Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 13


DSC_0147 (2)

First things first today, I want to wish Geralyn a


Geralyn lives in New Jersey and works plays at Paper Source! How lucky can she be??? I hope she is playing and creating today...what a way to spend a Birthday!!!

Next on the agenda, I am patiently waiting until this weekend. For what? Have you forgotten??? It's the 7-Mile Yard Sale from Grand Coteau to Arnaudville!!! yay! I had such a blast in the Spring, I can't wait until Saturday. If anyone near here is planning on going, let me know!!! The weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!

Speaking of having a blast...remember my trip with Sarah and Sandi to the city wide garage sale in Breaux Bridge weekend before last? Well, those two sweeties surprised me with the cutest of gifts!!!

Sarah loves to thrift shop too. (lucky me!!)

DSC_0149 (2)

She surprised me with this printer's tray! I have one already and it's filled to the brim so I'm ready to stock this one up as well!!!!

See that little floral box? That gift is from Sandi. She surprised me with some of her handmade goodies!!!

DSC_0150 (2)

She made the pretty little charm necklace...I love the purple and gold fleur de lis!!! Go LSU!!! Plus, she tried her hand at polymer clay and said it was easy! That is next on my list of things to do!!! It seems like it would be so much fun!!!

Thank you Sarah and Sandi for the sweet birthday gifts!!! I really enjoyed spending the day together and I appreciate that you two made my Birthday MONTH special!!!!!

Matter of fact, THANK YOU for stopping in and sharing my birthday month...YOU make it special too!!! :)

ps...I loved all of the comments on my last post. I'm happy that my wet butt incident made you laugh!!! Gold Bond does work and my chaffing is much MUCH better! ;)


Sandi said...

Off to learn a little about faux finishing today. Can not wait till this weekend.

Happy Birthday Month!

Impatient Cajun

Anonymous said...

hey chick! I am sooooo going this weekend! so you call me!!! K I wanna ride in big betsy! hehe I am so glad you love the tray I intantly thought of you! Happy birthday luv!


Linda said...

Lovely gifts for a lovely person!! :) Glad your month is going so well.

T's Daily Treasures said...

I am so jealous of all the flea markets, garage sales, etc. Nothing like that goes on here. Yes, people do leave the country and they sell things before they leave -- sometimes we go to some of those and get things. I organize a carboot sale every year out at Kuwait Little League and all the proceeds go to charity. Everyone always enjoys that. I am on the KLL board this year so we are hoping to do two sales to benefit Operation Hope. Ha! I just thought of butt chafing. Isn't there that famous Boudreaux's Butt cream that is on the market for use. :) I've so enjoyed sharing in your birthday month. Girl, you are blessed! Best wishes, Tammy

Lori said...

LOL...you always make me laugh Jodie...glad the gold bond is doing the trick...your gifts from your friends are so sweet...i have two of those printers trays in my basement...i don't have enough "littles" to fill them up...

Karen said...

OK, here is where I will admit that I've been an idiot TWICE now and passed up on the printers trays. I could just shoot myself, but I keep thinking "Karen, where are you going to put it?" Well, now that I'm switched around - I KNOW WHERE! shoot sakes.
I can't believe she gave that to you as a gift! WOW!

Next on my list of "learn hows" is soldering. Can't wait. Just need hubby to show me. I have everything ready and waiting and ready to go!

Off to work . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying your birthday month too. I have November and always have to compete with Thanksgiving. I have a printer's box and it is stashed away. Now that I have started the Heather journals I need to get it out and use it. I am doing journals, vintage, for my older granddaughters. My favorite place to shop is Peddler's Mall, rows and rows of booths with everything under the sun in them. A perpetual flea market.



The Victorian Parlor said...

Ok, I started with this post before reading #12. Hmmm...now I have to see what sort of mess you got into where your butt was wet! Girl, you always make me laugh:).

Birthday Blessings,


Jane said...

You are getting some awesome gifts....are you getting cake and ice cream everyday too!!!
Have fun at the 7 mile yard sale, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Jane said...

You are getting some awesome gifts....are you getting cake and ice cream everyday too!!!
Have fun at the 7 mile yard sale, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Geralyn Gray said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are so good with linking too. Is there an award out there for being the best linker......cause I never have the info near me when I post----but you are good---really good....I remember your pics from the 7 mile yard sale--can't wait to see pics!

miss lynn said...

you are so stinking funny, jodie.
i am getting soooo stoked for the bella siverado party i can hardly stand it!!

Stephanie said...

Fun blog. I loved looking at all of your photos of your vintage finds.

June said...

Hi Jodie,
I must say, I'm starting to think that I am getting the short end of it when it comes to my birthday. I play nice with others, I'm kind to animals and strangers, I give to food banks, but I don't get the love you get for your birthday. I wonder what it will take. Do you have any pointers?lol
Your gifts today are beautiful. You know I know you deserve them!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

So glad that the birth~days! are going well.
I am so enjoying hearing what you are up to.
You got some really wonderful gifts today.
I have a printers tray too filled with little interesting treasures.

Have fun and I look forward to Day 14 tomorrow. You must have great stamina to keep this up all month long!


Purvail said...

I have just looked through your wonderful blog. I love some of the same movies you do and I love to read. My daughter put me on a book diet one day saying I couldn't buy anymore until I read some I had and donated them but who can pass up a book or two at twenty-five cents each .. I saw the comment you left on Gwen's page--you can never have enough daughters at my age.
Hug to you Elaine

Sares said...

Sweet birthday gifts. They just keep on coming! The garage sale sounds like lots of fun, I hope you have good walking shoes and a full wallet!

kana said...

Loving your new printer's tray...lucky you!! And really lucky to go the 7 mile yard sale. Try to save some money for vendor night at Silver Bella!!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Seven Mile yard sale?! I couldn't finish the rest of your post after reading that! You must show us all your treasures gleaned from this Jodie!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Happy Birthday Jodie girl!!!
I want to wish you all the best, seems you already are...
Big hugs!!

Anonymous said...

You wanted another one of those!!!
I know you love it!!!
And oh, how wonderful all of these beautiful birthday gifts and wishes, and neat handmade cards and wrapping of these special gifts!!!
I so enjooy your blog!!! And pictures... they go hand in hand!!!
Love ya,