Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birthday MONTH: Day 10


DSC_0262 (2)

One third of the month has gone and October is just flying by. I wish I could say Autumn has truly arrived, but not so. Here in Louisiana, we are still having hot and humid temperatures with no signs of relief.

DSC_0261 (2)

Therefore, it hasn't felt like Fall in the least so I have not decorated this year. Nope...this is a first for me. Along with the fact that Dad's health put a damper on the holiday spirit, I really have not had the time. However, I have loved seeing everyone's decorations on my favorite girls (& guys) are sooo inspirational!


I usually start pulling my decorations out of the attic during the first week in August. I'll play with one tote at a time and sometimes 3 totes may take me all day to unload and place things exactly where I want them, depending on what's in them. So, decorating for the seasons could take me a week or so!


I also take my Christmas tree down and put it together. I decorate it for the Fall season with glass pumpkins, hydrangeas, Autumn leaves, etc. I can't find a photo from years before, sorry.

DSC_0283 (2)

I love all of the details. I love to mix textures. I add a touch of Autumn to my everyday arrangements and transform my everyday decorations into Autumn vignettes.

DSC_0284 (2)

Just by me adding a hint of Autumn here and there brings the season into my home...I love this time of year.

DSC_0254 (2)

Aaah, just creating this post and remembering how beautiful my decorations were in the previous years has totally rejuvenated me. I can almost smell the cinnamon and pumpkin pie in the air.


Hopefully I'll be able to decorate for Christmas. If not, I'll pull out photos of years past and reminisce again. One good thing about not decorating is there is no clean up. That's the part I dread the most.

However, right about now, I'd give anything to have my world back to normal, my Dad healthy, my house decorated and I would gladly have a smile on my face while saving things back in the attic after the holidays!

Keep posting about holiday decorations out there...everyone loves to come in and take a peek...don't you? ;)

If you love peeking in for decorations, my BBF (best blog friend) Karen of Some Days are Diamonds is hosting a "Doors of Welcome" Mini Series throughout the holidays starting October 15th, November 15th and December 15th.


If you'd like to join, just hop on over to her blog and sign up. If you can't join and you just want to snoop around and see all of the pretty decorations, feel free to do that too!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!


Sandi said...

This is a really sad blog. Doesn't sound like a birthday blog. Are you getting tired of your Birthday Month. Come on girl, shake it up, and let's see some birthday happiness shining thru. Remember it's just half way to my Birthday.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweets! Your fall decor from last year is beautiful! Get in the mood! Come on get happy!!! I will come over and help you decorate for sure! At least I could decorate something with fall! auh I miss it as much as you. Keep your thoughts positive and your head to the sky because your daddy has lots of ppl praying for him to recover. Love ya babe! Call if you want to take me up on the decorating. The weather is perfect for it (since it wont let us go to the events) and I WILL make the time for it. I could use a little autumn in my life. HUGS!


Jodie LeJeune said...

oh Silly girls above...I AM NOT SAD by any means!!!! I just miss my decorating...that's all!
I'm too busy enjoying my birthday MONTH to be sad!!!!!!!
See my smile? :))))) (& double chin too)

trash talk said...

I'm so glad you added your comment...otherwise I would have to come to LA and kick your little butt! Hey, that would add some purple to your fall colors...maybe I'll just do it for gits and shiggles!

Karen said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the plug for Doors of Welcome! I think it's going to be very fun! Got any pictures of your door from previous years?? (hehehe)
I am praying for a cold spell for your LA, and hoping that'll put you in the mood to decorate.
LOVE YOUR DECOR!! My gosh, your home is just beautiful!
Dig up more pictures! For those of us who don't have to do the work - it's very fun snooping through your house. (As long as the watch dog Sophie doesn't catch us!)

Have a good weekend my Friend! Karen

June said...

Hey Jodie, you really know how to do it up for Fall. These pictures are beautiful. This ALMOST makes me want to do a little autumn decorating. Almost, but not quite. I just skip to Christmas around here.
You know I'm a summer girl...but if I lived in the south, I would be a Fall and Winter person too. I hope you get a break in the weather soon. Our temp last night was 21 degrees and the high today will be 47. Not fun! Are you sure you don't want to come enjoy Winter here?

Sares said...

I wish your Dad was healthy for you too. Today is my Dad's birthday and I need to take some extra time to be thankful for his health and presence. Your Fall decorations look marvelous. I haven't been in the mood to decorate either. With my two year old nephew here and tearing into things most days, it make things hard. They don't stay put anyway or get broken! Next year should be better!

Wizard of Was said...

Maybe just putting out a great smelling candle will make you feel more like you have decorated for Fall! It always amazes me how the sense of smell can transport us to a different time and different emotions! Hang in there , girl, you've got a lot of gals out here praying for you!
My Best

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Several gals have had to take care of their ailing fathers. Don't forget about you, while your taking care.


icandy... said...

Our thoughts are with your father, sweet! The photos of your home are just amazing from last year's arrangements... and very inspiring! Try to keep your spirits up and maybe just a bit of decor here and there will get you by... for now and help you to feel better!
Have a beautiful day!

T's Daily Treasures said...

It's very, very hard in Kuwait to ever feel like Fall has arrived or that the holidays are here as everything always remains the same. I don't decorate much for Fall as I don't have many things to decorate with -- but I definitely put up the tree and go out for Christmas. You did sound like you might have been having a melancholy moment but hopefull that has passed and on Birth Day 11, you will get into more of those lovely gifts you have waiting for you to open and share! Have your Sunday is special! Best wishes, Tammy

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh Jodie your pictures are gorgeous!!! I love the idea of decorating the Christmas tree with autumn decorations-that is so clever! The weather here has been crazy too. One day it feels like we might get some fall weather and the next day we have temps in the 90's! This is a lovely post:).

Birthday Blessings,


The Texas Woman said...

Guess I'll pull out my one decoration, a cloth pumpkin, and call it a day! Like yours, though. Hope your dad's doing better.