Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharing a Special Request...


DSC_0275 (2)

Since I started making these beaded bookmarks, I've had so much fun. I love taking vintage images and matching them with the perfect crystals and pearls. But most of all, I have enjoyed giving them away to friends and family which led me to this awesome custom order...

DSC_0280 (2)

My sister Karen belongs to a prayer group in Texas. They call themselves the Joy Faith Sharing Group and every year they exchange little gifts with one another.

DSC_0277 (2)

After "winning" one of my bookmarks in my first ever giveaway (everyone who left a comment was a winner!), my sister thought this would be the perfect little gift for her to give to each of her prayer sisters. She found the perfect vintage holy cards and sent them to me and I had the pleasure of editing, sizing, distressing, gluing, beading, admiring and packaging these little beauties. With the help of Photoshop and my trusty little sewing machine (thanks Belinda!), I am near the end and about to ship them to Texas and surprise my sister with them. She has no idea that I custom wrapped them for you think she'll be excited???

DSC_0277 (3)

Here's one packaged up for example...I used Photoshop to create the prayer group's logo on card stock (front & back), slipped the bookmark in a plastic wedding favor bag, folded the card stock in half, ran it through my little sewing machine and it's done!  :)

Simple? Yes, quite simple. The only thing that takes the longest is the drying time of the glue and the acrylic finish I spray on them to protect them.  Well, and the beading...but that goes pretty quick too. The hardest part about that is choosing the right ones.

DSC_0274 (2)

Well now, let me finish packing up these little beauties so I can send them off to Texas! I sure hope those ladies love them as much as I enjoyed creating them...

What have you created today???

*edited after many emails and comments asking if I sell these...YES!

I have some in my etsy shop and they need a new home...not bad for a $5 gift! Take a peek at or click on my etsy shop link on my side bar.


Anonymous said...

They are SOOOO beautiful! Hope you made an extra one (hint, hint).
Love You!
Miss You More!

vintage at heart said...

These are so lovely and the packaging....wonderful! Truly a work of art in itself!!! I would LOVE to order one of these for my BFF. She has everything and her Birthday is soon and I have been stumped on what to get her!!!! One of these would be so special! I know she reads her Bible every night and this would be perfect! Let me know how to order!!! Your sister's group will be so touched by your artwork and love that goes into these!

Laura said...

What beautiful book marks. They are real works of art.

I enjoyed visiting,


miss lynn said...

love love!
you have blessed
those women big
time, jodie!

Anonymous said...

These are just lovely , I wouldn't know where to start but you've outdone yourself right down to the pretty packages. Those girls won't want to open them they are so pretty. Sue

Anonymous said...

I know your sister will love them. They are just beautiful. Today I got another strip of my quilt done. Let us know what your sister says. Blessings

Anonymous said...

sha she will love them! soo prettyy!! I love my bookmark you made me!! so sweet! big hugs


Lori said...

yes, i think your sister will be did a lovely job on everything...from the bookmarks, to the prayer cards, to the packaging...beautiful work:)
thanks for stopping over to visit me, it was so nice to see you!!!

Bodil said...


They are so beautiful.
You are so talented, very nice.
Your sister is going to be so happy, how nice of you!
Have a wonderful thursday.

lorhen82 said...

Jodie, your bookmarks are gorgeous, and wow...what a packaging job you did on them! Your sister will be over the moon with them!!!

Stephanie O. said...

Oh, Jodie these are just treasures! I wish I could say I have created something today, but I just drove kiddies all over town!

Geralyn Gray said...

These are beautiful Jodie---your sister and her group are going to love these----they are fabulous!!!!!

Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

She will probably just go wild when she gets them. What a delight. You are such a good sister!

trash talk said...

One hot mess...that's what I create everyday!
Seriously, to quote Moonlight Hollow, you two girls are cuter than puppies in a box! I just love how you take such good care of each other. I would glady adopt you, but only if I can get the pair of you!
Jodie, these are amazing little works of art. I don't know which is more beautiful, the treasures you made or the packaging! Do you have an etsy store...these would fly out the door! Think about it.
Your sister is going to be thrilled...I bet I'll be able to hear her squeals of delight all the way to my house!
P.S. I know...isn't Carley darling?

Princess Of Pink said...

Jodie, they are SO pretty. WOW I bet the ladies are going to love them too.
Hugs from Marian♥

Linda said...

Beautiful!! And thanks for pointing out your Etsy shop - don't know why I hadn't added you yet as a favorite there yet but you are now! :) I love your creations and I love Etsy!!

Have a wonderful day,

KayEllen said...

Beautiful packaging and a lovely book mark!!
The ladies will be thrilled:)and touched.

Blessing to you for your creativity,


June said...

Jodie these are just gorgeous. Your sister and her prayer group will be so excited to recieve these treasures. the way you packaged them goes above and beyond. Anything special for a sister though. She is lucky to have you.

Debby said...

Jodie, they are just gorgeous, I think your sister will be very excited.

Stephenie said...

Those book marks are just gorgeous..I love how you have them packaged up...What a great gift to give...That was alot of work, but they look amazing...

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh these lucky girls and what a surprise. I am currently reading A FORGOTTEN GARDEN and guess what is keeeping my place when I have to pull myself away. Yes your beautiful bookmark and it always gives me a little reminder of you which always gives me a smile

Payton said...

Aunt Jodie, I love love love the cardstock with the logo and putting them in plastic bags. It's so professional-looking. Really cute.

Bill said...

Jodie, You sure made your big sis very happy with those awesome bookmarks! She is beyond excited and can't wait to share them with her prayer sisters. As usual, I am impressed but, not surprised at your natural God given talent. And again, congratulations on your literary selection.
Love you, Bill