Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up & Early...

I'm starting my new year on the right foot...or left foot...whichever foot gets me to the garage sales early!!!!

DSC_0158 (2)

Luckily, I have a great junking partner that gives me a pleasant wake up call. It's amazing how chipper and sweet my cousin Sonya can be at 5:45 in the morning! So off we went to two small garage sales, in the dark, in the dampness only to find this precious little box, for $2! 

DSC_0143 (2)

Actually Sonya found it for me...I was still sort of sleep walking around and trying to wake up. (Now don't go think I'm lazy or anything, I am still sick from New Year's!)

DSC_0149 (2)

This cute little box is so sturdy and is covered in vintage-inspired paper. It's got a wonderful little fluffy leather handle on the top...real leather! The inside has a cute little mirror and dividers. Perfect for a number of reasons but I have something in mind. I may have to fill it with goodies and surprise someone special! Hmmm....

Two garage sales and back home for 7:00 a.m. I'm back in my pajamas and I'm going to spend a lazy, rainy Saturday doing nothing! Yeah!!!! Let me go see what's playing on Lifetime!


Frippery said...

Fabulous! I gotta get out there on the hunt. It has been too cold for early mornings although I am up by 5:30 now that school is back in session. I have to get Sadie off and running. Hugs, Pam

Sandi said...

Oh, I am so not a morning person!
Love your find though.

Stephanie said...

Wow!! As a "non-morning" person I am so impressed. Garage Sales sound like such fun to do right now. However in Indiana it's not the season (midMay-midOctober. How fun it would be though to be able to go all year round. You did get quite a treasure! Sorry to hear that you still don't feel well. Take care of yourself!


Oh what a cute find!!!! I love to go early morning junkin'!!!