Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 11 of my "Birthday Month"

I thought I would share a picture or two of my newest birthday gifts I received Thursday night from Suzanne & Carrie. The seafood buffet was great and so was the company.  I was tickled with these fleur de lis ornaments from Suzanne. Don't they look exquisite in my autumn decor? I have loved the fleur de lis way before they became the latest fad. Now they are the biggest rage and they are everywhere you look! The fleur de lis is very symbolic here in Louisiana and always has been since the arrival of the Acadians in 1785...

DSC_0192 (2)

Carrie gave me these wonderful antique salt servers. Do you remember in the good ole days when Plantation Homes were abound and life was simple yet everyone pulled a long hard day in the field to put food on the table? Well, these little salt servers were placed at each setting so one could season their food to their own liking. What's special about these is that they once belonged to Carrie's grandmother. I was so touched when I opened my gift to see these little jewels and even more so when she told me they were her family heirlooms and  she wanted me to have them.  I have the perfect place for them. I will incorporate these little beauties on my table in my craft room. I am sure they will be filled with little baubles and embellishments very soon!

DSC_0199 (2)

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Alianinna said...

Your birthday gifts pictures are fantastic.