Monday, April 20, 2009

Sa-weet I tell ya!

I have a sweet sister (Karen) who lives in Texas about 7 hours from me. I might see her once, twice, maybe three times a year if I am lucky. And yet, the miles can never seem to keep us apart because she follows my blog. She checks in regularly from a nearby library as she doesn't have a computer of her own. {So if you see a sweet long anonymous comment with lots of hugs & kisses at the end of's her!}  ;)

She loves everything that I love from vintage to Victorian, from antiques to aprons. And that last word...Apron...lead me to write this post because of her.

DSC_0159 (2)

I have mentioned her several times before but I really bragged about how sweet she really is here and about how she spoils me, her baby sister. And she did it again. Have you ever heard of Jessie Steele?

DSC_0189 (2)

Well I never did until now as I am certainly not an apron expert but a huge fan and (semi-collector because I now have 6 aprons!). My first apron was one of my grandmother's when she passed away. It is well worn but I can't ever think of my grandmother without thinking of her wearing that apron. When she passed away, we were able to go to her house and pick up the things we wanted. I headed straight for the kitchen and there it was, still left hanging on the wall near the back door. Oh I could go on and on but I will leave all that for another story one day soon. See how off track I can get???

DSC_0174 (2)

Back to Karen, my sweet sister. She gave me this wonderful little surprise...a 50's inspired full Kitchen Apron. The print is precious! I took it out of the bag, ironed it and...Oh my gosh...

I have never introduced you to Isabella! Shame on me for not giving ya'll the proper Southern introduction! Well shall we? Here is Isabella donning the sweet little apron Karen sent to me! Isabella is new, straight out of the cardboard box but I love her just as much as she'd be a vintage form. She's my first form and we'll have a lifetime of fun and show & tell together! I feel another story coming on soon!!!!!

Okay, I went off AGAIN!  I am getting back on track ... {sorry} ;)

DSC_0184 (2)

See how sweet this apron is? Well, I went to the Jessie Steele  site and just died! There were SO many cute aprons! Full aprons, Half aprons, Hostess aprons, Chef's aprons...even the children's aprons to match! And get this...they even have the pot holder/mitts to match too! It's worth taking a look just to see the fabric. They have toile, floral, polka dots, pink roses, damask, cup cakes, candy canes, even snowflakes and more!

DSC_0191 (2)

I just HAD to share this with ya'll. So please think of me when you find something sweet to share, I'd love love love to hear about it!

Thanks for stopping in and...

Karen? If you are reading this....Thank you again! I love my new apron! Doesn't it just look lovely sweet on Isabella?


One more thing I want to tell you before Isabella & I go play...

Rachel at Yard Sale Mama is having a giveaway tomorrow (Tuesday) @ 5pm sharp.

Yeah, I know that telling you will shorten my chances of winning and all but it would be mighty nice of you to hop on over and show her some blog just might win something! (& you get to meet my wonderful twin!)

I have NO idea what it is. It's a riddle and I cannot figure it out to save my life but maybe you can. (Personally, I think she's giving away her Christmas tree from last year, but who knows.) 

Oh, and IF you win, you better give me half!       a little? okay...maybe just the bow at least?     Fine then...go go go!   

Wait! One more thing...she's not my REAL twin, but I love her just the same (just in case you were wondering!)         ;)


Linda said...

Oh boy, I love this!! Aprons are a favorite of mine as well, and I have similar happy memories of my Mom in her aprons and some of her aprons were from her Mom, who I only had the pleasure of knowing for the first 7 years of my life.

I have a few Aprons as well, and one of my recent favorites is from Anthropologie.

Such a sweet post and a nice tribute to your sister as well. Thanks!

Stephenie said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I just love that apron..It's so pretty...Your sister is just so sweet... Aren't those older sisters the best?....Hope you have a wonderful week...

The Victorian Parlor said...

The apron is great (I mean sweet:)! I have a few aprons that I use when I am working at the shop or when I am crafting. I like the ones with pockets so I can keep my cell phone and glasses handy (if I put my glasses down in the shop it could be weeks before they are found again). I have a form we use at the shop that we named Elizabeth. How funny that you named your form too:)



Rachel said...

First of all- Can we share your sister? After all, I am your TWIN ;o) What a sweet apron, I love it, especially the shape- and you know I love me some aprons, ha ha!

Second of all, how sweet of you to send me some bloggy love and tell people about my giveaway!! How did you know I'm giving away my tree?? Just kidding! Love you Twin!


Laurie Richard said...

Hey J~
So I am finally caught up on your bloglife. I made myself not log on last month or this until I was able to create some time to write on ours- agggh I cannot keep up. I love the MG photos- made me miss the big E & i always miss you:(. Wish you were on facebook. At least Brett is. I am in constant contact with everyone there daily from work- it is so much faster, easier, and condensed though. It is odd the people who have floated back into my life from the past. due to FB.
Thanks for the inspiration and updates. ~love L

June said...

Hi Jodie, This is just the cutest apron ever. I looove aprons, but get this, I hardly ever wear one. Oh, maybe it's because I hardly ever cook. Anyway, I have a few hanging in the kitchen because they are fun to look at. I actually do cook a little, but I always forget to put one on when I do. My Mom was never without one when I was growing up, but now she never wears one either. She's allowed to forget because she's 80. What is my excuse, you ask? Because I'm 53.

Anonymous said...

ohh lala Love the apron! what a sweet sister! cant wait to hear from ya to make our date out! big hugs


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww Jodie........
Thanks for your kind sentiments about me.........
Have a really special and wonderful time with your blog sisters when they come to Louisiana!!! Yall have fun, and show them how Louisiana is really a wonderful state with beautiful, exciting, loving Cajun people!!!
Love and Hugs~~~ Karen :)