Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver Bella 2009: Wednesday

Silver Bella 2009 was last week and I flew in 2 days early to do some vintage shopping and relax before the "big weekend". So if you are wondering about the titles of my posts...I'm taking you along with me each day of last week!!!!  :)

Picture 026 (2)

Thank you for all of your "Welcome Home Wishes" and I'm so happy to be back home and sharing my trip with you!!! I have to say it was a fabulous weekend and it was so nice to meet blog friends face to face for the first time and to meet up with some friends that I haven't seen since last year.

{But I must say that I did not get to meet Robin Thomas nor Marilee in person this year. For some reason, our paths did not cross and I'm so sorry for that. However, I'm sure Robin had her hands full of glitter waiting to sprinkle it all over me so maybe it's a good thing I didn't see her! (just kidding) If you are reading this...know that I looked for you and I'll be crossing my fingers for next time!}

So before I overload you with more photos of gorgeous art, let me grab my camera...

Picture 034 (2)

And show you some sights while we are passing some time in Omaha before the big event...

Picture 042 (2)

On Wednesday morning, Robin Sanchez and I hit the cobblestone streets early expecting to get some more shopping done but what we didn't realize was that most of Omaha doesn't start moving until mid morning. Nothing really was open so we strolled around taking in the scenery and stopping for coffee and a muffin and browsing some little shops that were open while waiting for Sandy and Pam to fly in.

Picture 024

I love Omaha for it's timeless beauty in the center of Old Market. Cobblestone streets, painted brick, and wrought iron...it all reminds me of New Orleans in a charming sort of way.

Picture 039

In an alley, we found two quaint little shops and made a few purchases.

Picture 036 (2)

I could have bought this enameled stove for $195...

Picture 029

Or this one for $195...tucked in the corner in the dark...

Picture 031

OR even this one which I didn't even look at the price...

Picture 013 (3)

Because I didn't think Southwest Airlines could fit it in the cargo hold for me. (pout pout)

Then we made it back to Second Chance Antiques again, sitting in the cabinet card section, digging through the delightful photos of whom we call our extended families. (by the way...my extended family has tripled in size thanks to this trip! ;)  I can't wait for you to meet them! (they are still in the suitcase!!!)

Picture 041 (2)

We had the cutest four legged friend join us for company...one of four beautiful felines that call the antique shop "home". What lucky cats...don't you think?

Picture 026

Then my cell phone rang and it was Sandy telling me that her and Pam arrived safely and were at the hotel. I told her to come meet us at Second Chance. She was mad because we started shopping without her but I promised her that there were plenty to go around!!! It was soon a hug fest full of smiles as I hadn't seen Pam since last year at Silver Bella. I was soooo lonesome.

After spending hours in that store...my eye lids were getting heavy and I was ready for happy hour at the hotel...time was expiring for me, it was getting dark time!

Picture 035

I made myself a promise that I would stay up past my bedtime (8:30~9:00) and sleep when I got home. Needless to say, I AM EXHAUSTED now!!!  Happily exhausted :)

Picture 115

We headed for the hotel bar which was beginning to be packed with Bellas flying in from all over the country. So we had no choice except to continue the hug fest and we just had a blast! After relaxing in the lobby for a while, two Bellas walk up and sit on the couch next to Pam, Sandy, Robin and I. We asked them what their name was and we screamed for joy when she said her name was Sue E of My Mother's Pearls. I have been blogging with this dear girl and visit her faithfully since she started her blog not too long ago. If you haven't found her yet, I suggest that you stop by...she's soooo talented!!! When I get everything unpacked (if I ever do), I'll show you the enameled charm she gave me. She made it!!! It's too cute!

I'm going to stop here today because tomorrow (which was last Thursday) we'll attend a bus tour hosted by Scrappy Jessi and Silver Bella welcome night. Tomorrow will be full of familiar faces and mucho smiles, pretty eye candy from the places we visited and I'll show you some of my goodies that I got along the way!!!

Oh you want a sneak peak? I don't blame you...I'm so nosey too!

Picture 007



Just to let you know in case you are wondering, the very first photo is of a Bella crown. It is all handmade by Debbie Murray and was given to lucky swap partner Heather Ales in a Silver Bella Crown Swap. This gives you an idea of the enormous talent, graciousness and beauty of this art event.

Now don't get bored here...the party hasn't even began to start here. I flew in early just to get some playing done...you have NO idea what's yet to come. The "real" party starts Friday!!!!


Karen said...

Oh you are a tease! I can't wait. I have one lurking question . . . how do you get your swaps, your tools, your supplies, and then on the way home - everything you BUY - on the plane? Do you ship stuff, or do you take an extra suitcase?
Let me know!

Linda said...

I know you had such a great time. Can't wait for more stories, more photos and sharing!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Welcome home! I had no doubt it would be a fantastic trip. Omaha looks so lovely; lots of talent and creativity going on in one place. What fun! Second Chance looks like a great place to hang out. The enamel stoves are sweet! Look forward to everything you have to share about the trip. Best wishes, :) Tammy

The Victorian Parlor said...

Hmmm...that kitty sure is cute:). Kramer doesn't know if he should be enamored with her or jealous that she got to meet his auntie Jodie face to face-lol! Anyway, everything is so exciting so far I can't wait to see what's to be posted tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Jodie I took so few pictures of the event I need to get copies of some of the HUNDEREDS you took!! Im so glad by chance we met and consider you a cherished new friend. What a whirlwind week!!! Im still trying to digest it all...it went by so fast.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh I wish I was there OMG you just dont know... This is making me sad. lol JK I am sooo happy you got to go out and do something for this long and get away from Lousiana and all the stress that you have here. I cant believe you took a pic of the cat did you bring your meds to recover from that? I love that fairy cracker box! Hope your feeling better today sweets! Love ya big hugs


Robin Thomas said...

Yes Robin Thomas is reading this. Thanks for the special attention especially since you totally avoided me at Silver Bella. teehee And for the record, I throw insults not glitter...

Frippery said...

Jodie, I have linked to your blog to send everyone here for a true Bella experience. I was standing right next to you when you took most of these photos and I took similar ones but...well, they are definitely not the same, Ha ha. So I will tell everyone to visit here for the real taste of Bella life. Miss you loads already, Pam

LiLi M. said...

Great Jody, I just caught up your previous post too (is this English? I mean I was a little behind with reading). Love the way you report Silver Bella, I just cannot hear enough about it!

Jane said...

Jodie...You've roped me in!! Now I need to know every detail of your fun filled weekend! The shopping looks fabulous in Omaha. My son is racing up there next weekend...I might have to tag along just so I can shop!

trash talk said...

You know if I had any talent I would so be in the plane with you!
Good for you Ms. Le Jan...put that photo up 'cause you are a beauty and don't you forget it. Love a smiling face especially yours. It also gives life to your words (which really don't need a lot of help).
This ought to be fun and I'm going to open a bottle for further day's readings!!!
P.S. I am glad you are home all safe and sound!

Sandi said...

Love your beautiful photos! You sure looked cute at SB, especially in your crocs!
Still unpacking. Did manage to spend a little money at the antique shops on Sunday afternoon. Can't believe the weekend went so quickly!
Missing you,

Back At Ya Babe said...

You are in my heart and mind! I didn't mean to leave you out of my blog! To tell you the truth, hardly any one reads it! Your pictures are gorgeous. I love my snowman that Robin made, it's hanging up in my art room. Love you!

Alison Gibbs said...

Jodie what a great post. This is like being at Silver Bella - well it's as close as I'll ever get!!LOL
Look forward to the next instalment

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Dear Ms. Le Jan, I have decided to campaign the internet, Blogger and typepad to now have "audio blogs" where we can hear each other, not just read. I want to hear that accent of yours!
I was at Michaels tonight and ran into Katie Struckoff of Ragamuffin Gal. (she's just a doll) and asked her about her trip and of course I asked her if she knew you. OH YES, and I'm like "Darn, I want to go next year!!!". Like I said to Pam, you all would feel sorry for me and put me in the Crafting for Dummies workshop. I can glue and sprinkle glitter! Ye-haw!
Glad you're back!!

Sares said...

It sounds like so much fun and you've not yet really started! I'm going to hop over and see the other ladies you mentioned. Hope you are having a great week, and catching up on your sleep!

Deborah said...

I am dying to see what else you made and what you got. I really wanted to be there but it sold out so fast and I was too late. Well next year I will be speedy Gonzales. I will be back to see more Silver Bella goodies.

Sue said...

It was so great to finally meet you - and what a welcome!!! I am still coming down from the Silver Bella high. I am sure my coworkers are ready for me to talk about something else. You are just the sweetest thing - thanks for making my bella experience a total blast!

Love ya bunches :)

Sue E.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww Shaaaaaa Jodie!!! YOU are in a picture and it is a beautiful one of you!!! Of course you are beautiful.... inside and out.....
:) Now why couldn't have inherited the dark hair and fair skin like Snow White??? haha You need to remember to post more pics with YOU in them!!!
All the pictures are great, and always I feel I truly experienced your time at Silver Bella!
Such wonderful heartfelt emotions and expressions along with the photography!!!
Sooooo glad you were able to go and had such a great time, even though you stayed up past your bedtime!!! ;)
You are still young....
"If you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be?"
Hugs and Love ya, and thanks for posting early as I was able to see all of these!!!
Karen ~sis~

Draffin Bears said...

Welcome home Jodie!
Thank you for taking us along with you, just loved seeing all your wonderful photos and all the beautiful things, the postcards and book and old treaures.
I hope that you are catching up on your sleep.
Look forward to more next time.


Kaari Marie said...

Your pictures capture Omaha perfectly! Did you see the Laundry Lofts up the street from the Macaroni Lofts? You even got the perfect interior of our house for the week! Bravo!