Friday, October 31, 2008

The Last Day of My Birthday Month...

& Happy Halloween to all!

Today is the last day of my birthday month and what a hell of a birthday month is was great to say the least! I was smothered in gifts (which is a good thing!), I've eaten out A LOT this month (& need some new clothes by the way!), I've went to some great flea markets, I had my 20 year class reunion and have been celebrating with friends I haven't seen in a long time!

And this is what I received in the mail that completed this great month of total celebration day in and day out...


I received my awesome sign I won from Heidi. I couldn't wait to tear into it but I restrained myself long enough to take pictures to show you how beautiful she wrapped it for me. Also look at the awesome flash cards she sent as a sweet little surprise (which I just adore!).


Isn't it just yummy???? Now my studio will be complete once it finds it's place in there. I just love it, it's so me!

I love my name everything vintage.

I must be what one would call an "old soul".

I know this sounds really silly to some, but my heart pours this feeling of utter joy when I am "junking" and come across something as simple as an old cabinet card, or vintage baby clothes, etc.

I go into this state of mind of wondering who were they and what was their story.

I hold vintage lace and tatting in my hand.

I admire the beauty of it just like any other vintage lover would, but my admiration is much deeper than the beauty of it all.

I stare at it and wonder who's patient and talented hands have done this and how long did it take them by candle light?

This is why I decided that I could only explain my feelings as...everything vintage.

Not just one thing or two, but everything vintage.

And with that said, that's why there is no caps & no punctuation of any kind because there is no beginning and definitely no end to my love for everything vintage.

Hopefully when I hang my sign from Heidi in my craft room/studio, I can look at it, smile and be reminded of where my soul's in everything vintage~

Thanks Heidi for making the end of my birthday month so special! I can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella in a couple of weeks!

PS...Heidi sells these custom hand painted signs on eBay and in her etsy store. Click on her web site above and check her out, she's awesome!   They would make great Christmas presents! hint hint!

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Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Heidi is soooo sweet! She was my first blog friend ever! Happy Happy Birthday!