Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silver Bella 2009: Thursday


Good Morning!!!

Okay now, let's pretend it's early Thursday morning of last week:

We on the Bella Bus hosted by Scrappy Jessi. We are going to the Brass Armadillo, Hobby Lobby, Archiver's and enjoy a wonderful Italian buffet lunch.

Just look at all of these smiling faces around you...

Meet my Silver Bella little sister Lynn of create...breathe and her real little sister Karla of Back at ya Babe...

Picture 004 (2)

Meet Kana of Kana Creates and Sharon of A Fanciful Life...

Picture 003 (2)

Meet Maryse and her daughter Chantal of  Wishblooms...

Picture 005 (2)

And meet Sandy of Sew Revived and Pam of Frippery...

Picture 002 (2)

And can you believe that I took a couple pictures of Jessi and they didn't come out? I was sooo sad. But these are just a few Bellas that I caught on camera. So put your smile on and come along!!!

Our first stop was the Brass Armadillo. I had never been to one as they only have 5 locations in the country: Des Moines, Omaha, Phoenix, Kansas City and Denver. We had a little over 2 hours to shop but I could have stayed in there ALL day. I really could have done some damage in that store but I only picked up a few little things that would fit in my suitcase.

A few cabinet cards...more addictions additions to my extended family ;)

Picture 074

I think I will use the one in the middle for a book cover. It's really thick and I love the tattered right side of it.

I really love the one on the right...I guess you can call it a funeral card as it reads "In Memory of Geo Reitz". I have a "thing" for funeral'll see.

Picture 075 (2)

A couple more cabinet cards of children...

Picture 080 (2)

And a beautiful hard cover book that I couldn't pass up...

Picture 078 (2)

And I stood at the post card boxes for almost an hour looking at each and every one of them. My favorites were the flocked velvet and the embossed ones.  They ranged from free to $1 each so I picked out these...

Picture 084 (4)

I picked up some other things but at the moment, I cannot remember what they were. As I unpack some more, I'll be sure and let you know.

We loaded the bus and headed for lunch at a quaint little Italian eatery. Those of you who know me, when it comes to eating, I really don't even think about pulling out the camera as I am armed with fork in hand and getting down to business! ;) I must say that it was the best pasta that I ever ate. I think it was called tortellini. I gotta get some of that stuff!!!

Then we loaded up the bus again (which I think was getting smaller) and we went shopping at Hobby Lobby. Now don't faint or anything but even with my 40% off coupon, I didn't buy a thing. Nope...not one thing. I was disciplined. I have a Hobby Lobby about 45 minutes from my home so I was saving my money and my extra space in my luggage for other things that I couldn't get my hands on elsewhere. I know my hub and son do not believe me, but I swear it's true!!! ;)

From there, our last stop was at Archiver's.

Picture 015 (2)

I had never been to one of those either as the closest one to me would be in Katy Texas, about 4+ hours away.

Picture 016

They really had some good sales and I sort of went crazy on some items by my favorite Rock Star artist Tim Holtz...

Picture 088

I know I know. I just pulled one of each off of the shelf. What can I say? I just love him so much! :)

We returned to the hotel about 4 in the evening...tired and almost broke ;) but we soon caught our second wind as it was almost time for the Silver Bella Welcome Dinner. The official kick off of the artsy weekend!!! Us girls ran to the hotel bar, grabbed a drink and Chantal had our table reserved for us, such sweeties!!!

Should I stop here and leave the suspense of Silver Bella kick off for Friday's post???


Should I post about it this evening???

You tell me what you want...this is YOUR trip too!!!! ;)


Jokes aside now as I'm letting everyone know that tomorrow, Thursday, November 19th ~ I will be participating in a blog party hosted by Sares @ Loveleigh Treasures

nameparty-1 A

What's in a name?
That which we call a rose
by any other name would
smell as sweet

~From Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet, 1594

Hop on over to Sares' loveleigh blog to see what it's all about and if you want to hop in, write your post, link in with Sares and be ready for tomorrow morning...I'd love to hear all about your name too!!!


So what did you decide about Silver Bella I post tonight or can ya wait until Friday? ;)


Julie Ann said...

More more- now, now!! :)

zandra said...

Yes, more, more, more, please! Hugz, Z

Anonymous said...

hey sweets! Love the cards! FREE I cant believe it. I would of taken all the free ones haha I vote for this evening! off to post about my studio! hehe big hugs


Linda said...

Sounds like a lot of FUN was had by all!!! I love the old photos...I carried lots of them in my shop (I no longer have my sad). Hope you have a GREAT day!


T's Daily Treasures said...

They say that good things come to those who wait! But I don't think anyone can stand the suspense. HA! The postcards are so beautiful. They sure don't make them like that anymore. True works of art! Love seeing the faces of all the blogger Bellas out there. Fun! Best wishes, Tammy

vintage girl at heart said...

Can't wait and I'll take whatever you throw our way!!!! I would have been a mad woman at Archiver's!!!
Loved seeing sweet Lynn with her sista!!!
Did you participate in the apron thingy???

Jane said...

Well of course you have to post tonight...why make us wait!! I am lucky enough to have both a Brass Armadillo and an Archivers here in Kansas City so I try to get there when I can. See, if you come visit me in KC then I can take you to all of these fabulous places! We both have an addiction to postcards and cabinet cards though so we would probably be fighting over them :)
Look forward to your next installment of Silver Bella Girls Gone Wild!

Lori said...

i bet Jessi's bus tour was one of the best things about going to SB...oh, and vendor night, i can't believe you took pics of your hostess that didn't turn out, i would not have thought it possible...sounds like you had a great time!!!

Wizard of Was said...

Hi girl! I am leaving in the morning to visit my daughter in Phoenix...first thing on our adgenda it "The Brass" and Hobby Lobby!! We don't have them in CA and I just love going many great finds to be had! Glad you all had fun on your shopping day. Shopping with gals for a day is the best! I love all your pic of The Silverbella.....Would love to go there this next year!
My Best

Anonymous said...

Oh , I love all the vintage photos, I always have a hard time parting with those. Tonight or tomorrow ? Either way I'll be back. Sue

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey doll,
im so glad you had a great bus trip day!
silver bella was so much fun. sort of a blur but fun.

icandy... said...

Hello there, sweet! Looks like you had a wonderful time at Silver Bella... I would love to try and make it one of these days! Talk about sensory overload... just seeing the photos makes me drool! :)

trash talk said...

Whew! Could you cut a chubby old lady a break. I reading so fast trying to keep up...I'm winded! If I were to make that trip, y'all would have to put me in a shopping cart or I'd just fall out on the floor from exhaustion!
You just keep 'em coming and I'll keep pouring!
P.S. Is that the green velvet coat I never got to see Pam in last year??? She looks so darn cute!

Back At Ya Babe said...

I can't get over your photos. They look so pretty. The bus tour was such a fun memory. Have fun tomorrow.