Thursday, April 8, 2010

a New "Do" and a New "Fwiend"...


Hey ya'll! Are you ready for the weekend???? woo hoo!

I just wanted to check in as I am STILL unpacking slowly from my Texas trip...only to be packing up again shortly to head to Savannah for Jenn's event!


But I'll talk more about all that later...I'm not flying out until the 21st. Maybe next week I'll show you what I created with the quilt I cut up for one of the Savannah swaps!


Right now, I want to BRAG and BRAG and BRAG about my wonderful new blog background made JUST for me by...

Karen of Valentine Designs.


Most of you know her as Karen of My Desert Cottage.

She's started her new web site design and she is bringing beauty to blog land! I just love her slogan..."Building Beautiful Blogs".


I always knew she was talented but...I experienced it first hand. Professional and patient, she impressed me with her first design she made me! She actually knew me and knew what I loved. She took that and she worked her background magic talent all around the header that I made with some of my recent favorite photos. She's amazing!!!!

I'm a happy girl as I feel like I've been to the spa and was treated to a total head-to-toe! Don't I look good?  ;)

All compliments go straight to Karen! I did nothing but sit back and relax!!! :)))

DSC_0016 (2)

If you'd like to see her other creations, you can go straight to her design site by clicking on her logo above. You will see all of the other blogs she has worked her magic talent on...they are fabulous!

DSC_0004 (2)

And speaking of my new header above, well...there is a reason for the inspiration! If you've read my last three posts, then you're aware that I went to Round Top and met some FaBuLoUs friends and snapped some awesome photos of favorite finds. Do you see that wooden box? Well, that was a surprise!

DSC_0206 (2)

What I haven't had the chance to share with you since my return was my new fwiend friend that I met when I arrived back home.

DSC_0220 (2)

Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered

Lisa and her family were traveling through two states for the Easter holiday and I found myself lucky to be right smack in the middle of her route! They stopped for the afternoon and I tried my best to wine and dine them and their triplets too!

I took Lisa on a tour of my favorite place to shop...

DSC_0188 (2)

fed them some yummy Louisiana crawfish...

DSC_0195 (2)

and in return, she showered me with this beautiful wooden box full of this...

a cemetery photo (I love all things death) ~ does that sound bad?

DSC_0222 (2)

a beautiful handmade tag (I love the image!)...

DSC_0225 (2)

some awesome Prima flowers...

DSC_0208 (2)

and best of all, three of her handmade resin charms!!!! Wow!!!

DSC_0212 (2)

And there's more! There's a lot more but I'm still weak from all the excitement! All of this in that beautiful wooden box. So now do you see why I was so inspired?

Lisa is so fun, so talented, so generous, etc etc etc! Plus, she'll be one of my four fabulous teachers at Paper Cowgirl in June!

paper cowgirl

I'm sure you already know Lisa, (like who doesn't?) but if you don't...she's well worth the visit.

Tell her your Cajun friend sent you!


My boys are going to the races  for the whole weekend and Sarah's husband is working.

Soooo, what are two single crafty girls to do all weekend? We are having a sleep-over with movies, junk food and the strong possibility of an all-nighter studio lock down!  :)))

But first, we are going to hit the Spring Antique Fair at the Old School House in Washington, Louisiana. I posted about it once before here...I love it! And the weather is going to be gorgeous!


This is a new year and I feel wonderful. I've met new friends, bonded with some old friends, traveled around the world already (so it seems) and I have many more trips planned throughout the year. For the past 4 months, I'm learning to nurture my feelings, realizing that it's the simple things in life that make me happy. I'm getting back to basics and doing what floats MY boat. I guess that's the "leader" in me as I'm not much of a follower. I like things at my own pace, mostly because I love to create and savor each positive moment.

After all, life is all about creating wonderful memories, isn't it?

 Are you creating wonderful memories for yourself?


are you living in the clouds of someone else's dreams?

Think about it...and have a wonderfully creative weekend!

This one's for you...

lady on needlepoint settee with roses


My advice?

Go create your own dream so it can evolve into a wonderful memory!




Karen Valentine said...

Jodie, sweet Jodie... Thank you so much for your kind words. You are the best!!! I LOVE that pic of Lisa! We all tend to keep photos of ourselves off of out blogs, but I love to see current pics of the gals that I have grown to know and become so fond of. It's so nice to be able to visualize everyone when we chat!!! Enjoy your new background sweetie and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

My Desert Cottage
Valentine Design

Jane said...

Karen did a great job on your blog background and I'm in LOVE with your new blog header! It is perfect in every way!
You are doing some traveling this year and I love reading about all of your adventures.
Have a great weekend.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

LOVE the new header and it was fun seeing all the goodies Lisa sent your way!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jodie:
Karen did a wonderful job redecorating your blog! It's simply beautiful! Thanks also for sharing a photo of Lisa and showing all the wonderful goodies she gifted you. What a treasure trove! And, THEN you get to spend the afternoon with each other, too. Sounds perfect to me.

VS said...

Sweet Miss Jodie...Can I say, I'm soooo jealous Lisa was able to come & see you & that you took her to your favoritest 5 & dime??? Oh, I so want to see the crazy old crabby coot that runs that place....someday, I too shall drive down your driveway! lol It sounds like the 2 of you had the best time, she wrote a great post about you on her blog too. LOVE your new look's fabulous!!!! Karen is so talented, I enjoy her blog & her creative craft ideas.
Big Smiles,

Robin Sanchez said...

Jodie LOVE your new blog. Its so you. What a fun schedule you have planned for the next few months. I wanna go to that store. Have a fun girls weekend!!
Once Upon A Pink Moon


Jeepers Jodie! What a fun post. And you are right, Lisa is a doll. And those three babes are just delightful and adorable. Your weekend sounds as though it will be loaded with fun, fun, fun! I will check out Karen's blog as she has done such beautiful work here on your blog! Enjoy your weekend. ~ Angela

Becca said...

Hi Jodie, love your new blog background and banner! Have a great weekend! Becca

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear Jodie, what a WONDERFUL post girl!!!!! I didn't want it to end! Your blog is so GORGEOUS!!! So so, you....Karen is mega talented and seems to know us, doesn't she? And I'm so jealous you were able to meet Lisa and that she was able to meet you...I would love to meet you BOTH! The store looks so heavenly and I know you girls had a blast. And I love your statements at the end ~ it's so true Jodie, do what you love...happiness follows! hugs and love, Dawn

Tina said...

Love your new header and background Jodie - Karen is so talented.
Sounds like you had a great time with Lisa - great stuff too.
Have a wonderful weekend.
~ Tina

BellaRosa said...

Hola Jodie :) Love your new blog look, Karen truly does work beautiful blog magic doesn't she?? I still get giddy when I see my blog and know it is mine :) Thank you so much for visiting my lil blog and leaving me such a sweet comment and my stars are we in trouble...with us both always talking and writing...when will we have time to visit all the other beautiful blogs that we love :) Lisa is a love isn't she...I can't wait to meet her, she is good people as my Ita (grandma) used to say :) I share your love for beautiful cemeteries and so many other things...I think if we all ever got together we would all be in for some great fun and trou...ble!!! ;) ps....I love crawdads and was so jealous Lisa got to have her hearts fill :) Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for sharing all these great pictures! Besos, Rose

Debby said...

Love your new background, perfect! I am so jealous of you and all your fun weekends and getting to meet so many beautiful people. You are one lucky girl! Your weekend sounds like it is going to be so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

Old Time Cindy said...

Your blog looks great! Thanks for sharing your vintage journey and adventures!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful background! It is SO you! I am so happy that you were able to visit with Lisa! AND she surely gave you some preciousness:) Love that box and oh so sweet goodies. I am jealous AGAIN of the girl's weekend and the Spring Antique Fair! You are having too much fun!

I enjoy the simple things in life and try to always be happy:) It just feels better that way! I am not much of a follower either, so I guess we'll just walk side by side:)

Hugs to you my sweet friend! Have a wonderful Friday and a glorious weekend! See ya soon:)

The Victorian Parlor said...


I absolutely love your new look-it is definately you! Karen did a wonderful job!

How fun that you got to meet Lisa-I have yet to meet any of my blog buddies in person (although I will be meeting you in a couple of weeks-woohoo:). It looks like you guys had a great time. I love the beautiful things that she gave you.

As for your words of wisdom at the end-it's the kick in the pants that I needed this morning! I am still spring cleaning and my creative juices have been stifled as of late. I think I have been spending too much time on other stuff and it's time to be creative! I haven't even felt much like posting lately but after a long soak in the tub the other day I was able to squeeze out a little creativity for a post. Anyway-this is great (you really need to write a book)! Your photography is stunning and your words are just too true! Have a fabulous weekend! I can't wait to see what you create! (Kramer thanks you too-if mom is creating that means there is lots of stuff for him to play with-lol:).



vintage girl at heart said...

I need to really absorb this post then I'll be back....

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

How wonderful to know that Karen designed your new blog look. It is so beautiful and so you! She is doing a great job in her new endeavor. So lovely that you were able to meet up with Lisa. She is one talented girl. All those crawdads sure bring back good memories! :) What a fun time! You and Sarah enjoy your girls nite and have some crafting delight! Blessings, Tammy

Robin Thomas said...

I love what you said about emerging from the grief to find your bliss in the simple. I am ready for that too.

I really love your new look. And I just dig the shit out of you.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Hi Jodie, Just catching up on all your posts. You are a busy girl! But in a happy way. You are so lucky to be meeting all these great people and sharing all the fun. I am living all the excitement through you, keep posting all the great photos. Love the new look too.

Claudia said...

Your blog redo looks wonderful, Jodie. Karen captured you perfectly. I had a blog redo recently and it made me so happy!

I read about your visit with Lisa on her blog. Sounds like you had just the best time together!


marilyn said...

Jodie, im so jealous.
i've yet to have my first helping of crawfish for the year. They look yummy.

And i can't believe it didn't click until i read your last name.
We can't be far from each other here in LA., with a last name like that.
I'm from Lake Charles, So we have lots of Lejunes, Fontenots, Heberts,, and Savoies.
It's nice to know i have a fellow, crafter/artist/blogger/lover of all things vintage so nearby.
love, marilyn

red.neck chic said...

Jodie - I LOVE your new blog "do"!!! I'm off to see if Karen has any duct tape or anything like that... thank you for the tip!!!

Dead things... LOVE IT! Did you get one of the shirts from the lady up the walk from Debbie? "Dead People's Stuff". If not - you gots to have one!!!

Follow your dreams dear girl - you stole my heart - now steal the world... it's yours for the taking.


OH!!! And I LOVE your box of goodies!!! I'm glad ya'll had fun!!!! Now BOTH of you need to hit Wacky Waco!!!

Kateyed said...

Your new blog is beautiful...and I love your header. It is uniquely yours!

I love what you said about coming into the simple and creating your own wonderful life. We can do that in so many ways but it really is up to us. You are smart for a young one ;-) Well, lots younger than I am.

You have two wonderful events to look forward to...they look fabulous. I would love to go to either!

Thanks for your genuine wisdom.


trash talk said...

Jodie, my favorite saying is do what you love and it will love you back. I know you're doing just that 'cause the love shows.
Man're getting all fancy schmancy on me. The next thing I know, you'll want me to wear shoes when I come avisitin'! What a sweet thing to recieve as a present. She is a talent and a half.
I got to live out one of my dreams for a short time just this past month for three very short days at the end of the month. Meeting you was a dream come true. Jenn asked if you were her "sister from another mother"? Of course I said yes!

Unknown said...

Well Darling, all I can say is that you look fabulous!! What a great post. I was smiling by the end. Thanks for brighting up my morning.
Hugs Linda :)

Paula said...

Dear Jodie,

I love your new header and background! It is gorgeous! Karen is very talented and has a beautiful blog too! I am so happy you are going to Jenn's event. I hope you will share lots of photos! How wonderful you and Lisa were able to meet and enjoy shopping and Louisiana Crawfish together! I know she loved your southern hospitality! How sweet of her to give you a beautiful box filled with beautiful things! I know you will treasure it as you do her friendship!

Enjoy your weekend! It sounds like you and Sarah are going to have a lot of fun!

Love, Paula

Lisa said...

Oooh Jodie!
I love your new look! Karen is so talented! It perfectly captures you and all the fun stuff you do.:)

Signs and Salvage said...

Ooooh...I want to come for the sleep over with Sarah!! I know we would have the best of times and laugh ALL night. Can we have margaritas???? Maybe we could PUFFY PAINT something...and you girls could share cajun stuff with me and I can share Cali girl stuff with, fun, fun!!! to think about at least! Have a GREAT time & say hi to Sarah for me:):)



Mollye said...

Well I was just stopping by to see what ya been up to and wow you girlfriend have been bizzy. Glad you had such a creatively good time. Oh I envy you with the mudbugs, they're too high up here to buy right now. Love the new look. XXMollye

Lori said...

your blog looks fantastic Jodie!!! how fun that you got to meet up with Lisa...the crawfish look delicious...yum yum sweet the goodies she brought for you...i love her charms...i starred her how to in my reader so i could those a whirl one day...have a good time with Sarah...LOVE that image at the end of your post...what a beautiful thing!!!

Pierelantijntjes said...

Dear Jodie,
I love your new background and header!. And what wonderful gifts you've got. It sounds like you and Sarah are going to have a GREAT weekend!
I'm creating my own memories specially now I have my own blog. I love the contact with other people all over the world. And I want to share my happines about blogging withe everyone. So I posted my first give away. I hope you will enter also.
Hugs from Ester

Anne Lorys said...

Well, I just think your blog looks amazing! And yep, Karen had a big hand in that, to be sure, but your photos are just STUNNING, girl!

And isn't that Lisa something else?
I'm so thrilled that I'm going to not only get to hang with you again, but meet my favorite lil' bobble maker, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anne said...

Jodie, I love you new look, it's so you. I'm so excited for your tribs, wish I was there. Can't wait to see more. I'm having another drawing, 60 followers. Yeepy! Check back!


Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Wonderful new background! Very nice!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

Love the new look to your blog, looks wonderful, (Karen is so talented ) as are all the wonderful photos in this post.
Glad that you had fun with Lisa, must be so neat, actually meeting your friends in person.
Love your saying ~ Go create your own dream so it can evolve into a wonderful memory. I have written this down ~ thank you, dear friend.

Happy weekend

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Sweetie, Karen did a super job and your new outfit turned out beautiful! I loved the background with the lace that you had for a few days but this one fits you even better.
Thank you for sharing some pictures of sweet Lisa! It looks like the crawfish had been very yummy! I would have loved seeing her digging headfirst in some boxes or shelves as well ;-).
She has spoiled you with some gorgeous gifts! I love the tag, the resin charms and all the other goodies. The box is awesome and perfect for such treasures.
Have a great weekend with your friend and good luck for the guys and their races!

A Fanciful Life said...

Hey there girl! What a beautiful new look - great job by Karen and you. It has a very clean feel to it. As for your adventures, well, it must be great to be Miss Jodie! So many good times you are having. Enjoy your girlie crafty sleepover and Spring Antique Fair. I bet you could almost have your own fair by this time!
Sharon :-)

miss lynn said...

i LOVE your
new look.
so pretty
and fresh.
karen did
a great job...
i've already
checked out
her site!
happy day!

Doni said...

Wow! What a great look! Really like it! And new friends are so much fun..looks like y'all are going to be great friends for life!

Unknown said...

Wow...the blog looks amazing! I will have to check her out...I am in much need of a blog facelift! Wasn't Round Top/Warrenton great. I had such a good time (always do). Loaded up all my junk finds and headed home a happy guy.

Karen said...

How do I keep missing your posts? I just happened to click on your blog right now because I couldn't remember what the "new do" looked like and - here this is! I ALMOST MISSED IT!
Love it - all of it - But . . . isn't that just a ton of crawfish? How much of it do you eat? Do you have to eat a million to feel like you've eaten anything?
I gotta get to your place so I can try them. I'm dyin' here.
I've been thinking about a new look too . . . maybe once we get back from Savannah ( big frown - that'll mean it's over!) I'll have a chance to think of something. Mine looks so boring.
Hope you are having a great time with Sarah!
I am soooo jealous over your box of LOVELIES from Lisa! MAN!!!!!
Talk to yo soon! :) Hugs. Me

zandra said...

Love the new look! ;o)
Gladyou got a weekend to craft! what could be better.
Hugz, Z

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hey girl! I know ...can you believe we missed one another. I just came in from eating crawfish and saw that you had commented. Aint it great living in Louisiana! I hope to go in the fall to Round Top but I may have to go it alone. My sister is my sidekick but she works so I have to go when she is able. If I make it in the fall we will have to meet up for sure. I will be the one that talks like you...ha! I cant wait to see where you go next..Susie~

Holly Loves Art said...

What a beautiful post! So many pretty things to see. Have fun at Jenn's event! I'll be there in spirit!
Take care,

Laura said...

Dear Jodie-
I have a new idea to add to your dream.
You should work for National Geographic because you tell a great travel story.
I loved what you said about following your dream-your way.

Keep having fun,

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Jodie, you crack me up so much... you are just too cute and have the best sense of humor!

I love your new blog look!

Hey, have fun at Jenn's event. I can't wait to hear all about it! Did you for some reason think I was going to be there? I just wondered from a comment you left on my blog? I was originally going to go but then had a change in my plans along the way and couldn't make it. I wish I could be there with you all!

I LOVE those cemetary photos in your last photos... wowow!

xo Heather

p.s.- NO I am not getting dressed to shoes every day, but I will say now I sure have a lot to feel guilty about thanks to that flylady. And NO my sink has not been shiney every night either... lol... I am hopeless.

meleen said...

oh jodieeeeeee...sooooo many wonderful things!!! you must be floating!!! and "many" trips planned this year??? will i see you??? any chance you'll be heading north??? oh, do tell!!!

miss you,
happy spring!!!

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