Friday, October 2, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 2


What's a birthday without flowers from your sweetheart, right?

DSC_0275 (2)

I woke up to these beauties yesterday morning!

But...I have to tell you a little secret though...are you ready?

I do not (& I repeat I DO NOT) enjoy receiving flowers. (period)

For any occasion. (period)

What? Do I hear you gasping for air? It's okay. Let me explain...

I love flowers...but in other people's yards. My life is so busy, I can't even nurture a plant. I tried my hardest to keep the ones that I had all watered and fertilized. I would talk to them and I would get attached to them like they were my own offspring. All of the plants that I have had in my house come from the funerals of loved ones. (grandmothers, Mom, Father-in-law, etc.) I would go around calling them by name, dusting and watering them, making sure they were okay. The oldest plant being 16 years old and the youngest plant being 2 years old. Well, sad to say, they all died this past week. I've put them all outside in hopes of the miracle of rain water and sunshine. No avail. For the past 2 weeks, my mind was tending to Dad's needs and I forgot to nurture them.

It's a good thing I can't go to jail for killing my green offspring. You can smile now, this isn't supposed to be a sad post! Come's my birthday month!!!! :) 

So basically, it's the same scenario with the beautiful flowers that I receive as gifts. They are so pretty to look at, dig my nose in & take a big sniff, but the thought of them dying and having nothing to show except a pretty vase or basket is unbearable knowing that I'll never fill it up again with more flowers.

Quit gasping for air! Close your mouth and get that hand off your chest! I'm having an honest moment here! pa~lease ;)

DSC_0275 (4)

Back to yesterday morning: Sweet Thad wished me a "Happy Birthday" with a sweet little gentle kiss. He disappears. A little later, he sneaks up behind me with flowers and says to me "I know you hate flowers princess, but I thought these would know...(he pauses for a moment to look at the bare floor where some of the plants our little green offspring once sat)...maybe they know...oh well...Happy Birthday!" He puts the flowers down in front of me and he walks away. I giggle inside because I know he was thinking that these flowers don't stand a chance either!

Thad's birthday was Monday. With all that is going on with Dad, Thad and I decided that we are taking a "rain check" on celebrating our birthdays this year. After all, we can't end up like our little green offspring, right? So receiving flowers yesterday was a blessing. They are beautiful. They did brighten my day. They look wonderful in the morning sun and I really do love my birthday flowers.

I've come up with a great idea. I've decided that I'll just throw them away BEFORE they die so I won't get upset. JUST KIDDING PEOPLE! Do I have to call 911 for you???

Yep, I told you so. I celebrate my birthday the WHOLE month long...all 31 days of it!!!! Didn't believe me? Now you know. So for the remainder of the month, I'll be posting all of my goodies from friends and loved ones (in no particular order) so you can celebrate with me and share the fun (especially if you think gasping for air is really fun)  ;)

PLUS, every weekend coming up (if Dad's health permits me to do so), I'll be traveling to some great places and I'd like to take you along too. Together (with my camera), you and I will go junking for THREE weekends straight, starting tomorrow!!!!! So stay tuned and come along if you'd like!

I would LOVE to wish Cher, the beautiful, brave, bold Texas Woman a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.

If you have a birthday in the FABULOUS month of October, please email me as I would be honored to link you in my post on your special day!

(Even if you might have already told me when your birthday was this month...please tell me father like daughter, I'm having an Alzheimer's moment! ;)

Blogging with you is therapy for me!!! Thank you in advance for the priceless rate of a sweet comment!


Princess Of Pink said...

Happy birthday month to you!!!!!

In a way I am like you YIKES!! LOVE flowers and plants...but the plants don't have a long life with me, lol. The flowers do because they often are just around for a week or so, I can manage that long HIHI. Garden plants in a pot?? nah not very long I am sorry to say. I LOVE THEM though, just like you!!

Prayers for your dad as well (and for you too!!), my mom passed away 3 yrs ago and she had severe aggressive dementia and I was her sole care giver, hard very hard.

Love ya girl ♥


You are so funny! I Did gasp for air a few times! Why dont you grow some silk plants, and flowers? I have an Aunt who feels the same way you do about flowers and such and will only have artificial in her home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS! TO YOU!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Jodie! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who believes in celebrating a birthday before and after the fact. My birthday is February 26 (I'll be 44) and a couple of years ago, on the first of February, I sent out an sms to all my friends here to let them know they had 25 days to go. HA! I feel the same way about flowers -- they are so lovely and yet they don't last and then you are left with nothing and it seems such a waste. Granted, flowers can live outdoors forever and if you want to keep them going, you have to pluck and deadhead and all that. My indoor plants don't always do well, and Jingles eats all the ones she can. Last weekend, I had a big bunch of beautiful bamboo on my dining table. She has munched it all to pieces and what's left is yellowed. My husband freaks. I figure, it's a plant -- could be worse. So birthday wishes to you again, and again and again. Glad to hear you are back into the swing of things for now. All the best to you, sending prayers and blessings your way each and every day. :) Tammy

PAPER GIRL said...


Hey fellow October baby! My birthday is the 25th -- and I am with you. I celebrate all month. Started yesterday with a nap (lol). Headed to the museum and lunch today with a good friend... I am so glad someone else celebrates the -- "Birthday Month" --

...Take courage on the plant thing, just get another small green indoors plant (dare I say one that perhaps flowers) and use water with egg shells in it every few days... My Mama taught me that years ago, and while my husband hates the odor (you never dump the shells, just keep adding to them til the jar is filled, and you can keep a lid on it till the odor goes away ), it's bound to keep plant livin' I promise! :-)

Have a great MONTH!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Jodie, you are so funny!!! your flowers from your sweetheart are gorgeous...what a lovely mix of colors and blooms...i am not so hot with house plants either...i have tried and failed many times to have them in the house...well, i don't even try anymore...the cats would probably eat them and get sick anyway...

Geralyn Gray said...

Why would a girl who hates glitter like fresh flowers---I get you Jodie----That was sweet Thad gave you flowers.....I am truly the daughter of my father, because sometimes I forget what age I am.....this year it is a big one so I am remembering. My brother, sister, and mother all have birthdays in the same week....and then Zandra's birthday.....I think the best people were born in October and you are number 1----Happy Birthday Jodie......Enjoy you weekend!!!!!

vintage girl at heart said...

Happy Birthday all month long to you!!! Lucky YOU!!! being born at such a Fabulous time of year!!! And to celebrate for a whole 31 days!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
I would rather have junkin' moolah rather than flowers myself!!! But it is so romantical of your sweet hubby!!!
Happy 39 and counting!!!
Love ya!!!

Lou Cinda said...

Happy Birthday MONTH Jodie!! Hope you have 31 WONDERFUL days!

Keeping you and your dad in my prayers!

Lou Cinda :)

My plants are faux! Just gotta dust'em!

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday Day Two. Birthday Quote "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." Dolly Parton

Impatient Cajun

meleen dupré said...

happy birthday jodie!!!
can't wait to see you again!! month!! (ooh, now it sounds soooo close...can't wait!!)


Jessica said...

Happy birth month! :) I get sad, too, when beautiful flowers given as gifts die. I wouldn't say I don't enjoy receiving them 'cause that's just crazy. ;) lol.
You are in my thoughts and prayers, friend.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Month! I think it's wonderful that you celebrate for the entire month.

My Birthday month is November and I'm quite partial to November because it's also my Dad's Birthday month, a dear niece's, my parents anniversary (2 days before my birthday), and Thanksgiving.
October is nice too though ♥

I love receiving flowers, but I strongly DISLIKE houseplants. I love to garden outdoors but nothing indoors for me, thank you.

Hope you have a good weekend,

NicNacManiac said...

Happy Birthday Day 2 !! You really make me laugh and that is good, hopefully you are making yourself laugh as well!! Enjoy !!

Jane said...

Jodie....Happy Birthday (month) to you, happy birthday (month) to you, happy birthday (month) dear Jodie.....Happy birthday (month) to you!!!!!

Marie Antionette said...

LOL...I'm still LOL...So funny.Don't gasp for air when i tell you this...If you can't give me flowers while I'm alive,don't send them to me after I'm dead,CAUSE I can't see or smell them...I'm dead...LOL.How's that...Happy Birthday Dear One.Your flowers are beautiful.You sound like you have a wonderful hubby. You ejoy each other and that is what counts.
Thank you for stoping by,You left some sweet words.Thank you again XXOO Marie Antionette

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Birthday dear sweet Jodie!

Your flowers are so lovely from your sweetheart and happy birthday to Thad too!
I like your new Celebrate banner and I hope that is what you will do!
Look forward to traveling around with you and to see your junking treasures.
Love, hugs and prayers to you and your Dad, you are always in my thoughts.


A Fanciful Life said...

GASP! First, you're allergic to glitter, and now THIS?! Heart, be still. I can't imagine what might be next! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed your flowers because you have such a sweet husband and they are gorgeous. What fun to celebrate all month long! My Miss Gracie is having her birthday on Saturday October 3, you must be the same sign... ha, ha! Miss Gracie got a flower too, only hers was made from frosting. Happy birthday, sweetie!
Sharon :-)

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Your plant story is soooo funny. I do the same thing. My son gave me a beautiful hanging basket for mothers day this year. I knew it wouldn't live for me so I took it next door to my friend Connie (who is a real gardner) and ask if she would tend it through the summer. It lived.

Have a fun Month.


Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhhhh Joooooodieeeeeee,
Wanna trade hubbies sometimes?!! :)
Thad is amazing!!!
Hey, I know no hubbie is perfect, but he has many qualities that matter.... don't you think?!!
(Hiiiii Thad.... and Oreo!!)