Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Myrtles...

I've been waiting for you...for I have a story to tell you.

For many generations, they say that I am haunted.

They claim that I am one of the most haunted plantation homes in Louisiana, yet alone in America.

Proud of this, I am not.


Built in 1794, they claim that I sit atop an Indian burial ground.

Because of this, I am punished with much sorrow, grief and death of those whom lived in me for the past two hundred years.

For the past two hundred years, I have provided over 600 acres of bountiful indigo and cotton, only to be ravaged by soldiers of the Civil War.


For the past two hundred years, I have birthed many children, only to have them taken away from my beautiful gardens by yellow fever.


For the past two hundred years, I have had many owners, only to have them run me down due to ill management or gambling debts.


But I, The Myrtles, will not die...

at least not today...

for I have a soul.

They claim that my soul may be the souls of those who have died within me, but I will never tell.


The restlessness of my weakened structure is only a confirmation of my broken heart.

Some may recognize it by my mysterious creaks and voices in the night or perhaps by my cold drafts that flow through my aching bones.

I shall continue to let everyone know that I am alive by striking a piano key when no one is looking or perhaps sighing at the sight of watching my guests sleep.

I am alive.


Alrighty now,

(it's me, Jodie)

do I have your attention now?

(And Yes, I did write that all by myself, making it up as I added my photos...that's just what I do!)


Several weeks ago, Sarah and I decided to take a road trip to St. Francisville, Louisiana. It's not even 2 hours from where we live and it was a beautiful day out. We looked at each other and thought what the heck...let's do it.

Now let me warn you, I have no ghost story to tell of my own as I've never experienced a "real" ghostly encounter in my life. Trust me, if I ever did...I'd be six feet under because of a heart attack. I'm the toughest talking biggest chicken shit there ever was!  ;)


But here in the Bayou State, us Cajuns can tell some good juicy stories of the past. They may not be 100% true but they sure in the hell are interesting! And sometimes scary too!

The Myrtles Plantation is full of stories:

The mirror with ghostly images and hand prints...

The 17th step on the main staircase...

Voices, screams and gunshots...

Blood stained floors...

and then there is Chloe, the most famous ghost of the Myrtles.

Yep, all under one roof...amazing!

You can go here for the truth, tales and lies about this fascinating and beautiful two hundred year old home.

Everyone who enters has their own story.

But I can promise you one thing...

The Myrtles will NEVER tell.



I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

Remember that it's our freedom that we are celebrating and please be safe & courteous on the road or in the air.

If you see a solider (active or non active),

please tell him or her "Thank You"


(your personal tour guide)


See ya next week!

(oh the places we will go)



Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I guess I'm the only one up as it is 9:30 am in my part of the world? What a fun post you crazy girl! Beautiful images as always. My dad and his wife live around St. Francisville -- of course, they don't talk to me anymore, so don't know anything about what they are up to over there. I did visit the area once when the kids were little. Quite beautiful. Have a fabulous weekend and best wishes, Tammy

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What an awesome building!! Just love all the ironwork. you rpictures are beautiful and your story telling is just magical.

Angela Richardson said...

Hi Jodie,
What a great story, I love your photos of that fabulous building.
If I ever get to the US I would love to visit the south. Maybe I'll join you on your next retreat,
I really enjoy all your posts.
Keep smiling and inspiring,

Lori said...

what a great story and beautiful photos to accompany it Jodie...there is supposedly a ghost where i work...i know there is some information about him online...his name is mr knickers...a little boy...i have never seen him...but sometimes, in the back hallway...there are unexplained cold spots...kind of freaky...have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I love this post Jodie! My kids will love it even more ~ they love all those most haunted shows and ghost stories!! Have a safe, wonderful holiday weekend!!

Theresa said...

Oh my Jodie, this is a beautiful place and a scary story, boo! Love it and it sounds like you two had a wonderful day! Have a great weekend! HUGS!

Lesley said...

Thank you so much for sharing your enchanting journey. We have so many ghosts here in England we sort of take them for granted. lol. Blessings

Lisa said...

Oh my my Jodie! What a story! I could just see it all... you are a great story teller! I bet you would be a great leader with lil kids on a camp out! You could have them all running scared!! Ha ha! Your photos are just lovely! You make me want to get out and go find something old to see! We have something just down the road a bit from me. It is about 30 min. or so to the old Powhatan Courthouse. It is turned in to a museum now, I've been in there but at the time didn't care about the things i was seeing- now would be a different story! But they say it is truly haunted! It has been featured in our local paper... I'm a scaredy cat too! Like to have fell out of the chair when I read your lil statement "I'm the toughest talking biggest chicken s**t there ever was!" That would be me too!
Hope you have a great day!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Jodie~ ~ ~
Thanks for your visit and your lovely comments. I am glad to have found you too.

Someday I want to drive down to Lousiana and visit all the plantations. Take the tours and walk the gardens. I did the April Garden Tour in Richmond, VA years ago and it was beautiful. Is there an event in LA. when more of the plantations are opened for touring than at other times?

Thanks for your story and your amazing pictures. All that iron work just makes me swoon, Brad Pitt, not, architectural details, YES! I adore the color of the ironwork. Most of what I have seen is either white or black.

Enjoy your weekend~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

juanita said...

A group of friends and I stayed at the Myrtles several years ago. That place is wonderful and yes it was very scary after dark. We have a few stories to tell - and yes - the stories get better every time we tell them. :)

Jane said...

What a wonderful storyteller you are! And what a beautiful place. The history and the stories that plantation could tell!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Vanessa Kiki Johanning said...

whoa!! what a great story and pictures!!
A Haunted garden? Hee hee ...
Thanks for stopping by my little story too!

Have an awesome weekend!!
I am off to plant more flowers today!!
(9) houses!! whew!!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

That's a great story and wonderful pictures, Miss Jodie! What a shame that the ghosts had been out for lunch but I'm actually glad you didn't see one and died of a heart attack! I still have plans to visit you one day and that shouldn't be at the graveyard!
That tree on the last picture looks really cool, like it's decorated with fairy hair.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend, girl!
Lots of hugs,

Debby said...

EEK!!!!! This is such a great post, the photos and the story telling, you are the best. I love this place. I do not like scary, but you almost make me want to visit.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! I am wondering what you are going to be up to, your post makes me think there is going to be something good happening here next week.

Love yah,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I was with you till the end. What a great story and I loved it! Beautiful place. Have a great weekend!

clustres said...

Beautiful photos and loved reading your story! Ghost stories always get my attention and I appreciated the way inspiring way you wrote!
More, Jodie, please!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Wow you really pulled me in! And what a gorgeous place! I really want to come see your part of the world! If you're interested, I am doing a giveaway that ends today. Have a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day!

Unknown said...

That was a great post and LOVE the photos, too. That house is gorgeous! I love creative writing and you do it well. Inspires me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Linda said...


I love this!! Everything about it, your writing style is fantastic, the photos are marvelous and the subject matter, one of my favorites! FANTASTIC job on this - thanks for sharing! :)

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

I love these photos. I read a LOT of mysteries so now I will have this house in my mind for the setting! Thanks for sharing! i love the statue-it's so pretty!


Anonymous said...

Wow...I think I saw someone standing in the window in that last pictrure :D what a story!!!
Living 15 miles from the Gettysburg Battlefield we get our own stories...the summer highlight is going on one of the candle light ghost!
Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend...

Karen said...

This is the place you were telling me about!
I would love to see a ghost . . . I might even bring my camera!!!

Tristan Robin said...

What a tremendous story!

If we find ourselves in Louisiana, I will definitely make a point of making it The Myrtles - just my kind of afternoon!

Wonderful post - thanks!

Kateyed said...

Oh, Jodie,
You are a hoot! I love stories and I love to exaggerate. Maybe I should come and be a Cajun. It does sound like you have a LOT of fun!!!

Debbie Demmers-Adkins said...

Jodie, you got my attention. I have lived in Biloxi, Mississippi on the military base....our base house was washed away with Katrina. We lived there in the seventies. Never been where you described, but have visited New Orleans and loved it, there again, it was a long while ago!!! deb

Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said... that gave me goose bumps! Great post Jodie! ~Stacy~

Lisa said...

Your story & pictures are the bomb as usual. I agree with who said you should be a campfire leader, ha. You'd have so much fun scaring those little kids.
I love the old planations, from Natchez to St. Francisville, beautiful! Thanks for taking me on another journey with you!. Lisa
PS Wrong button I think, look again.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Jodie, I just found your blog through Tarnished and Tattered. I love it! My name is Kathy and I live in Central Oregon. I was in New Orleans and the surrounding area around 10 years ago, and I loved it too. I feel so terrible about what this oil spill is doing to your part of the country. Well, I just wanted to say hi. Take care!

The French Bear said...

Okay that is a great story!!! I had to laugh harder when I got further first I thought you were talking about your own house and I was, when does she have time to do all those gardens!!! Pay attention Margaret....don't just look at the photos!!!!
Nothing like a few ghosts to make a person want to visit!!!
Margaret B

VS said...

You have me captivated my friend & now I must go to The Myrtles!!! I can't wait to click on your link & find out more. You know one day I'll be coming to your area & we can hang for a little while!In September I'm planning to get my little ass {ok, big ass} to Warrenton, Texas, are you going to go??? It would be so fun to meet up if you are, but if will be soon. Thanks for the goulish ghost story & have a Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend sweet Jodie!!!
Big Hugs,

Charlene said...

Great Post Girlfriend!!! And you weren't even in Sa-VAN-aha or however it was your hubby dubbed it. No orbes in the windows???? Great story. Glad you had fun! Also, thanks for remember the soliders & your point made in this post. We do need to thank each one! My hubby (Vet he is) says "it's better to fight them on their soil than yours" & I think he's right. HUGS! Can't wait to see you again at Cowgirls. It's getting close! Charlene

Artsnark said...

wonderful post!

Unknown said...

Your pictures are wonderful along with your story... You are the best story teller I know..
You see here in Vegas there aren't any building that old, when they get to old here they blow them up.. kind of sad.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

Hugs, Linda

The Tin Rabbit said...

What a great post! I love "haunted stories"...I'll have to put The Myrtles on my list of places to visit! Beautiful ironwork!

Tarnished Rose said...

WOW girl! What a wonderful job you did writing that. Loved it!

I've eaten at the restaurant located at The Myrtles, but have never toured not stayed there. It's only about 1 hour from me (since it's in St. Francisville and I live near Gonzales) but I've not gotten a chance to go back. Glad to see you visited there and shared the lovely photos.

WONDERFUL to see someone from down here blogging.


NanE said...

Whoa Jodie, you are one awesome storyteller! You had me hooked with the first sentence. I can't wait to read more of your writings!

Rustique Gal said...

Jodie, what a fun post! I love your story and will go back and look it up. Your photos are very gorgeous! I love the spanish moss and all! Have a great week!

Nishant said...

Thank you so much for sharing your enchanting journey
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Sylvia Cruz Smith said...

Jodie, I love yor blog. You are famous Girly! Love ya, Sylvia