Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm pitiful...


                  angel with pensive look and hand to face (2)

Yes. I am a charity case.

It's been six days since my last post. I promised to blog more this year. This is the worst I have ever done yet. Even through hurricanes and on & off electricity I have done better.

boy gazing out window

I apologize. I hate being sick. I hate catching up on things when I start to feel better and then I get sick all over again. I hate letting you down. I hate letting myself down. I can do better, even though I am sick. I have to...for me and for you.

          auto depression era work wanted

Thanks to Geralyn for loving my ephemera collection, I will post some of my older collection to share with you. Hopefully that will help me to not feel so guilty about not posting.  I'll be leaving for Orlando Florida on Wednesday. I'll be gone until Sunday.

auto couple by auto with fishing poles

No, I'm not going fishing...I'm going to an NCRS meet with my husband and some good friends. And I'm going back to Disney maybe for one day.

children two girls in darling vintage wagon (2)

Don't give up on me please ... I promise to do better when I come home!


Geralyn Gray said...

I do love your empherma (I'm pitiful can't spell it) collection--show me more. No relax--get better. It sounds like we have the same thing---it comes back!!!!!My husband went to the doctor and he just said keep resting and gave him some stuff to take. Have a great time in Disney--I just looked at your pictures from your last trip--looked awesome. Say Hi to Mickey and Minnie for me and do you look for hidden Mickeys?????????

stephanie said...

I would never give up on you! I was just thinking about you @ lunch today because I had jambalaya. I spelled that totally wrong...oops. Anyway, jambalya brings to mind New Orleans which then brings to mind Louisiana which brings to mind you...Have a good time in Orlando...