Sunday, January 11, 2009


What does one do when she is sick and can't go play outside???

Well, the answer is: One should be productive & make jewelry...


And that is exactly what I did yesterday afternoon, thanks to my daily journal. I started one this year, nothing fancy but just something to jot my thoughts in.

DSC_0171 (2)

I bought it at Silver Bella from Curious Sofa during vendor night. Since I have close access to everyone's birth dates on a daily basis now, I figured I'd get a head start in making some birthday gifts also! I don't know about you, but I really hate crunch time when it comes to finding that perfect last minute gift. For those of you who know me know that I am not big on shopping - unless it's a garage sale or flea market or Hobby Lobby or Michael's!


So, I made these beaded crosses to hang from the rear-view mirror of a vehicle. I made one for a special sweetie with a matching key chain of her high school colors because she is getting her real license this year. (I'm sure she is reading this... So sweetie, you better act surprised when you get it! Oh, and you better not tell your mom because she is getting one too for her birthday!) It's so hard for me to keep secrets on my blog!!!! geez!



These are fabulous!! What a great way to pass the time when under the weather.
Hope you r feeling better and you are way ahead of the game in this years gift department!!!

gopmom2 said...

Hi Jodie...I love your 'car' jewelry. You photographed it so nicely. I think I have a bracelet with those vintage white beads on the bottom. Are they vintage? Stephanie & I have garaged saled on a few occassions...but it would be a lot of fun to go with you sometime...maybe we can roadtrip!!!

stephanie said...

Love what you made. And, that day planner is so cool. Hope you get feeling better very soon and thanks for the nice comments you sent my way yesterday!!

fruge said...

Hey Aunt Jodie,
Love the beaded crosses and (black and gold) keychain. :)
I'm sure whoever that is for will be really happy with the keychain to attach to their first set of keys on their 16th Birthday...haha.
Anyway, they're really pretty.
Hope you're feeling better.
Love ya.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Jodie! your crosses are beautiful that you made... oh and that planner is SOOOO pretty. xoxo Heather

Brett said...

"unless it's a garage sale or flea market or Hobby Lobby or Michael's!"

-So you pretty much shop for yourself (with your $50 HL gift card.) Caught ya mom. so have everybody fooled! Sonya calls and you go play Bingo! Sick...sure you are...

Love ya,

P.S. First day of classes went great. Should be a really good semester.

Sandi said...

Miss you.
Hope you are feeling better and are posting again soon.

Frippery said...

Jodie, they are gorgeous. I left an award on my blog for you. Come and pick it up. I wanted to share your blog and fab photography! Hugs Pam P.S. I have not been very good at keeping my planner. Only 1 entry. You have inspired me to do better.