Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 14

Oooooh do you remember these??? These were the 7 Birthday gifts that my sister Karen mailed to me. For those of you who have been following along during my Birthday MONTH, we've already opened two so far. For those of you just tuning in, you can read about the them here and here if you'd like.

karen's gifts

Before we open #3, I just want to thank those of you who have been following my Birthday MONTH party!!! Each comment is a gift in itself!!!! Thank you! :) (and you all know how I love me some gifts! ;)

Ok! It's time to open gift #3!!! She labeled this gift "Keep Track"

DSC_0121 (2)

Hmmm. "Keep Track"...I wonder what it could be. I wish it would be my own personal male sexytary secretary but the bag sort of seems small, don't you think? (my fingers are crossed anyway)

Look at this beautiful card...

DSC_0123 (2)

I wonder if this lady is dreaming of the man who sent her all of those love letters??? And is he the same man who sent her those roses??? Maybe she has multiple men...if so, lucky her for keeping track of all of them. {My imagination runs wild at times...I am such a hopeless romantic. Hopeless I tell you! }

Let's peek in the bag. Poot! No male sexytary secretary in the bag but this is a sure shot of me keeping track of my THREE LIVES on my own...

DSC_0125 (3)

This is the coolest little note pad! Open the cover and there are 3 separate pads to jot down everything I need to do for the day! It's amazing that with each year I age, I am going through note papers and pads by the dozens. If I don't write it down, it doesn't get done. Am I the only one? Obviously not if someone is actually making a profit on this awesome 3-way pad!!!! ;)

DSC_0125 (2)

I guess this is one of the quirks of turning a year older. Why didn't anybody warn me that the older I get, the wider my tummy gets, the smaller my brain gets and most of all, hair grows in places where it shouldn't and doesn't grow where it should? Nope, nobody ever warned me of that. Am I the only one? Obviously not if someone is actually making a profit on abdominal machines, ginko biloba, nair and rogaine!!!! ;)

I'm turning 40 next year. Hubs said he'll trade me in for two twenties.  Get it? Two twenty year olds? At first I was offended but since then, my brain has shrunk some more and I have no worries. I'll just take that as a compliment as it'll take TWO girls to take the place of this Queen of Everything!!! 

I want to wish Mindy @ Primitiques 'n Poetry a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!! Mindy is hilarious and loves her birthdays as much as I do. When she turned 40, she had a party to celebrate EVERY month during that year! How cool is that?

Next year when I turn 40, I just might have to do that too. Not for the fact that I'm turning 40, but for the fact that Hubs will NOT know what to do with his two twenties! ;)

Hey, it's Wednesday today (I had to look at the calendar), the weekend is almost here! yay!


In My Sepia Studio said...

I need me one of those handy dandy notebooks~It's great that it has three parts. Perfect!!

Enjoy your gifts and birthday month!!

Lou Cinda said...

How fun!! Happy 14th Day Birthday!! The notepads are awesome! They call me the Stickie Note Queen at work because I have them everywhere and then at the end of the day I go through and throw away the ones I have done! I am 49 so the memory is truly starting to fail me!!

Have a Great Day!!

Lou Cinda :)

Sandi said...

Love the notepad. Actually that would be great for hubby. He is constantly making lists.

Half way to my birthday.

Impatient Cajun


Thanks for the giggles this morning. If you ever find out where to get one of those sexatarys let me know. Your hubby is very funny. I so relate to the growing tummy and shrinking brain. ha ha.

T's Daily Treasures said...

When I turned 40, I had a sit down dinner for 20 of my closest friends, made a menu and had a few friends help me with the food and I served everyone their 5 course meal. I asked everyone to bring their favorite quote and read them all out loud. Everyone had to wear a hat or a scarf or both. And gifts had to be handmade, not bought. I tell you, it was the best birthday ever and I felt like I gave back to my friends who do so much for me. In February, I will be 44. And yes, the brain cells -- they seem to go into snooze mode quite often these days. I'm enjoying your birthday month almost as much as you are! Have a great day! :) Tammy

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Girlie, Love this idea for the notepad. You should see my desk in the kitchen. I'm gonna have to find one of these. Post-it notes get stuck to the TV! At least I'll remember where to look! It's bad when you can't remember where your lists are. aarrrhg.

Lori said...

cute post Jodie!!! your hubby sounds like a funny guy:)

Lynnae said...

LOL- My hubby makes the joke about his two 20's also. What a crackup.

Jane said...

I'm loving this birthday all month thing!! I will turn 50 (gasp) on my next birthday and I think I deserve more than a month...the 50 days of Jane....I think that has a nice ring to it....thanks for the inspiration!

LiLi M. said...

Next year 40...oh oh!! I had my 48th birthday last week and it wasn't half as difficult as 40! So after a little midlife crisis, things will turn much more better, just think of me in the future! Great idea this birthday month!

Sares said...

Hubs is funny! What do you get for a trade in when he trades YOU in! That male secretary maybe! Fun gifts and Happy Bday month!

Wizard of Was said...

Everyday I can't wait to see what we are cleebrating at you birthday paty next! Love the notebook...I think I need one ot these for sure! Happy 14th day!
My best

June said...

Jodie, how is it that you can be so funny with a shrinking brain? It'll take more than two twenties for hubby to replace you! There's no way!!!
You are TOO CUTE! and sweet too.

Inspired Comblogulations said...

I just read (heard) Cat Daddy's birthday song...very witty.
Happy Birthday to you too.
Mine is coming up at the end of the month too.


Hello Jodie,
You have a lovely award waiting for you at my blog.Please swing by and pick it up. BLessings!

Inspired Comblogulations said...

Thanks for stopping by and joining up with me... your compliments and comment were so appreciated. We are neighbors and will comblogulate nicely... you have a Happiest of Birthday's my dear.
I will be checking back for sure.

trash talk said...

I think I need to have Cat Daddy compose you a little birthday ditty...get your mind outta there...that's a song for you...nothing more! Quit your tingling already you nutjob!
That pad is great, but I'd probably lose it. There's a lot more stuff that nobody tells you about aging, but I think I'll let you be surprised by what's in store on down the road!
Happy birthday again and again baby girl!

Karen said...

Jodie, Mark was going to trade me in for two twenty year olds, until I reminded him our kids are that old.
He thought twice about it after that. :)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Aww! Thanks for sharing my birthday! I got some sweet notes yesterday. Love it! And love your many days of celebration. ~Mindy

Stephanie O. said...

Lovin' that notepad. Hey, I've found the 40's much better than the 30's...I can just be me not spend effort trying to be the "me" based on the opinion of the world. I'm happier and more content. Turned 43 last week and am loving it...

Anonymous said...

"If you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be?"
Never let a 'number' or 'age' determine your energy, your youthful spirit, your playful heart, and especially how old you feel!!!
Some days, I feel very, very, very young.... and thank God, other days (a few), I feel very, very, very old!
But then of course,
I forget how old I am at times!!!
Love that book... it will come in handy.... Use it!