Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowflakes Anyone?

DSC_0030 (2)

If you've read my last post, then you know I've been a cleaning monster as I've been fluffing our house for the Christmas Parade of Homes on December 5th. (16 days & counting...)

As of today, I am dropping my title as the "cleaning monster" and I'm moving on towards becoming a "decorating diva".

Oh hell...Just call me the Snowflake Queen for the day...

What started off with some simple dollar store snowflakes, a box of small glittered snowflakes, some glue dots and ribbon has become such a total joy and yes...I AM playing with glitter, can you believe it? Just don't go tellin' the world now, okay?

Simple and plain white dollar store snowflakes...

(they look red because they are reflecting off of my red walls)

DSC_0027 (2)

A box of small glittered snowflakes...

(which are 50% off)

DSC_0033 (2)

Insert a glue dot and place the small snowflake in the center of the large white snowflake...

(you can place one on each side if you like)

DSC_0026 (2)

Just add some ribbon for hanging and you will have a collage of glittery elegant snowflakes!!!!

DSC_0028 (2)

(Just in case you are wondering, yes...that is a bathroom sink.)

The layers also look great on any kind of snowflake, I even embellished some larger and thinner ones too...

DSC_0032 (2)

I cannot show you my snowflake masterpiece until after December 5th but let's just say it involves a bathroom mirror...

I'm having snow much fun!!!

With Love,

The Snowflake Queen



trash talk said...

It's a Christmas made contact with glitter!

Robin Thomas said...

Hahahaha, above comment. Jodie, just wanted to say hi. I read your blog and keep up with you but when the comment list is long I just don't leave one. Just wanted to say I am still digging' ya'!

Stella said...

Your snowflakes are gorgeous! Just keep going with glitter :)!!!!

The French Bear said...

Beautiful Jodie......and I can't wait to see the reveal!!!
Margaret B

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Soooo pretty !!
I cannot wait to see
your decorations !


Dorthe said...

Jodie, uhhhh love them, --white with gold, looks alwayes wonderfull and elegant--and I DO LOVE GLITTER----
Hugs, Dorthe

Patty C. said...

I am going crazy here - I can't wait to see it !!!!!!!!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jodie I think Christmas can bring out the glitter in anyone! Love the snowflakes and can't wait to see more!!! said...

Looks like your cleaning mania paid off, that sink is so sparkly it could be in the show room at Home Depot, not in a real bathroom!

Sall's Country Life said...

Christmas is the one good excuse to bring out the glitter, Jodie. Your photos are wonderful, can't wait to see more of your Christmas stuff! Good Luck with the parade of homes.

Pam @ Frippery said...

I am so happy you have overcome your glitter allergy. Christmas isn't Christmas without it. You are on a roll girl!

Karen said...

HA! The second I saw the photo of the glitter snowflake I Emailed you so fast! I couldn't believe it. It is a Christmas Miracle - Jodie is cured of her allergy to glitter.
But I just cannot imagine Christmas without glitter. the two just kind of go hand in hand.
I can't wait to see your house. You've never shown it before - well except for your studio.
Very exciting!
And how did you get chosen to have your house on the house tour - if I may ask?
Have fun! Hugs! Me.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey little SNOWFLAKE QUEEN, I can't believe you are playing with glitter :-)! Isn't it fun? Hopefully you don't regret that you sent me some of the precious flakes. Maybe I have infected you with the glitter virus via telepathy because I have used your silver glass glitter several times over the last days :-). Your snowflakes look fantastic and very elegant! Your home will knock everybody's socks off!
Have more glittery fun!

simple~needs said...

i am loving the white snowflakes. i need some of them.i want to do our tree in burlap ribbon/garland., silver ornaments and white snowflakes. i am hoping i can pull this off. i guess this afternoon, i am off to the dollar stores.. ;)

the gypsy chick said...

let it glitter... let it glitter
.....let it glitter... { :)}
i love your little glittery snow flakes. i can't wait to see all of your christmas magic.


A Sense Of Comfort said...

Lookin' Good!!! Can't wait to see the full picture....Happy Glittering To You LOL!!! XOXO DeeDee

Suz said...

I got some nice glitter snowflakes at Target last year (they still have them) and put them on a Silver Bella swap package. Well, I have to tell you, Sweetie. They look best layered. I know from seeing what you did. Thank you for teaching me!
Sending you big hugs,
P.S. I missed you at SB this year but I know you are having other wonderful adventures. There are so many wonderful events going on these days!

Sandy said...

Can't wait to see what you've created. Go Snowflake Queen!! xoso Sandy

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE glittered snowflakes!!!!!!!!!!! I have made several projects with them this year - some of which are on my blog. I buy them during the season (Hobby Lobby 50% off!) and AFTER when they are seriously reduced (some at Target and Walmart are beautiful). I love all the colors! the possibilities are endless!

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

Love the snowflakes!! I collect snowflakes and Im so waiting on that masterpiece!!!


Robin Sanchez said...

It IS a Christmas and glitter.

Well ya cant stay away forever...eventually you have to come over to the other side. Right now everything (including the cat) has glitter on it. I have been a glittering fool lately.

Honey at 2805 said...

You're like tinkerbelle, leaving glitter everywhere you go. I have a glittery smile on my face just from reading your post. Glitter on, sweet friend!

Rochelle said...

You go girl! Err I mean "snowflake queen"!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Glitter???? GLITTER?????

I knew in the end it would win you over!!

Can't wait to see photos!!

Lou Cinda :)

Anonymous said... kinda girl :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Guess I know what Santa is putting in your stocking this year!!

billi said...

This kindergarten teacher is not a fan of glitter either so I can't wait to see your wonderful creation. You have such good ideas

Lisa Phillippi said...

Fabulous! I can't wait to see more! Now I want all new decorations for Christmas!

victorian parlor II said... pretty! I can't wait to see the finished project!

Congrats on working with glitter:)!



Sue said...

Fantastic idea and they really do look vintage!

Miss Sandy said...


You are such a hoot! I got quite addicted to those same snowflakes last year and made a tone of paper point snowflakes with them. I love how sweet and simple this touch is, can't wait for the big reveal! Happy glittering!

Debby said...

Your snowflakes are really pretty, you are so smart..Can hardly wait for Dec. 5th to arrive and be gone, so we can get a tour.

Jane said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!
Can't wait to see the transformation of your house to a winter wonderland.
Have fun with the glitter!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

These are the best kinds of snowflakes!

Laura said...

Dear Snowflake Queen,
Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

We must see photos of your house December 6th!

White Spray Paint

Geralyn Gray said...

Came by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey you big flake! HA! Ooops! I mean Queen of the Snowflakes. Of course, everything you touch turns to gold and those gold glittery flakes are just glorious! I can certainly understand why you would need to be a monster right about now. Having your home on the Christmas tour is an honor but Lord knows it takes a lot of prep work. It is going to be asbso-toot-ley fabulous! Wish I could be there to see you and your home this holiday season. Sending many blessings and good wishes your way. :) Tammy

LizlovesVintage said...

Loving those snowflakes! It's good to be Queen! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Hugs, Liz

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jodie!


Rebecca said...

Hey Jodie
Looks like you are having a lot of fun...snowflake queen! Can;t wait to see what you are up to..
Blessings this Thanksgiving day

Vicki said...

Ooohhhh...I likey! I can't wait to see the pics after the open house. Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! ((Hugs))

Sandy said...

Hello... I've been watching you for sometime now and love what I see.... Excited to see your snowflake world..Miss Snowflake Queen! Please come and visit me and my new friend! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends. Blessings..xoso Sandy