Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Roasted Wiener...

I told myself I wasn't going to do this. I was NOT going to post about the heat. But I'm such a wiener...a roasted wiener!

DSC_0285 (2)

Just to let you know, these photos were taken Thursday night at around 8:30 in the evening!!!! Note that the temperature is still near 100 degrees even after the sun is going down...errrr.

Then, to carry on with my whining, do you remember my little pot of onion tops?

DSC_0281 (2)

It looks like someone took a match to them! Not only is it HOT here, we haven't had any rain...not even a at least 4 weeks! Yes, I do water the plants...but our water is so chlorinated and all, it's not the same as natural rain water.

And my pretty irises?

DSC_0282 (2)

Well, they're not looking so good either! (there's proof of the water hose, I do water them!)

That evening, hubs came running inside, telling me to come with him outside...he wanted to show me something beautiful that we haven't seen in a LONG time...

DSC_0284 (2)

A thunderstorm off in the distance...the only thing present in the big blue sky! It was oh so beautiful as the sun was setting but so sad that it was so far away. We need rain here...we need for things to cool off! Imagine if the temperature is 100 degrees, the heat index will rise (because of the 100% humidity) to around 110-115 degrees easy.

DSC_0287 (2)

As you can see, the grass is dead/dying...all 6 acres of it and we just gravitate to any shade we can possibly get under...and so does that ONE little purple bloom of wisteria!

Did I whine enough already?

I'm sorry...I promise to post something pretty next time!

xoxo, the roasted wiener 


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lorhen82 said...

Well girl, maybe you could try to imagine that you're sitting on a block of an a blizzard! I hope you cool down! ~Lori

Geralyn Gray said...

We have had just the opposite----rain rain every the sun is out......but the clouds are there just waiting to dump some more rain.......I have a new appreciation of our normal weather and I am really thankful we didn't open the pool.

Anonymous said...

I think you have the right to whine. I am so ashamed that I whined during all the rain we had here. It has rained everyday and I have still had to water the flowers late in the day.

blushing rose said...

This is not a typo ~ I think you should wine away the heat! Chuckle ... TTFN ~ Marydon

Stephenie said...

I'd be a wiener to...I hate being hot.. I'd be wiening until the rain comes(hehe)... I gotta tell ya, your pictures look amazing...I love the ones of the sky...
Try to stay cool...

Sandi said...

We're having the weather too-(heat index 108 the other day), but stormy too, so we still have lots of green and flowers. I am totally glowing like a southern belle here-and wearing a bustle!! Miss you

Laura said...

Don't worry about whining. We are all in this together. I skipped one day of water and everything looks dead.

Hang in there,

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

You have every right to whine away.
Sorry that you have it so dry and hot.
I wished I could send over some rain from here - it is one of those days where you do not want to venture out of the house, unless you have to.

I hope it cools down for you.

FitToSeeJane said...

We've had rain too. I miss hot weather, but I live in the wrong place for it now.
You need Air Conditioning and/or a pool.
Still, I'm sorry it's killing your flowers. That's no fun.

Terry said...

No you forget to whine for me !
I am so sad about the scorched leaves way up in the tree tops of our neighbors yard.
Yes we are all watering but it is not the same as God's rain water without all the chemicals.
My flowers that were so amazing are all withering away.
My newly planted grass is having heat stroke.
I can't believe this heat wave and the hot dry wind .
Anyway I couldn't find a photo or I would have posted about the heat.
Blessings to you .
Try to stay cool.

June said...

Wow Jodie, I can't even imagine that kind of heat. We just got back from a family reunion where we actually had to turn the heat on in our camp trailer last night. And it's the 27th of June! I hope relief comes to you soon. I know I would melt in that heat. Our heat, when we get it, is a very dry heat, no humidity here much in the summer in the high desert. When it's real hot, I am totally worthless. No energy at all. So whine away dear friend.

Sares said...

I'd be complaining too, loudly. I hate weather that hot. Give me a mild breezy day about 73 degrees ANY day. I would be begging for rain right about now too! Have a loveleigh Sunday, may it be rain-filled!

Teacup Mosaics said...

OK you are allowed this one wine oops I mean whiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee!
oh go ahead and have a wine, I sugget white straight from the freezer. Still cool in HS:)
Stay cool kiddo!

shabbyscraps said...

oh, jodie, no need to apologize for complaining about the weather. I complain constantly about all of our rain here! But after reading your post, I think you win...!
xoxoxo, Tiffany

Debby said...

YUCK!!!! SAme weather here so hot and humid, but it has cooled down a bit today after the rain. Hope you are cooler there.

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

*grumble* *groan* Oh, that miserable heat... I feel your pain. Being the eternal optimist though, the summer evenings are wonderfully pleasant... if that helps at all. ;)

Marie Reed said...

Thank goodness for air conditioning and sweet tea! Now I'm imagining you as a roasted wiener with relish and gloops of mustard! Drat this diet.. all I can think about is food!

Lou Cinda said...

Jodie: I can relate! It has been so hot and humid here too with no rain. My hair has been MOST unhappy!! However, as we were coming home from the beach started to cloud up and then it rained! Yesterday and today have been COOLER, in the high 80's which is unheard of here in the summer and also no humidity! Happy hair!!! BUT, it will all be back with a vengeance on Friday! But I am enjoying it while I can!!

I wish cooler days and raindrops to you my friend!

Lou Cinda :)