Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Triple Good...

My evening will be a triple good evening and I owe it all to my mailman and...

DSC_0108 (2)

These are the three wonderful magazines that I'll be snuggled closely with until I fall asleep tonight! {besides hubs & the little furry one}  ;)

This is the Premier issue of GreenCraft Magazine and I love it! It will be out in bookstores on August 1st.

Many of the wonderful girls at Stampington & Company wrote about the most playful yet "green" {environmentally aware} creations such as aprons made of re-purposed plastic bags and jewelry made of magazines! Too cool, you gotta see it!

DSC_0107 (2)

And there are many very talented artists that contributed wonderful articles and shared their eco-artware!!! Awesome I tell ya! Even the cover feels like it's been recycled as it's not the usual glossy thick cover as the rest of their publications.

DSC_0108 (3)

This is the fourth issue of Where Women Create and it's also coming out on August 1st. As you can tell near the spine of the magazine, I started reading this one today at work and it already looks worn out! There are some great studios and creative spaces in here!!! So many talented women!!!!

Speaking of creative spaces...don't forget to join us Friday as Karen Valentine of My Desert Cottage hosts Where Bloggers Create.  There are over 100 bloggers participating and I am one of them. So if peeking into inspiring studios is something you like to do, then you are going to luuuuuv this blogging party!

DSC_0108 (4)

And finally, with a beautiful gray and pink cover, this issue of Artful Blogging is indeed a visual inspiration!!! You guessed it, it will be out on August 1st also.

So if you are jealous of me and wish you had these in your hands about 10 days early...please go to Stampington & Company and sign up for their newsletter called Post Script. Once you sign up, you will then be eligible to pre-order these wonderful magazines at a discount price and free shipping!!!

I'm off to enjoy my triple good evening...it's raining outside, my air conditioning is blowing cold and I'm getting lost in these beautiful magazines above.

Come back on Friday, I'd love for you to visit my little creative space!

Until then, I'll be wishing for something triple good to come your way soon!!!!

DSC_0111 (5)

ps...Thank you all for the sweetest of comments on the last post about my sister's pillow. It is  your encouragement that keeps me creating and gives me the courage to post about it! That's what I love about "our" little blogging family...we build each other up and keep it positive. Thank you for always inspiring me with your sweet comments...each and every one of them I cherish! In return, I hope that I may have inspired you in some sweet way too!!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Your blog is such a please and inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I'm addicted to Artful Blogging. I have to get my grubby, little hands on the latest one. Thanks for the tip on Stampington's post script! I usually get my magazines with a coupon at my local craft store, but sometimes they don't have the one I want! So, I'll definitely be taking advantage of this!

trash talk said...

You do inspire me with your artwork, but I love how you challenge me to think! I have to stay on my toes with you around...you are a clever wit and quick with a comeback and zing. I love to laugh more than eating and you keep me hopping which I just know means I have to lose weight with all that exercise, right?
P.S. I guess since you got the A/C working you aren't going to come live with me now. I'm glad you're cool again!

miss lynn said...

hey jodie,
where women create is my
cannot, CANNOT, wait to hear
jo packham at silver bella.
so gonna love it.
happy day!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Your blog is always a delight to visit, thanks.
What fun snuggling in bed and reading your favourite magazines.
What could be better? Glad that you have some good ones to enjoy.


Lori said...

it looks like you have great reading material...thanks for the link...glad you are all cool now:)

Marlene said...

Nothing like curling up at night in bed with a few new magazines! I love it!! my dog curled up next to me..HGTV in the background hummm heaven...I have not seen those magazines you have there though, thats new..will have to look into that...thanks for sharing!

KayEllen said...

Oh my all 3 magazines look wonderful!!Can't wait to see them myself:)

Have a wonderful evening!


June said...

Ah Jodie, now you've gone and made me jealous. It's a good thing that you helped me with my e-mail thingy or it would have to be 'smiles' again for you! I'm hoping it's fixed now. I loved hearing from you, ditto to you girl!

Geralyn Gray said...

Ohhhh that is good reading Jodie....and you always are helpful in getting them early----But, I really should do this. I waste so much gas by making three trips to Barnes and Nobles for these magazines....they look really good!

Sares said...

I've been meaning to get a copy of that Artful Blogging magazine, but only one store in my town carries it and I've yet to get over there. Is it worth getting? Are their ideas a novice can use?

Caleen said...

Oh How fun.. You enjoy yourself. What wonderful magazines.. I know you will be filled with so much inspiration. I love all of them too and can't wait till they come out.. I love the pillow you made for your sister too. How special.. I know it will be treasured. I will visit your space on Friday. I am joining in on the fun too.. My space is small but, it is mine and I am always fixing and tweaking.. You know how that is.. Have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Plastic bags for apron and magazines for jewelries - - - how curious! :-)It is nice to see somebody create such beautiful things. Very inspiring too.

Oh Jodie, I'll be sure to be back and see where all those creative juices just overflows :-)

Aaawww I've seen the pillow you made. The details you put into the pillow makes it real grand.


Sandi said...

I am presently waiting on some of my magazines to be delivered by Mr. Postman. Not these, but others I subscribe to. I thought I was impatient when I could move around well. Now my patience is none existent. I am going to have to check out your choices. Happy browsing.

Impatient Cajun

Anonymous said...

can I come snuggle with them too!?! haha I cant wait to see where you create! I am going to be in that blog party too! I got my craft room all finsihed! what you doing this weekend you wanna get together? ill come in your part! big hugs


Linda said...

Looks like a fun evening - I so enjoy snuggling in with my favorite magazines. :)

The Victorian Parlor said...

I love curling up with a magazine and a cup of tea! It is so much fun to open the mailbox and find one of those treasures waiting inside:). I look forward to seeing your creative space this Friday-no doubt it will be inspirational and the photos will be gorgeous!



Karen said...

Hello Jodie! I am so glad to meet you. I kind of took a sneak peek at who was participating on Friday with Karen's Where Bloggers Create party and came across you. Wonderful blog!
I need more time to take a stroll through your past posts. But I'll be following now and will come back for sure!
Thanks for sharing! Karen

common ground said...

Can't wait to see your space on Friday, and good job with Nana, we have to keep her on her toes...too funny.(June)

Anonymous said...

hey chick can you email me at gypsymermaidswaps@yahoo.com saying you want to be in the swap so I can add you to the list and emailing group

Stephenie said...

Oh man!!! I have to get these magazines..I can't wait to see Where women create..Sound like a great idea to read them while everyone is sleeping..That way you don't get interupted..Hope all is well Jodie...

Becca said...

OOoooohhhh I having been waiting for the new Artful bloging mag, Nice way to start my vacation :)

Debby said...

Lucky girl!!!! Great magazines, gotta love em!!!!

Anonymous said...

We didn't get a chance to 'play', 'shop', 'get a home mag', etc....
But, as soon as I leave here, I am going to see if that little shop in Rockport still has the hardback book, where women create!!!
I will buy it for you!!! Please be there!!!!
Gotta get going...
Love ya lots...
Karen :)