Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Me???

I said I'd NEVER do this but...Amy and Cher have both tagged me into telling everyone 7 things about me. What I don't understand is why would you want to know anything about me? I spill my guts on this blog almost every other day...what makes you think there is anything more you can squeeze out of me???

Well, maybe a little vintage photo of course!

baby girl with roasted chichen all to herself

As cute as she is above...this is not me! I am not fond of chicken. Oops...that's lagniappe information!!!!

1. I won't EVER walk outside barefooted...most certainly not in the grass.

2. Being a Cajun,  raised & lived in Louisiana all my life, I don't eat gumbo or anything with roux. (But I can cook the best gumbo you ever put in your mouth!). And I just started eating boiled crawfish, shrimp and Chinese food just a few years ago.

(Hey does this count as two things?)

3. I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

4. I hate bugs that fly. I will not stay outside at dusk when they are flying around. I will kill myself (or others around me) running, screaming and waving my arms like a mad woman if one buzzes within 10 feet of me.

5. My eyes are so dark brown, they are black. Really.

6. I met my husband when I was 15 years old (I'm now about to be 39) and I knew he was the one that I would marry and spend the rest of my life with. So far, I've been with him over half of my life...what a fun ride it has been! 

7. I am deathly allergic to cats...not to their fur but to their dander. My eyes itch and swell shut. The worse part about that is I can't see where my bottle of Benadryl is!

(But I still love you Kramer!)

See, I'm really a boring me. I wake up 15 minutes before I leave for work, blog, go bother my husband and sister in law at work for 7 hours, visit my Dad, eat supper, blog, and I'm in bed for 9pm. I'm about as "maw maw" as you can get. Now you know the real me!

And I must NOT forget that I've also been tagged by Debbie, my trashy little friend whom I want to be like when I grow up. She's the sweetest chick and she says that I make her heart smile. I'm supposed to pass these tags on to more people who make my heart smile and who I want to know more about.

Let's just say that everyone who comes here to see what's happening makes my heart smile!!! And if you have a blog, I'm coming to see what's happening with you because I am SO nosey!!!!!

Thank you girls for thinking of me...this was fun!!!


FitToSeeJane said...

That was nice. Your like my husband with the flying bugs. He freaks out! Funny.

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh-as I was reading the part about being allergic to cats I thought to myself-'oh no, what about Kramer' and then I read the part about Kramer and just busted out laughing! You have made my evening!

I also wanted to thank you for the VERY kind comments on my blog-you are truly a fun and gracious friend! Thanks for making my day special:).



PS: Kramer says 'meow, meeoow, meow, meow'. I have no idea what it means but I'm think it has something to do with auntie Jodie getting allergy shots so Kramer can come to visit-lol!

Laura said...

What a wonderful list. (I go barefoot too much!)

Enjoyed your post,


Cher said...

Good job, girlfriend!

The Texas Woman

Feedsack Fantasy said...

We have too many idiosyncrasies alike. Cute! Pop over for a visit. TTFN ~ Marydon

June said...

Hi Jodie.
I loved it! You are a sport to do it. I learned a few things. I love that you shared the info about you and your husband. My husband and I also met when I was 15 and he was 17. We both knew we would marry as well. The barefoot thing was interesing. I cannot go barefoot anywhere. Hate it. I always slip on some flipflops before walking around the house or outside.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

I loved reading all about you and what a fun Gal you are. Wonderful list!

I have been tagged by two different blog friends with the same sort of deal so I must sit down and think about what I can write. ( when I find the time)


trash talk said...

Girl, I love spill-all tags, especially when I can use the info for blackmail later! I personally love gumbo and as for shoes...well, let's just say my kids call me a hillbilly! What a sweet reveal about you and your husband...I think that is tray cool(that's Texas for special). And just what do you mean by "when you grow up"? Are you implying I am OLD???? Just kidding...heck, I want to be you when I grow up and drive a red corvette!
Thanks for all the dirt!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

That girl is too cute...You are funny!! I love barefoot around the house.

vintage at heart said...

You make the gumbo and I'll eat it...yum!!!! Is it meat that you do not care for?? Boy am I nosey or what????
This was fun!!! I have an image of you now running and flapping your arms at flying things!!!!
You always make me smile when reading your blog!!!::))

Lou Cinda said...

I love learning these things about you!! You make my heart smile too!!! :)

I LOVE the story of meeting your husband!!

My precious hubby I met in October of 2004 ~ decided I would keep him (he didn't stand a chance) He proposed in February of '05 and we got married in May of the same year! Whirlwind girl!!

We have been married for four years and it has been BLISSFUL!!

Third times a charm! (yes, I said "third" time) I was an idiot early on with taste for crap!

Have a great day!!

Lou Cinda :)

Marie Reed said...

Jodie! I'm coming over for your gumbo girl! Since you don't eat it that means that I get to chow down your portion too...right?

You are such a doll! I loved reading all of you thangs:) Eeeek! I've been tagged! I'll get to it!

Stephenie said...

Jodie, I just loved this post!! That image of that girl is just to cute...I really liked learning more about you...Don't feel bad, I really hate bugs to...One night at work there was a spider on my shoe I screamed so loud. Yes, I did wake up some of the patients to...I can't believe you met your husband when you were 15..I always love hearing about the young love..I love that little Kramer to...Hope all is well.
Stephenie said...

I love your blog, so I now follow you
I am totally allergic to cats but I simply cant live with out them..

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Love that photo!!! For a moment I thought that child was armed with a knife....Yikes! Cute post ~ xo Joy

Debby said...

This is a great post! Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

This was fun and very interesting. I am barefoot all of the time at home, even in winter and yes, I even walk outside barefoot in the grass, lol. :-) I'm just more comfortable that way.

I love these sorts of lists - it's always so much fun learning more about each other. Have a beautiful weekend!

Marie Reed said...

haha! I saw your comment over at The Gathering Nest! I'm going to come over next week to bug.. I mean remind you! Huge hugs! I posted my first vlog today too! I figured out how to use my web camera and uploaded a little video of me waving and being a general dunce:)

Geralyn Gray said...

Looking forward to the tea party tomorrow---glad you liked the blog---the colorscope is my favorite now I know 8 things a about you---I had a hard time picking my favorite color---i am sticking with bluebell for now....can you pick from brown or black as your favorite????????

Becca said...

Awww, thanks for sharing! I agree with the bug thing- my first visit to New Orleans and I learned what a palmetto bug was uck! I don't blame you ;)

Anonymous said...

There is sooooooooooooooo much more about Jodie! And you see it everyday in her blogs, her talents, her creations, her spaces, her humor, her giving heart, her desires, her inspiration, her hard work, her spirit, her many, many 'hats' she wears... blog sister, queen of junk, wife, sister, daughter, friend, giver, neighbor, teacher,
helper, neice, cajun, caregiver,
and mother of our Godchild! (Just to name a FEW....)
the librarian is giving me the signal of 'times up'..... I am pretending she is signaling to someone else...I have been online for 1 hour today!!! I better respect that!!!
Love you Jodie for all what you are...