Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Letter...


My letter, the letter "J", the alpha of my name. An important letter by no why not make it a statement of art and my personality? As I thumb through my favorite magazines and read my favorite blogs, I see that many other creative souls are also proud of their letter too. 


It started as a wooden unpainted letter from Hobby Lobby (my favorite store in the whole world). I painted the edges (and the back of it) in red, glued some pretty scrapbook paper pieces, added ephemera,  paper flowers, ribbon, lace and frames that hold my favorite baby pictures of me. At the top I also added a removable tag with my birthday...October 1, 1970. Yep...37.


My letter "J" rests upon a beautiful wrought iron easel bought for me by my Mom's best friend, Rose. 5 years ago, my mom passed away and Rose has 'adopted' me. So, I call her my best friend. Her strength (the easel) holds me up (my letter "J")... Awesome thought huh?


Then, I did some soul searching about who I really am at this moment in my life. According to the two men in my life, (my husband and my son), I really do believe that...

"I am Queen Jodie"

And, my two lifelong goals that I strive for is hope and happiness. I do believe that with these two strengths, one can go very very far!

What is your letter? What does it really mean?

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