Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 4

Wooo Whoooo! My goal for this month is to post everyday during my birthday month, sharing with you my gifts and my travels! Remember, blogging is good therapy for me so just bear with me, hop in and act like you're enjoying the ride, ok? (buckle up! ;)


My morning started at 5am and I was out the door a little after 6am headed for breakfast at...


where I met my Louisiana blog friend Sandi (Impatient Cajun) for the first time in person. (Love her!) So with a hug, lots of chatting and a quick bite to eat, we met Sarah at the city wide garage sale in Breaux Bridge (pronounced Bro Bridge).

DSC_0335 (2)

This is one of the oldest draw bridges in South Louisiana. It sets the sight for the beautiful historic district on Main Street.

DSC_0338 (2)

Who would have thought that this tiny little town would have been expecting ME today? Aside from the garage sales, how sweet it was for them to decorate their door fronts for ME, the birthday MONTH girl??? I felt so special!

DSC_0339 (3)

The weather was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better day. Well, maybe a day with a little less humidity! Bad hair day! ;)

The streets were lined with goodies and people were shuffling to and from looking for some good finds. Here's a few shots of some of the grandeur of Main Street.

DSC_0328 (2)


DSC_0329 (2)


DSC_0330 (2)



All three of us found some really great finds and most of them were found in the first hour of the day. The trunk was full in no time flat. So with content in our hearts (& in the trunk) we called it quits a little after 12 noon and went out for some pizza!


There we ate and chatted some more. We really had a great time and we have so much in common. I hope we get together again this month as the next two weekends will be full of thrifty finds at the Antique School House Fair and the 7-mile Yard Sale!!! The only downfall is...I really have to be on my toes when shopping with Sarah. She ALWAYS finds the good stuff first! ;) She found some wonderful vintage velvet millinery in an old stash of boxes that were on a trailer. She's so sneaky I tell you! Then, not to mention, Sandi is just as sneaky as she found this ziploc with these beauties...I could have fainted...


You can visit Sandi and Sarah as I am sure they will be posting about their wonderful finds soon. They REALLY found some great stuff. As for me, I found some great stuff too. I have to clean all my goodies before I can show you so I'll do that on my spare time and post about it during my birthday month!!!!

Oh, here's a photo of the inside of my trunk. This is after Sarah took her stuff out!

DSC_0342 (2)

The thought of hitting them on the head and running away with their goodies crossed my mind a million times yesterday. But, then I realized that I loved these girls too much to do that...but I'm still jealous!

I'll give you a little hint though, the 1920's Underwood typewriter is MINE! yay!!!! All the keys are there and it still dings!  $10

Thanks for coming along with me and the girls. Thank you for all of your sweet comments and encouraging me to get out and go have fun. Hopefully I'll be on the road again next weekend and the weekend after, looking for more vintage finds to share!

And special thanks to Stan, The Elegant Thrifter, for stopping by on my last post. It's such an honor to have him visit me! He's like my "thrifty idol"!!! He's so fabulous!!! If you haven't met Stan yet, hop on're going to LOVE him!!!


Geralyn Gray said...

I am so glad you are posting everyday----I missed you. I love the Birthday picture and your new banner......You go girl---------CELEBRATE!!!!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like you had a great time and met up with wonderful friends. What fun! I went to a Crawdad Festival in Breaux Bridge a million years ago. Used to live in Broussard LA and then in Lafayette later on, and finally in Slidell. That was oh so long ago! I'm enjoying your birthday month of posts! Have a fantastic day! :) Tammy

NicNacManiac said...

Sounds like a fantastic day of fun with some really fabulous (although sneaky) ladies!!
Major SCORE on the typewriter...the Birthday Gods must be keepin their eye on you!!
Enjoy your Sunday!!! xOxO Nerina :)

A Fanciful Life said...

Oh, Jodie! I just love those photos, that town is so quaint. I don't want to live in modern suburbia anymore. Calgon, take me away! I can't believe your great typewriter find. I spotted one yesterday at our flea market and they wanted $120 for it!!! Not in my price range... I'm so glad you had such a fun day!
Happy Birthday Month!
Sharon and Gracie :-)

cindy said...

Fun, fun, fun! Oh how I wish I could ride along for reals. LOVE Birthday Month's!!! We do that here (at our house) as well. Hey, from chatting with Chantal (who is so sweet) yesterday, I feel like I know ya. Gonna have to get together some how, some way. :D

Happy Birthday Month gurlfren!

yapping cat

Karen said...

I wanna come! It's not fair that you live so far away and that all the good stuff seems to be back there - definitely NOT in California! OMG! You guys look like you found some awesome stuff!
Was this the Sarah that went with you to your special day and left the gifts on your pillow daily? How very fun! You needed this day Girl!
Hugs! Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey babe! I had a BLAST let me tell ya! I might of found some velvet flowers but YOU GOT THE TYPEWRITER lucky duck! But being on top of your game is good! hehe I keep your eyes open and will see things you might over look other wise! hehehe Cant wait till next weekend! going to be a blast!let me know if ya want to meet up! big hugs


SANDY if your reading this I have your teapot and Its packed up I plan on doing it as soon as I get settled in to a new house PS I HOPE YOU GET TO COME DOWN THIS MONTH CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! hugs

kana said...

Looks like you girls had FUN! I hope you have a happy birthday!

June said...

Jodie, it looks like you had the best day! That photo of you is so cute. Do you always take great photos? Every one I've seen of you is darling. I love that they decorated the store front just for this

Frippery said...

Hey Jodie, Just catching up. I haven't been doing much blog reading and missed your Birthday and last few posts! Happy Birthday month!!!. Sorry about your dad. I had a dream about you last night. We were somewhere having lunch and talking about your dad. So I thought I better check in. Looks like you are having some fun in spite of the hard time life is throwing at you. I missed the chance to see Stan in person last week because of our lack of cars, I was so disappointed. Love his blog.
After your birthday month you still have Silver Bella to look forward too. Should be a nice get away from "real" life. Thinking of you always, Pam

Lori said...

that looks like such a cute town...lucky lucky you!!! that typewriter looks fabulous...i have been wanting one for a while...let me assure you they aren't selling for $10 here...what a bargain!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie, Day 4,

What a fun day, you had with your girlfriends.
I loved the post from the start, buckling up in the little peddle car to the end.
My Mother had an old Underwood typewriter, that she gave to me - it is in our lock up and it still actually works.
I love the little bag of cream treasures.
Thinking of you and your Dad.

Happy week

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments. I'm glad that you popped by as it enabled me to discover your lovely blog. I love the little white boots!
Isabelle x

zandra said...

Love the posting birthday month! I'll have to try that next year. This month I will be in Boston on the 17th for my birthday! Glad you have got out and found such goodies! Hugz, Z

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

You crazy lady, it will be fun celebrating you birthday month with you. I love seeing all your goodies.

Glad you had fun. Fun Rocks


Sares said...

It looks/sounds like your birthday month got off to a great start! That typewriter is very cool. I can't believe it still dings. I'll go and see what Stan is all about! Have a great week.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh-what fun!!! That typewriter is too cool and only $10! Unbelievable!!! It soudns like you guys had a grand time. I can't wait to hear about the 7 mile yard sale-I can't go but I like to shop virtually through those who get to attend:).

Birthday Blessings dear friend,