caring for both my parents and my mother in law, I can say that making time for yourself is both mandatory and healing. Its so hard to make the transition from child to caregiver for our the ones who raised us. Don't forget to take care of yourself in the process.


Sue E.

blushing rose said...

I'd have hard time breaking up the games. The suitcase & soap box are wonderful ... TY for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend. TTFN~ Marydon

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

You found a treasure trove of goodies at the yard sales. I don't like things not in sets and it would probably kill me, but I think I would start with the game boards and rip them and cut them into book backs. Then it would be a bit easier to deal with the pieces. Give me the shivers just thinking about it, but that is the only way I could do it. No gameboard, no need for the pieces to go with them.

I am still planning on my trip south and hope to get to meet you in the "real."

Have a super weekend. I am off to scrap tonight and tomorrow with some friends.


Cheryl said...

What fabulous treasures! I'd dismantle for sure!!

Frippery said...

Miss you!

Lou Cinda said...

Jodie: What awesome finds! I love the shelf and that suitcase!!! I am with you, the stories it could tell...

Dismnantle or not dismantle? hmmmm, I guess I would have to weigh out the gorgeous stuff you could create from the pieces vs. keeping them in tact! I think I would move to dismantle. I think....

Hope you are doing okay, just wanted to check in on you!

Lou Cinda

Mandala Michelle said...

Dismantle!! That way you get to share a little bit of your treasures with others. BTW- that suitcase is awesome. I'm looking for a good headboard to paint so I guess I better start hitting the yard sales before the weather gets any colder.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hope all is well with you Jodie! Sending all the best your way. :) Tammy

maryboys said...

jodie - i simply adore old games...i always break them up and then display (and/or use) the pieces in jars. i know i would never actually use them for their intended purpose, so i use them my way:) i sometimes save the really cool boxes for storing things or for swaps, gifts! happy week-end to you...


John Rose said...

Any way you could do a photo of the Boris Karloff Monster Game rules? I've been looking for those forever.

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