Wednesday, November 17, 2010


What started out as a simple "house cleaning" turned into a two week cleaning extravaganza in the LeJeune household...and I'm still not finished!

DSC_0422 (2)

Can you believe it all started with a measly light fixture?

and the fact that our house will be on the Christmas Parade of Homes in 14 days?

It's really about the light, let me explain...

I hate florescent light.

~just hate it. I'm a romantic, soft light kind of gal~

I called an electrician and replaced the huge wooden boxed florescent light with lots of recessed lighting in the kitchen.

~why didn't I do this when I built the house? seriously!~

The electrician made a dust mess so I wiped down the kitchen cabinets.

~I almost forgot how much I love my black walnut wood~

While wiping down the kitchen cabinets, I decided to clean and weed out the inside of the cabinets.

~how did I accumulate so many plastic containers without lids? like who needs 20 empty pickle jars anyway?~

After cleaning the inside of the cabinets, I noticed some the baseboards were slightly nicked on the corners so I broke out with the paint touched up a few corners here and there.

~3000 square feet covered in blue tape. imagine that~

While sitting on the floor, I noticed the tile was in dire need of a steam clean. Needless to say...I did that too.

~love my Hoover floor cleaner. it really got a work out. did I~

I don't know about you, but when I'm in "cleaning mode"... I am a MONSTER. Don't talk to me, don't make me stop to eat, don't you dare make a crumb on the countertop, don't walk through my house with your shoes on and most of all...don't EVER disturb me when I'm in "cleaning mode".

leave. me. alone. until. I'm. finished. grrrrrr!

Got it?

Well! And if I was going to be a monster, I wanted everyone in the house to be in "monster mode" too...

So I made a "to-do" list for The Man.

You know the old saying...

"If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

It was just a simple list...I don't know why he had that look on his face but he's been a good guy, scratching off one honey-do after another (with only minor huffing and puffing).

DSC_0424 (2)

A few things on the list were simple...

Pressure wash the rest of the house.

~I started a month or so ago, but didn't finish~

Take the faded shutters off and repaint them.

~while he was at it, he painted the only exterior wall that's not brick or stucco. looks lovely. I'm happy~

Take the Christmas decorations down from the attic. There's only a million and one totes up there.

~the son came to his rescue~

Take all the light fixtures down so I can clean them.

~If I weren't scared of heights, I'd have done it myself~

And while on a ladder, change all the batteries in the fire detectors.

~whether needed or's time...don't ask me why!~

Caulk and paint the front door.

~pronto. I need to decorate it for Christmas~

And...paint the two rear doors too.

~it only makes sense since he has the brush in his hand, right?~

And there are a few other small little "to-do's"


In the meantime, I'm still cleaning but it IS starting to look like Christmas in the LeJeune household.

No more florescent light, no more dust.

I'm not "quite" such a monster anymore.

I'm seriously thinking of calling a therapist about my OCD...

(thanks for reminding me of my illness Lisa! You and The Man must be in a conspiracy to put me away)

In the meantime, I'll be walking around the house in my white socks...

~ maybe the next time you'll hear from me, I'll be wearing a white straight jacket if my white socks become dirty ~


Note to self:

* I still have many birthday presents to open. If I haven't posted about it yet, I haven't opened it :)))

* I still have to send "thank you" notes :)))

* Thank you to all of my new followers...I can't wait to stop by and visit with you soon too :)))

* Thank you for all of the comments you leave here even though I haven't had the chance to visit you lately...please don't give up on me...I beg of you! :)))

* I'll try and post sneak peeks of my decorated home but I can't show you the "big picture" until after the Parade of Homes on December 5th.

Hopefully by then, my green skin will return to a pale shade of freckled white, the hair on my teeth will have disappeared, my claws will have shrunk and I'll be back to the same old Jodie as once before ;)

Sorry this post is oddly short of photos...

Instead of my camera, my swiffer has been my new best friend lately!

Are you ever a CLEANING MONSTER?


Theresa said...

I have been a cleaning machine here too but not the light fixtures YET:) I bet your house is squeaky clean! Have a blessed day in your white socks! Love you!

trash talk said...

Am I a cleaning monster? Only in my mind babycakes! By the time I mentally plan out, then list of what I need to do...I'm too exhausted to do it!
How exciting to be part of a Christmas home parade. I know it must be a ton of work preparing for, but I also know your home will be beautiful. Wish I was close enough to be your HeyGirl and help out.
P.S. I totally get the ladder thing...same problem here!

The Rusty Teapot said...

Hi Jodie! It takes me a while to get to it but I also get in the "ZONE" to clean and once I'm in that ZONE I don't stop either.It's such a good feeling after it's all done.
PS I also don't like florescent lights, they make me feel like I'm in the garage!they leave this horrid greyish look to the room.xXx

Anonymous said...

i breathed a sigh of relief this morn when i saw your post...i thought you were kidnapped in Texas!
i don't clean...hubby does some...but youngest sister shows up every Friday morn and works her magic...i think i'll add a few of your items to her list this week...JUST KIDDING LISA...
i mentioned you in a recent post...i got some pkgs in the mail which i opened so fast i turned the wrapping paper into confetti~
can't wait to see the big reveal of your house...
love you xxx

Laura said...

How much fun to be in a Christmas Parade of Homes.
I want to come and sit in the corner!
I loved your list for your husband-
Years ago, when I was trying to verbally give my husband a list, he said:
"Put it in writing!"

Love you,
White Spray Paint

Lisa Phillippi said...

I need to do the inner monster hasen't emerged latley...but im due a good cleaning here!

Lisa Phillippi said...

I need to do the inner monster hasen't emerged latley...but im due a good cleaning here!

Lisa Phillippi said...

I need to do the inner monster hasen't emerged latley...but im due a good cleaning here!

MosaicMagpie said...

Oh! How good it will feel when you are finished. You can look around at a job will done and know you can relax for a while. What a nice way to spend the Christmas season with a clean house and time to do what ever you want!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Jodie ~
You are so funny !! There are times
when I wish that I was a cleaning monster !
I am thinking though if my
house were in a parade of homes
I would be a freak !!
I can't wait to see pictures of
your home all decorated :)


Vicki said...

I think we are cleaner and have less clutter than the average family of two working parents with small kids but I don't have OCD!lol Both my parents did growing up. You couldn't put a cup down without my mom looking like she was sliding into second to get a coaster or folded paper towel under it! If you didn't wipe the sink bowl out after brushing your teeth well then you must have lost your mind! So, I aim to be a bit more laid back although I am turning into her slowly but surely in every other way. However, If we were going to be on the parade of homes or when we are having a party, I have been known to show some "mom tendencies" and turn into a monster. Can't wait to see it all decorated! I'm sure it will be absolutely gorgeous!

Jane said...

No one could ever accuse me of being a cleaning monster! I need to channel some of that cleaning energy my way though....there are lots of little projects around here that need attention.
Can't wait to see your decorated home, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

A Vintage Chic said...

I loved reading this, Jodie--hilarious! And...I totally get it! I'm not a clean all! My house is neat and straight, but that's about it. But oh, man! When the bug hit, it HITS and I do become the cleaning monster!

Love your husband's little to-do list...he's a very good man!

Can't wait to see photos of your beautiful house all done-up for Christmas!

Have fun today in your little white socks, my friend...


Sweet Old Vintage said...

My days of being a cleaning monster have long past... Now I hope I can stay up long enough to get it completed but I did smile all the while I was reading your story... I have one honey do on my list... It has been there all summer... You are fortunate your list gets half done....

Sandra at 7th St. Studio said...

Oh I so wish I had a little of that monster in me! I am a dreamer, dream of cleaning and redoing...but get started then get sidetracked. I can't clean house without rearranging and kids run when I get in this mode! think you could bottle that OCD in a little altered pickle jar, dust it with glitter and send it my way!!!! You could sell it on Etsy!!! I would buy a case of it!!!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Jodie girl, You definitely need to get some more sleep! There were only very few hours between your comment and your posting. Are you working the cleaning night shift? I'm sure everything is neat now and looks perfect :-). Hopefully you kept the nice junk and didn't let the monster throw away everything vintage ;-). Have fun decorating your home for the Christmas parade but don't forget to sleep a bit here and there!
Big HUGS to you,

amy~ the gypsy chick said...

Jodie you crack me up! What is it about adding Christmas decorations that sends us into cleaning overload??? I decided a few days ago that I wanted to repaint the whole house before I pulled my umpteen gillion plastic bins full of decorations out.

might need to borrow some blue tape...


The French Bear said...

Jodie....are you okay? Maybe you could cough or breathe on me and I could catch this bug!!!!! I need to do a clean up act! This weekend for sure cause I can't wait for the decorating to begin!!! I am sure the honey do list wasn't too bad.....they get over it with the first batch of baking!!!
You need to open the rest of your gifts and relax!!!!
You do way too much, hmmmm no more coffee for you!!!
Margaret B

summersundays-jw said...

Nothing like being on a home tour to make you get in the cleaning mode. Maybe I'll just plan a party. Good luck! Jan

luckygirlgifts said...

oh yes!!!
That's why I never clean. LOL
just kidding.
but definitely, once you start you notice this, then that, then this, it's never ending.
especially with two small boys who think the walls and furniture are napkins and love bouncing their toys off of the baseboards (the knicks are crazy)
I'm sure it'll all be worth it for you though.
I can't wait to see the pictures

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I can't wait to see the outcome!!
I am a cleaning monster at times, like when I have friends coming to know like cleaning UNDER the bed!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Whew! You make me worn out just reading about your cleaning obsession. There is nothing like other people "parading" around in your house to get you in the mood to clean. I know what you mean about starting out with one project and it turns into so much more. Just think soon you will be all done with cleaning and decorating and we will all be JEALOUS! ;)


p.s. My word verification is joide (funny huh?)

Robin said...

I thought I was the only one who thought that way! I guess I am a cleaning monster too because that's exactly how it goes when I decide it's time to clean one thing. Glad to see I'm not alone!


Rebecca said...

Hi Sweetie
I am exhausted just reading this!!!
But I truly understand the thinking pattern here... My upstairs redo started out with a leaky faucet in the bathroom and it ended with the wall being knocked out, the bedroom gutted and the ceiling taken out so I could see the round window in the attic from my bedroom :)
Congratulations... warning put ribbon across any chairs that are not sitable for 300 people! yes, there is a story there but this post is getting way too long.
Love you

Claudia said...

Yes, yes, yes - I am a cleaning monster. And after all my work, I issue a warning to my husband: don't mess this up, clean up after yourself, I just painted this or that and be careful. Blah, blah.

I hate fluorescent lighting, too. And though I have some energy efficient bulbs, I really, really love incandescent light. Just plain old fashioned light bulbs.


A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jodie! Missed your posts but as long as it was for a good, um necessary reason (cleaning is not good)!! Can't wait to see some Christmas decorating!

Heidi Meyer said...

LOL! I must have been experiencing the same vibe because I was the "toss out the unnecessary/no longer want it clothing" monster yesterday. The kiddos know to watch out when I am in "focused cleaning mode". Don't move too slow or your booty might be swept out onto the porch too!

Olive Cooper said...

You are a cleaning machine! I have one clean house and a dirty one. Do not have the energy to keep two clean. I would be a bundle of nerves if we were on the tour of homes. I cannot wait to see the pics!

Honey at 2805 said...

My Cleaning Monster show up every time Haley's comet appears. Can't wait for the open house pictures!

LizlovesVintage said...

Please tell me no more!!! Yes!! Now No!! Do you know any good Maids? Housekeepers? Ha, ha! hugs, Liz

Debby said...

WHEW!!! I have really enjoyed this post. You sound exactly like me. I love going on the cleaning binge. My husband thinks I have totally gone mad when I get started. I am laughing because I too, can't stop. Don't even think about a meal, it just ain't happening. If you do make something to eat you better not let me find any sign of it on my counter. Same deal, love it..Bet your home is looking fabulous.

June said...

I'm a little weird about cleaning too Jodie. Weird, because I love to do it. Nothing releases those 'make me feel good' endorphins (sp) like cleaning. I don't turn green, or blow up ten times my size or anything...just makes me feel good!

big hugs

Miss Sandy said...

Do you hire out? If so, I have a little cottage you can visit anytime you feel monster mode coming on. I get like this too when an event or party is coming up. I bet everything looks fabulous! Happy cleaning!

Karen said...

Oh Girl. I can't wait to see all the beautiful pictures you are going to take. YAY! HURRY UP!
Or is that just a tease kind of like your were going to show up pictures of your redone studio and never did. . . (hint hint hint).
I cannot believe you still have birthday presents to open . . . only you!
Yes, I turn into a maniac too. I get everyone out of the house for a minimum of 5 days, and BOOGIE DOWN! Christmas music blaring - in my sweats - I do not answer the door or the phone . . . and my time begins next Wed. I can't wait - although I don't think I am going to do quite so much this year. It's these old bones you see - do I really need to string lights upon top of the kitchen cabinets after all? NOPE! AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR!
Can't wait to see.
Now go give your man some much needed lovin'! poor guy! And he painted for you? Mine would just laugh at me."No way in h@#l am I going to paint anything . . . " I could hear him now. . .


Anonymous said...

I have been doing the same so I can totally relate. All except the don't stop me to eat. I can't wait to see your Christmas pictures, how exciting! Take a deep breath, all will be just fine, marcia

Linda Robinson said...

Too funny! I have to say I can relate.. Once I start cleaning it seems like I find so many other things that have to be done.. But doesn't it feel so good after you get done! Hugs, Linda

Kelly_Deal said...

Cleaning..........aaaarrrrrggghhh! I HAVE TO get to the ceiling fans. ICK! I can't wait to see your home decorated for the holidays!

Karen Valentine said...

I am rolling once again on the floor after reading your post!!! It doesn't happen all that often but when it does... my monster comes out in full force too! And one thing always leads to another!!! Unfortunately I have to let my sweetie take care of his honey do list in "his time" not in "my time"
which means it never gets done as fast as I want it done. Yesterday doesn't sound un-reasonable to me...

My friend, I am leaving for Pa. soon to visit family for Thanksgiving. I won't be around any form
of modern technology so a post or email is out of the question. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you as my friend, and even though we are unable to chat as often as I would like, I know you are always there...
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Jillian said...

First of all... I can't wait to see pics of your Christmas house all decked out!!!

And second.... I wish I could be a cleaning monster! My two year old is such a distraction. (Oh darn, I can't blame the toddler????)

Seriously, I need to clean. I need the time.

One of these days!

Bella Rosa Antiques

just me jan said...

Jodie...I soooo get you! I'm in the same mode right now. And let me say that there's NOTHING WRONG WITH OCD!!! ROFLOL My anal retentiveness has kicked into hyper drive right's a shame I have to pause to eat something! Thank goodness my children are grown and living on their own...I can tell my husband to forage for food on his own!
just me...whirling...jan