Sunday, October 26, 2008

Come and gone...


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I have to say, I have the best classmates in the whole world. In the past 5 days, we talked, laughed, ate, and danced like we were still in high school.  We were so happy. However towards the end of last night, it was hard to say final goodbyes to those we knew we wouldn't see again for another 10 years. The room was filled with hugs and kisses to those catching flights back to their homes far away from the small town we've grown up in and love so much.  E-Town as we call it will always hold a special place in all of our hearts no matter how far we are. Fortunately I still live here in this small town and was happy to help organize this fun filled weekend.  I should have took more pictures but I was too busy enjoying everyone's company. I did manage to snap a great shot of the Lady in Charge that couldn't have done anything more perfect in getting us all together...

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Thank you Lauri for your hard work and dedication in making this the best 5 days I've had in 20 years!

Things that I am still going over in my head...

1. Nicki B. is looking so great at 9 months pregnant with her first child at 38 years old.

2. Wondering how Donnie managed his  flight early Friday morning after having 100+ people at his house just hours before.

3. I had no idea Dewey and Nikki were married for 13 years!

4. How can Helena dance so good if she claims she never goes out.

5. Why do I still love my husband so much even after he almost killed 3/4 of my classmates while driving our float in the parade?

6. How can it be that after not seeing Nancy in almost 10 years, she still knows and "gets" me after all this time?

7. I really love Andrea...she's our adopted classmate of '88.

8. Everything about Marleen, I am speechless. It's all good!

9. Patricia really did well in heels all night, no socks needed.

10. How the hell did I stay up past my bedtime (9:00) for 4 nights in a row?

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Sandi said...

You are such a youngster.