Thursday, July 16, 2009

6th file...6th picture

I'm sure you are wondering what's up with this title right? Well, sweet little Carolyn of Draffin Bears tagged me today and I decided it would be fun to play along. After all, she was tagged by Sares of Loveleigh Treasures and the game just keeps going and going so let's keep it going just a little longer.

So here goes...I'm supposed to go into my photo files, click on the 6th file and post about the 6th picture. Why do I have to post about the 6th photo in the 6th file? Heck I don't know but it was fun going back and reminiscing because those photos are well over a year old and before I even started blogging!


This photo was a little snippet of the items I created for a wedding for a dear friend's granddaughter.  Starting from the left, I made:

*bookmarks for the guests, custom printed with the couple's engagement photo and their favorite quote

*Thank you cards for each table

*I beaded the wine glasses for the wedding party

*I made the white satin cones with silk flowers (there were 2) to hang on the front doors of the church

*I printed the invitations on striped card stock

*I printed the reception menu for each table setting

*I wrapped all the utensils in napkins. I punched a fleur de lis on black card stock strips for the wedding party tables. I printed the Harley Davidson logo for the groom's table and the black & white floral ones were set for all of the guests.

This was a LITTLE snippet of what all I did for the wedding as it was all a gift from me. I decorated the reception hall and I hosted her bridal shower at my home before the wedding! Like I said, it was for a dear friend Rose, who's first granddaughter was getting married. Rose was my (late) Mother's best friend so I thought Mom would be mighty proud of me and wished she were there to help me. Well, she was there in spirit because I don't know how I had the energy, the creativity nor the time to do all of this!

DSC_0038 (2)

I made the table centerpieces in the crystal vases above and printed everything needed for the reception hall, food and tables.


I just love those beaded wine glasses!


ooohhh the wedding topper was gorgeous!!!


and if you are wondering, NO. I did not make either of the cakes! :)

I must stop because I could go on and on.

Here is "The How To's of the Game" (according to Sares)...
#1 go to your photo files and select the 6th folder
#2 select the 6th photo in that folder
#3 post the picture and tell us a bit about the story behind
the photo
#4 Tag 6 friends to see if they wish to continue the game,
that's it!

So here are the wonderful friends I'm tagging...

Kim ~ The Victorian Parlor

Kelley ~ Teacups and Ponies

Sue ~ My Mother's Pearls

Pam ~ Frippery

Linda ~ Over the Fence

Peggy ~ Queen Mother MawMaw

Girls above, if you are reading this, play only if you get the chance, there is no commitment. I know how busy everyone is during these summer months.

Thanks Carolyn for tagging me, I was glad to play along.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!


June said...

A wedding planner too? Girl, your talents amaze me. I'm sure Rose was so delighted with everything you did. How special that it was for your mother's dear friend. Yes,I'm sure your mother was very proud!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I was thinking the SAME thing June said, "a wedding planner, too?" Wow! It's all so gorgeous.

Draffin Bears said...

Oh Jodie, you clever Girl.
Everything is perfect and what a lucky couple to have you do all those wonderful things to make their wedding a fabulous day.

I am glad that you could play along and it is amazing to see your talent.

Have a wonderful weekend

Debby said...

WOW!!! You certainly are talented! Beautiful pics and enjoyed reading about them.

Anonymous said...

Aaawww how sweet. And yes, your Mom would be so proud and happy, as I'm sure her friend and the couple getting married too.

They look so elegant. I'll have to keep in mind those cones with flowers for the doors :-)Oh no, I'm not getting married LOL. I just love the idea.

lorhen82 said...

Jodie, what a wonderful gift! You are a lady of many talents, and I'm sure you earned your mother's stamp of approval on this one! Your friend must have treasured what all you did for her wedding. Take a bow, girl! You deserve it!


Linda said...

Very neat! :)

Thanks for tagging me. I'll have to see when I can fit this in and also may have to switch around the rules a bit, because I don't organize my files in this manner - when I go to my file drive, it's all organized by directories and broken down within those by subdirectory. So, I'll see what I come up with. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sares said...

It looks like you put a tremendous amount of time, effort and love into your gift! What a lucky Bride and Groom to have you to do these beautiful things for their wedding. I am sure they just loved it! Thanks for playing along, I enjoyed seeing your pictures very much!

Karen Valentine said...

Hello my bloggy friend! WooHoo!!! Party day is just a week away! I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's creative spaces. I have a request... I thought it would be easier for everyone to leave comments if we all turned off comment moderation and word verification during the day (or maybe week) of the party. To do that, go to customize, settings, comments...then scroll down to turn off comment moderation and word verification.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fabulous week. See you next Friday!!

My Desert Cottage

Anonymous said...

Jodie That was beautiful. I didn't see that because I have only been blogging since Nov. I am like Linda I don't organize my files like that but I will take a shot in the dark and find something I didn't purposely pick out. I am a little down today, thanks for tagging me, it will give me something to do. Blessings

Caleen said...

Wow.. All so beautiful. Wonderful wedding things.. You could be a "Wedding Planner too"..Love the flower cones..

Frippery said...

Fabulous creations as usual Jodie. Lucky bride and groom to have such personal wedding decorations. I will play along too, can I wait till next week?

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh My Goodness, what a gift and what a beautiful job you did, you can tell it was filled with love.
I checked out my 6/6 and waiting for a slow week to post, keep watching!!!!

Mona Roberie said...

For those of you who do not know me I am the lucky mother of the bride and I follow Jodie's blog faithfully. I wish all of you who read Jodie's blog could have attended the wedding because pictures do not do her creations justice. My daughter and son-in-law had the most beautiful and elegant wedding and bridal shower imaginable. I don't think words can express the love and appreciation our entire family has for Jodie, not only for what she did for us but because of the person she is.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jodie~~~
Can I hire you for Candace's wedding??? (if she ever decides to be the married type... maybe I won't have to worry about that!)
Just gorgeous...
Which leads me to say...
Have you considered submitting your work to the 'wedding magazine editors'??? Ummmmmm,
You could have your own line!!!
Madame Jodie... and of course Ms. Sophie to be your assistant!!!
Just incredible...I have been to $10,000 weddings that didn't have things that nice!!!