Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little bit of this & a little bit of that...

Those who know me know that I don't know how to sew. I can't sew a button hole nor can I even mend my hubs shorts BUT I do know how to PLAY...

DSC_0067 (2)

I gathered all the things I love the most...vintage velvet, old cotton, lace, millinery, ephemera & my imagination and had some pure old fashion FUN with my sewing machine!

DSC_0062 (3)

Remember that hat with all the velvet millinery that I found last weekend??? {I bragged about it 4 posts ago} It's plucked!

DSC_0065 (2)

I cut, ironed, plucked, sewed, glued, stitched, & stuffed my heart out. Sorry about the lighting in the pictures. I only have ONE window and I have stuff in front of it so natural light is non-existent in my studio. 

DSC_0061 (2)

Yep that's right, I can't even sew a straight line so I sewed TWO lines! Kind of shabby that way. Can I say "I meant to do that?" haha

Anyway, I played all day to make something special for my sister in Texas. She loves vintage stuff (she's the one that always spoils me with it). Her birthday is the 26th of this month so I needed to whip up something to put in the mail & this is what I came up with...

One side of the pillow...


The other side of the pillow...

DSC_0103 (2)

The details...

DSC_0091 (2)

"I love you" was stamped onto muslin with distressed ink by Tim Holtz. The color ink is called peeled paint.

The green vintage velvet ribbon was given to me by Kelley. It's very special because it was the same ribbon her grandmother used to make her mother's prom dress!

The vintage millinery comes off of my recent hat purchase.

The brown velvet pearl flower and the lace comes from Wal-Mart, can you believe that?

DSC_0096 (2)

The red & white old cotton material was given to me by Sandy.

The vintage millinery comes off of my recent hat purchase.

I quickly whipped up two crystals and a silver dangle.

DSC_0079 (2)

The old rhinestone brooch came from a garage sale. I stuffed it with some more of the vintage millinery from my hat.

DSC_0080 (2)

The ephemera was a holy card. It is one of my sister's favorite images. She sent it to me a while back to make some bookmarks for her prayer group. You can see the bookmarks here. I added the text and printed the image on a fabric sheet.

DSC_0083 (2)

I also printed my little everything vintage tag on the fabric sheet too and sewed it on.

The pretty pink, red, and green fabric came from a jacket I found at the thrift store. I picked it up to cut the mother of pearls buttons off of it but then I decided to cut the jacket up into usable material too. It was too pretty to throw away. In this case, I think it added just the right color :)

So thanks for playing along with me on this wonderful Sunday. Now I have to go package this little beauty so I can mail it first thing in the morning.

I hope your weekend was both productive and playful!!! :)


Anonymous said...

ohh pretty! way to go missy! I think you did an awesome job!! hop on over to my blog to check out my swap I am hosting!! hehe big hugs


Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

Oh that is so sweet. you'll be sending that to me, er, right?

zandra said...

Looks fabulous! So nice to finally get to know you! Hugz, Z

lorhen82 said...

Sweet have talents you don't even know you have! Your sister will love this! ~Lori

icandy... said...

So pretty!

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Jodie, you are a wonderful seamstress!
I love your pillow you have made for your Sister.
What a lucky Sister and she is going to be happy.

Have a great week

trash talk said...

What a beautiful gift. I reread this post and was thinking how many hands have already lovingly touched your sister's beginning with hers and the card she sent and ending with yours and the gift you made. It's just a little overpowering that so many women contributed to a memory without ever realizing it. Your sister is one lucky lady.
P.S. I went back to my first post to see who my first blog buddy was...I just knew it had to be Pam, but sadly it wasn't. My old memory says it was, so that's what I'm going to choose to say!

Marlene said...

what a wondeful creation! for someones not knowing how to give me inspiration to try again..She is go ing to just love that gift!!!

Stephanie O. said...

So, so pretty!!!

Lori said...

Jodie, you are so can sew your buns off girl!!! the pillow you made for your sister is just the sweetest thing...i love all of the vintage goodies and details you added to make it special...your pillow is gorgeous!!!

trash talk said...

Hell yeah! Had you mentioned coming in the fall while I was having one of my short naps? I'll line Cat Daddy up with the gal in the green capris and we can make it a double date!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Jodie! I wanna be your sister!!!! This is precious!! And you don't sew? Well, not any more...looks like you do now :) I'm sure she's going to just love it ~ have a wonderful week, xxoo, Dawn

June said...

Hi Jodie,
I sure wish I could see your sisters face when she sees this. She will be beside herself. I love it! How does your mind hold so much prettiness? You just have a way of putting the right things together for just the perfect outcome.

common ground said...

Girl, for not being able to sew you did a dang fine job. wish I couldn't sew like that!
It truly is precious, and I love that there are so many bits and pieces in it. Your sister will treasure it.

Debra said...

Lovely, ever think of "adopting" another sister? I am up for it. What a very sweet and lovely gift. Just beautiful and I am sure she will treasure it.

Frippery said...

Jodie! Holy C--P! That is awesome. You are a seamstress in my (very limited) book. I am so impressed, of course each time I look at my flaggy swaggy you made I am reminded of your vast talent. It is nice to spoil your sister back. Hugs, Pam

Sandi said...

Awesome. Your sewing ranks with mine. But as I can see, if we would just practice a little, we could do better, as you have shown us all. What really gets me is the pictures applied on fabric. I haven't tried that yet, but am anxious to try. Add that to long list of things to try.
Glad you had a productive weekend. Mine, still not so much.

Impatient Cajun

miss lynn said...

jodie, you
are a seriously
talented girl.
i can't wait
to have some
"play" time!

Geralyn Gray said...

Your sister is going to love what you made for her! It is beautiful!!!!!

Linda said...

How positively charming!! You are so very talented. :)

My weekend was productive in the sense that I mowed grass and worked in the gardens. It was also playful, in that my husband and I had a weekend to ourselves.

Hope you have a blessed week,

Lou Cinda said...

Jodie: This is seriously to DIE FOR gorgeous! TO DIE FOR!!

Yeah girl, you can sew, create, adhere, pluck, arrange and VOILA!!!


I LOVE THIS! And I know she will too!

Lou Cinda :)

Karen Valentine said...

For not knowing how to sew, you did a FABULOUS job!!! It looks like you sew all the time. It's such a sweet little pillow. Your sister is a lucky girl!!!

My Desert Cottage

The Elegant Thrifter said...

Gorgeous! I love the spool of thread in your banner picture. My sister used to work at a Clark's Fabrics in Kansas City in the early 1980s. Stan

Bill said...

Jodie, Thank you so much for creating such a loving gift from the heart. Karen will smile then cry (happy tears) when she receives it. I promise not to let the cat out of the bag before it arrives for her birthday. Most of your readers won't understand the meaning of the older blond angel "holding" the smaller brunette. Karen really "holds" you in her heart the same way and I know you know that. You are a wonderful sister and a very creative one. Love you little one, Bill

Debby said...

WOW!!! This is gorgeous, lucky sister. SO many goodies and all put togther so creatively. AWESOME!

kana said...


The pillow is just LOVELY and your sister will so enjoy receiving it! I agree, vintage velvet and any velvet is wonderful.

Cher said...

Girlfriend, thanks for your kind words and moral support. It is so appreciated.

The Texas Woman

Sares said...

Well now! I'd say this is pretty darned fantastic for someone that doesn't sew! I don't sew either, but this gives me hope that I could create something spectacular like you!

The Victorian Parlor said...


You are amazing!!! That pillow is gorgeous! I am really loving how you were able to transfer the images onto fabric-it adds so much. Your sister is going to love this gift!

Congrats on your winning the giveaway-looks like great stuff!



Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh no I would have a major problem, what side would I have facing out, both sides are toooooooooooo beautiful!!!! Your sister will be trilled!
OX, Kelley

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Your sister is a lucky girl! It's beautiful. I'm with you on the sewing- playing with the sewing machine for craft purposes: yes; sewing for functional purposes: ah, no. I'm still scared of my sewing machine! :)

m i c h e l l e said...

I am lovin' lovin' lovin' your blog! How have I not "discovered" you yet?! :-)

The pillow is exquisite! Your sister will love it and it just warms my heart to see two sisters so close.

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

You dont know how to sew??!! Whats wrong with you girl?? That pillow is gorgeous... I love it. You did a wonderful job.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

What a beautiful heartfelt creation for your sister! How can she not love this handmade beauty?!! p.s. thanks so much for stopping by, fellow vintage gal!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Your sister is the luckiest gal I know to get your fabulous gift!

Julie Bou├ęsso said...

LOVE the pillows! Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers, Julie

Anonymous said...

Yes, my heart pillow and velvet bookmark were absolutely a surprise, and they are very cherished!!!!
I have my heart pillow, on a daybed to the bedroom to the right of the foyer... I continue to 'flip' sides of the heart pillow, for I LOVE both sides!!!
What a keepsake, and it was made with alot of thought, planning, and love.... from the pink fabric, the velvet trim, the old antique holy card, the angel and little girl, which I call Jodie an angel!!! Not me! The velvet bookmark stays close to home... for I fear I would lose it!
Thank you again, for the surprise, and my precious gift, from precious YOU...
I tell ya, you need to open your own charming shop... you would become famous...
Can anyone imagine being able to shop for all of the things Jodie creates.... I would rather buy from her, then from any store, anytime!!! Very unique, personal gifts!!! And... I received two!!!
Big HUGS, kisses, and all my love and appreciation... :)