Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey!!! I'm Still Alive!!! :)

I don't know about you, but I've been MIA (missing in action) for almost TWO WEEKS!

Well, I'm not "missing" per say, but I've been VERY occupied.

I always try to post at least twice a week but lately it's been crazy...with lots of ups and downs.

To let you know how much I've missed you, I'll share these wonderful images with you while I let you in on a few things of what I've been up to.

*My sweet friend, Dawn of The Feathered Nest shared this site with us a while back and if you haven't really need to go if you love vintage sheet music. It's Awesome!

Alrighty then...I've been...

1. Celebrating High School and College Graduations!!!!


I know over SIX high school graduates that are entering into the REAL world this month! Some were relatives and some were friend's children that I've known since they were born.

Does that make me feel old? YES! haha

And, I've had ONE special college graduation last weekend...

My nephew received his Doctorate of Pharmacy

Graduated Summa Cum Laude! (Top of the class)

Received EVERY award there was to bring home!

Made his Daddy in Heaven a VERY proud Angel!

Made his whole family VERY honored to celebrate with him!

Can I get a woooooo hooooooo?

lauren 347 (2)

Can their smiles get ANY bigger???


2. Summer!!!


There is so much going on here since the start of Summer.

Yard work, house cleaning, de-cluttering, planning and taking vacations, you's almost like a burst of energy. Well, here in Louisiana, it's like a burst of HOT energy as it's already in the 90's with 100% humidity. Where did our Spring go??? ;)

I'm going to Florida in a couple of weeks and I'm going to Texas in about 4 weeks. I'll be on the road often but ya know I'm gonna take you with me...right?  ;)

3. (on a sad note) Watching the BP oil spill continue to wreak havoc on our beautiful Louisiana coast line.


So much of our life, our culture and our prosperity depends on the gulf waters...everything from our seafood to our wildlife to our tourism, and much more. It's been over a month now since we've lost loved ones in the oil rig explosion and to watch the ongoing damage to our coast line is ... well ... it's almost worse than any hurricane or flood that our state has endured previously.

I really think it will take decades for us to rebound from this one, if we ever do at all.

4. I miss you!


I haven't been on the computer at all in the past week and I'm behind in catching up with you. I'll be the first to admit that I've been a "bad blogger" but know that I really DO miss you and I will catch up soon. I DO have a busy schedule and sometimes LIFE just gets in the way...but it doesn't mean that I'm not thinking of you!


Also, I'd like to thank ALL of my new followers and I promise that I will visit you soon and get to know you better too!

Let me not forget all of  the brand NEW bloggers out there! I'm so happy you've joined in for this wonderful world of friendship and sharing...I hope you are having a wonderful time and meeting lots of new friends!    :)))

5. I'm fluffing my space for the Where Bloggers Create II Party hosted by the one and only Karen of My Desert Cottage.


My studio has not really changed since the first party but it has only gotten SO much more...let's say...STOCKED since then! haha

I'm begging Sophie to take you along on the tour this year too. She knows my schedule is really REALLY busy and she well made it clear that I'm going to "owe" her big time. So what else is new? ;)

6. Swaps!


I made and sent this pocket hanger (I guess that's what you call it) to Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered. It was the first one I ever made (I swear) as I was "practicing" for the pocket swap that I'm in hosted by Jessica.

DSC_0161 (2)

And for those of you who KNOW me, I really don't know how to sew. I've never read a sewing pattern, ever. I just grab my pinking shears and cut everything up within my reach!

However, I still abide by the same old rule, "measure twice and cut once" to keep safe   ;)

I still cannot show you the pocket hanger that I made Leslie (my swap partner) as she hasn't received it yet but the sneak peeks are in my post below.

I am also in a swap with Karen of Some Days are Diamonds and Julia of Vintage with Laces. I'm begging for an extension on these as I'm still working on them "behind the scenes" of all of my other LIFE projects.

7. Getting ready for Paper Cowgirl


Thank goodness I only signed up for ONE swap for this retreat! Whew! It's a cuff swap so I'm soooo excited for the chance to get started on this soon. Well, not too soon...maybe AFTER I finish all of the above, in between all of my travels!

Do you feel sorry for me? Well Don't!

When I tell The Man how busy I am day after day, he's quick to tell me "This is all self inflicted Jodie"  haha

It is, but I just LOVE it!


So please have patience with me...I'll be visiting you soon. I love and appreciate each and every one of your comments...not a one goes unread. I long for the day that I can sit and chat with you...hopefully it will be SOON!

Are you busy too? Please tell me you are so that I don't feel so darn guilty for having SO MUCH FUN!


Enjoy the vintage sheet music. Don't forget to visit the site above as there are literally hundreds to choose from. I'm sure you can create something beautiful with them too!!! 


Linda said...

Hi Jodie,

Here's your Woooooooo Hoooooooo!! :D Congratulations to all of the graduates!

You have indeed been busy and I've missed reading your entries.

Love, Linda

Hearts Turned said...

Good morning, Jodie! Yea--I've missed you! Sounds like you've been having soooo much fun!

Don't feel guilty about not posting,'ve been doing the important real-life stuff!

Congrats to your nephew and all your other grads--good job!

LOVE your pocket hanging--gorgeous! You're going to be busy, my friend! My husband always says the same thing to me when I'm whining about pity for Julie at my house!

Hope you have a beautiful HOT day--so sad about the oil,'re all in our prayers.



WoooooHooo! That's for your incredible nephew. And here's another Woooohoo for you. And a gee whiz too! You make me dizzy with your gotta do's and wanna do's, but I know you'll accomplish all of it. Whaaaat?!? One month until Paper Cowgirl. Yeh, feeling the pressure but looking forward to the fun! Have a great week, and wishing for a rapid solution to the oil problem affecting your fair state! ~ Angela

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Wow and woooooo hooooooo for your nephew, Jodie! No wonder the smiles are so big!
The oil spill is really a horrible disaster for the whole gulf coast region. We watch every day on TV the efforts to close that leak. Hopefully they will manage that soon. The damage is so tremendous already.
Extension on the swap is granted with pleasure, teehee. Now I can not even make you feel guilty after I had just confessed that I'll be a little late with yours, lol.
Have a great day!
Big hugs,

Claudia said...

Glad to hear you are okay - just incredibly busy! Congratulations to your nephew. Oh, that oil spill haunts me. I don't know why it isn't the ONLY news story right now. Every one should be concentrating on that and only that - capping the leak, and restoring our coastline.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Hey Jodie I have missed you girl! I know how life can get in the way of blogging so I'm very glad you took a moment to let us know you are OK. Sounds like lots of good things going on. Keep in touch ok!!!

Theresa said...

Boo Hoo, you are so busy:) Me too! In fact, I just took a break from cleaning to sit down and see if anyone had anything to say out there. Girl, you have lots going on. Beautiful pocket hanger! Love it!

I don't know how you do it all! I am busy with end-of-school stuff. Lots of yard work and beautiful flowers here where I am:) Love you my sweet friend! HUGS!

Lisalulu said...

YES WELCOME BACK.. and glad you've been busy and took the time off! I wish there were more time in my day (and I'll bet you do too)

red.neck chic said...

Good GRIEF!!! I'm worn out from keeping up with you just in this post! LOL You know... paper cowgirl ain't that far from me... gonna let me feed you a steak?!!? Bring your backpack... haHA!

My girl - sewing probably comes as easy to you as photography and journalin'... I have faith in you. :-D

I am so saddened by the oil spill... and continued spillage. Every single bit of it is heartbreaking.

Good luck in your laboratory - I can't wait to see it!!!

:-) Now - get busy. LOLOLOLOL


p.s. CONGRATULATIONS to all of the graduates - and heck yeah - your Nephew should be PROUD!!!

Lori said...

hey girl, i was wondering where you were...sounds like you are really really busy...self inflicted...LOL...cute hubby:) WOOT!!! that was for your cousin, and a huge congratulations too...that is awesome...LOVE the pocket you made for Lisa...i am suspicious about it being your first...but if you swear to it, i have no choice but to believe you:)

Charlene said...

I FEEL your BUSY Pain!!! My studio is in shambles... yes, I too am in the event with Karen so I better get my hinny busy. LOVE the swaps you have going. I am NOT doing any Paper Cowgirl Swaps because I am doing THREE for Les Sirenes. YIKES! Can't wait to see you at Cowgirls! HUGS! Charlene

Geralyn Gray said...

Woohoo for the graduates.....I guess a bad blogger leads to a good liver(wanted to write what I was thinking, but it sounded like the body part---not making much sense)......but, I am glad you are living life......I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pocket holder----it is awesome!!!!!! As far as the BP makes me goal when we move is to retire and be barefoot and be able to ride my bicycle to get the groceries......and depend on oil as little as possible....maybe that means living where it is warmer also.

Tina said...

Hey Jodie
so good to 'see' you back.
Congrats to all the graduates.
Love that pocket hanger you made for Lisa - it´s SO beautiful.
xo Tina

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

It just hit me that I forgot to say something about the pocket hanger you made for Lisa. I had commented on it when she had posted about it but of course I want to tell you as well that it is just AWESOME! I love it, girl!
More hugs,

Unknown said...

It's wonderful Jodie about your dear nephew. What a great accomplishment! I love the picture!!!

You have been a busy girl, and I am having a hard time keeping up here as well. I keep thinking life will slow down, just like my 'old' body is but NO, it just keeps staying 100 steps ahead.
Your pockets are sooo pretty girl! You do know how to create the most beautiful things in the entire world!

I am so sorry about the tragedy along your coastline. I am sickened every time I watch the oil spewing from that pipeline. I don't know how we can recover from something like this, but I pray that we will.

Susan deGeneres said...

Congratulations and wooo-hooo to you and your nephew. Your pocket hanger is gorgeous, Lisa is so very lucky. If you hadn't admitted to your lack of experience I would havve thought the you've been sewing for years.

I was an environmental paralegal for years and so I truly know what the people of the gulf region are up against. My heart goes out to you.

Hang in there,

Anonymous said...

those pocket hangings are adorable.
I've missed you but figured you were doing all the family/priority stuff...I heart goes out to everyone in the gulf sad :(

Karen said...

Love the pocket hanger for Lisa. You did an awesome job!
OK by me to extend our swap - even though I am almost ready to go. I will Email you. . .

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Here's a big Woo Hoo for your nephew!! That is SUCH an accomplishment!!

And I have missed you but I just assumed you were off on some wonderful adventure which you would share with the rest of us! I so totally understand the busy part of life, especially after reading what all you are up to!

My heart breaks over the oil spill too! Our beautiful Alabama coast is also in jeopardy and it just breaks my heart for everyone it has affected all across the Gulf! Dang that BP Oil!!

Hope you get all caught up!!

Lou Cinda :)

Karen Valentine said...

OMG girl!! You have been busy!!! That pocket hanger is sooooo GORGEOUS! and I am sooooo JEALOUS of Lisa!!! (Not really, but I am really happy for her!) Thanks so much for the party shout out. There are already 320 gals signed up!!! Have a beautiful day sweetie!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Jodie! I figured you were super duper busy after Savannah and playing catch up with all you got going on. Congrats to your nephew for such a wonderful accomplishment. I hate hearing the news about the oil spill. It is just awful and I cannot believe that it has been going on so damn long. I mean, come on -- did they not ever thing something would happen? Do they not have a plan of action for something like this? It should NOT take this long to fix. I saw your pocket holder on Lisa's blog -- it's fantastic. I can't believe you can't sew. I REALLY, REALLY can't sew. You, my dear, are a natural at everything you put your mind and heart to. Wishing you all the best Jodie! Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

Robin Sanchez said...

We have missed you!! Thanks for sharing those awesome images and website....I just love old music.

I was wondering how you are doing down there and how near the oil spill is to you. I hope their efforts today get that thing capped!!


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Hey girl! I SOOO get you!! I hear ya on the blogging thing. Life DOES get busy and it's totally ok to take a break here and there. We love ya! :) My heart is aches everytime I see the updated news regarding the oil spill. I always think of you when it's mentioned. Im sure you are all SO upset and devastated over this. LA cant take much more!!!
Have a blast at Paper Cowgirl! Love the pocket hanger! Gorgeous work my friend! XOXO,Jenn

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jodie...I have missed your posts but am happy you are well! Congrats, congrats to everyone! I have passed along your blogging 101 to a new friend and she took the leap so thanks! She'll be by to introduce herself to you real soon! Your summer sounds busy, busy!

Unknown said...

So So glad to see your alive and well... I think we all get a little busy this time of year.. I'm on Vacation right now as we speak.. Hehe.. I must say I just love your pocket creation. I love those images, I might have to print those out and make something myself, out of those... Thanks for sharing and don't worry abuot us we will stick around for awhile...We love ya!!

Hugs, Linda

The Victorian Parlor said...


I'm exhasted just reading this post! My goodness girl you are busy:)! It all sounds wonderful and I can't wait to see more of your artistic creations!



~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

The smiles tell it all and the pride is glowing. Congrats to the bright young man. OMG to be in my 20's again.
Thanks Dear for stopping by I truly appreciate the effort. I adore your blog and I want to make a pocket holder for my jewels! Oh, and thanks for the sheet music!

I am delighted to get to know you. Creative women get my juices flowing and really great things happen to my crafting MoJo!

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

vintage girl at heart said...

well hello there!!! you have been a busy bee!! so very wonderful to see so many younguns graduating and heading out to make a difference in this world!!
i am so mad mad mad about this whole bp leak!!! growing up fishing, shrimping and crabbing i know things will never be the same in our lifetime!!! so many ecosystems and livlihoods affected..just a shame!!
okay i will get oFF of my soapbox to SAY how wonderful your new creations are!!! fabulous!!!
have fun on your upcoming creative jaunts!!

Honey Lamb and I said...

Sooooo proud of your nephew with you. I got real tears in my eyes when you mentioned his daddy looking down with a smile:)

I am sick over the oil too! Such a horrible thing to happen. Sorry for your loss of friends on the actual rig too.

I have been trying my hand at sewing and I suck!!! lol!
However, I just started embroidery last week and love it. If you get a chance check out the tart I just finished from the French Knot store in Savannah. Did you make it to that store? I loved it! Hope to meet up with you soon!!!


Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jodie,
Your man sounds like mine, "self inflicted!" I say bring it on, it's means we are alive and kicking! Don't worry about blogging every week, you know we will still be here when you come back. I always love reading your posts, so full of fun and creative stuff.
Congratulations to the grad with top honors. Woooohoooo!!


Rochelle said...

Hi Jodie!
Thanks for the link to those great sheet music images...can't wait to use some of them!
And girl....take a breather! I do love that pocket hanger you made for Lisa - I am loving the vintage details!
Happy Creating!

Jane said...

You have been missed!! Sounds like you have been having fun helping celebrate all the wonderful graduations. I got through my son's and next week I'm heading to Dallas for my niece's. It's a busy time of year!

Debby said...

HI Jodie, I have missed your posts, but you are one busy lady. Congrats to all the grads. Thanks for the link. I love the gorgeous pocket,so vintage and yummy. The weather has hit nearly 90 here everyday for the last three days and that is just weird. I am busy with work and yard work, house work, no fun stuff. Some days I could just cry, seems there is never an end to what needs to get done.

I have been thinking about you lots when I see the news about the oil spill, it just sickens me and I am praying for all of you. I just said to Tom tonight when we were watching the news that I think we should all pull together and get our butts down there and see how we can pitch in and help out. Sounds like you have more exciting adventures coming up, makes me smile when I know you are going away as you like to take us with you.
Love yah,

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of to-do list :-) But good thing that these are all happy events and projects you have planned.

Congratulations to your nephew. He is one smart young man. There really is no doubt his family is very proud of him.

I have been away too. and a lot has happened to my family. WE are all feeling much better now thanks to all the prayers. I'm slowly returning back to blogland. :-)


Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Thanks for the link to the sheet music website. Great stuff!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness girl! You HAVE been busy! But such sounds like you have been having a blast. Congrats to the grads. Praying for the LA coast. Thank you for the freebie images and will check out your sheet music site.

LOVE LOVE LOVE your pocket holder - soooo prettay!

BIG {HUGS} xoxoxo Heidi

Lisa said...

Girl, if I didn't have your number, I'da been worried. That's a long time between posts. Okay, I'll number my comments like you did the post.
1. I am so in love with that site that Dawn shared too. Creole Lover will always be 'your song'.
2. Tell your nephew, hats off to him. It's a huge big deal to graduate at all, let alone with honors. Whoo hoo to him!
3. I luv Love my pocket hanger, didn't know what to call it either. I call it my 'Jodie hanger'. But she's in my studio getting ready for Karen's party.
4. The oil spill, God knows the southerner's are strong people. When bad things happen it seems to be down there with y'all, but there are no stronger people. I pray for the fisherman & people who's lives depend on the gulf.
5. Get your butt down here. I need your help for PC.
6. Love you, kiss Thad. Philip says bring chocolate rocks.

The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness sweetie!!!!! You are one BUSY girl!! Isn't that website the best??? Such good good stuff. Congratulations to the graduate Jodie, it's a whole new world now isn't it? And ohmy goodness. That pocket hanger is so GORGEOUS!!! I drooled on my keyboard when Lisa showed it ~ beautiful job sweetie, and you don't sew? Be sure you slow down and breathe this summer, OK? It's so good to see a post from you, hope your holiday weekend is wonderful, hugs and love, Dawn

Rustique Gal said...

Jodie, I just found your blog and I can tell you will be inspiring me to make pretty things! I love what I see and will be visiting often! Have a great weekend!

Six in One Hand said...

Thank u for the kind words in regards to my son. When u get back to Louisiana, we need to get together and shop and create together!!!

Celeste said...

Congratulations to all your grads! I am on my way back to school with the hopes and dreams of obtaining my Doctorate of Pharmacy also. This blog world is small and wonderful.