Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vintage goodies...

These are some of things I came across while at the antique shop this weekend. I thought you'd enjoy the peek...

DSC_0107 (2)


DSC_0089 (2)


DSC_0084 (2)


DSC_0110 (2)


DSC_0087 (2)


DSC_0114 (2)


DSC_0116 (3)


DSC_0097 (2)


DSC_0108 (2)


DSC_0078 (2)


DSC_0117 (2)


DSC_0100 (2)


DSC_0111 (2)


DSC_0096 (2)


DSC_0098 (3)

I could have posted a million more...but I'd hate to bore you! ;)

Hope you all are having a wonderful week, it's Wednesday!!!


(This is the latest update on my a/c won't be fixed until NEXT week...would anyone want to take me in until then? I will wash dishes and do the laundry, but I do NOT iron  ;)


oh, and this cutie HAS to come along's a package deal!



Lori said...

you can come and stay with's a lot cooler here anyway:)
what a load of goodies you spotted while out shopping...i love the dolly...and the cash register...oh, and old books are always good

Anonymous said...

Wow that sewing machine was unusual. I never saw anything like that. Didn't know what the small metal items were. And, what about that switchboard. I have never seen one of those either, except in a movie.
Beautiful shop. Blessings

miss lynn said...

jodie dear, you are
so welcome to stay
with us. i have a
just a small
mountain of laundry, but
the air conditioner
is rockin' and we
could shop to our
hearts' content! oh,
and my kitty cats would love
a visitor, too. :)

vintage at heart said...

The switchboard reminds be of Ruth Buzzy.. one ringy dingy two ringy dingys.. am I showing my age???
Love those vintage hats from your previous post!!! What a deal and oh so beautiful!!!
Girl I hope and pray that you have some snow in La. 'til they get that air fixed!!!! Today will be 104 here and I am praying for snow!!!!
xo ;)

Impatientcajun said...

Girl, you can come home anytime. We could definitely have a good time. Love the photos. Where was this flea market? Is it in my immediate area?

I'm putting this place on my list of go see.

Impatient Cajun

June said...

You're always welcome here. This morning you'd be freezing your ($#%%) off as it was 50 degrees when I got up. We have very cool nights here.
I love everything you showed here today and doubt that I could ever be bored looking at this stuff. Love it all! I loved the old Scrabble game. Looks just like the one I played with when young. Does that ever date me or what? You did say this was an antique shop,right?
Hugs to you,

Robin Thomas: A Nest With a View said...

It's 106 here on the plains. But there is a sweltering oven like breeze blowing...You are welcome anytime!

Marlene said...

Love your pictures! makes me want to go out and shop!!! Hey come on over to Cambria! you and that cutie.. I have 2 dogs that would love the company! its cool here today, and at night we actually wear a light jacket to go out..!but our hot weather is around the corner.. starts in aug!!! yiks

Lou Cinda said...

DEAL!! You can come stay with me and you don't have to wash anything! Just CREATE! Give advice, direction, move stuff around!! Bring the pup ~ my cats won't mind! ;)

This is all great stuff!!! Love that little chair!

Lou Cinda :)

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I have loads of laundry I need to catch up on. ;)
What pretty finds. I love all of the vintage lace in one of your pictures. :)

Linda said...

Oh look at that poor old dolly. :)
Love the pictures. Thanks!

Sares said...

I enjoyed my peek very much Thank You!

Frippery said...

It is very pleasant in North Bend right now, and you can bring your little fuzzball too. Awesome pictures (except the doll...creepy) Hugs, Pam

The Son said...

Well mom, if it helps, the thermostat hasnt moved off of 70 in a week and its freezing in the apt :)

maybe see you this weekend,

The Victorian Parlor said...

Deal!!! You and your cute pup are welcome here anytime:). We can see the sights and go shopping. Of course we'll have to have some tea on the porch in the morning (and then after 5:00 wine on the porch:)!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of your antiquing-great stuff!



Anonymous said...

Hey chick! You can come stay with me!! you can sleep in my studio as if you would go to sleep! hehe big hugs


Myrna said...

Hiya Jodie! So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments. I took a quick puruse thru your blog and I must say it is quite lovely! If YOU should ever want to swap with me, I'd be happy to! ;-)
Love everything vintage and victorian!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jodie ~
Love your flea mkt. finds ~ you make them look so good with your photos! Your little furbaby is adorable too! Hope your AC gets fixed soon for both of you!

Debby said...

WOW!!!! So many wonderful goodies to see, you must have had a great day. The weather has been great here, would welcome you anytime.

Caleen said...

I love all the vintage goodies you saw.. some really great things.. I love the sewing machine.. I hope you can stay cool.. It maybe a 113 degrees here where I live.. I wish the best for you!

Geralyn Gray said...

Your photography is great Jodie--I love seeing all of your finds!!!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Wonderful post Jodie and what a lot of lovely things you got.
Loved the sewing machine.

I must be showing my age here, but I worked on one of those old corded switchboard for a telephone company when I first started working.
It was so neat when they went to the new computer type one.


trash talk said...

I am so old I actually think I may have used a similar switchboard when I worked for the phone co. as an operator while in high school!
You just pack your little bag and your little dog too and come on up to Dallas. Do you mind bunking with Cat Daddy...I could use the break?
P.S. Yes, I agree with Pam...the doll is freaky!

lorhen82 said...

I'll take that bottle, please!

You know I feel for you about the A/C...that's a nightmare in my book! You can stay with me anytime! Get my housework done AND have the pleasure of your company? I'd be the winner of that deal!


Sue said...

How about coming up to Maryland? I was planning to head to Luckett's and Leesburg today - think you would enjoy it! Afterwards we could have some Lemon Verbena cookies and mint tea out in the garden. The big question is - what did you come home with on that shopping trip? Love the switch board and the yo yo pillow cover (?), but I have to say the doll was a tad bit creepy!


Stephenie said...

OMG!!! Those vintage goodies are just amazing..That doll is so sweet..
The AC unit is broke, UGH!! That would set me right off the deep edge. Try to stay cool and don't melt on me..I'll miss your posts(hehe).

Teacup Mosaics said...

OH I am just melting thinking about no A/C in your next of the woods for next week????? As you know you always have a open invite...I have a special greeting for you, check it out.

kana said...

I love all of the vintage goodness...thanks for sharing! Mr. puppy is too cute as well.