Monday, January 19, 2009

She's so Sweet...

My sister Karen who lives about 7 hours from me is always surprising me with the sweetest little things. . .


She loves vintage Victorian inspired things as much as I do so when we see them, we always think of each other. This is the latest little box I received this week full of sweet surprises to die for...

DSC_0181 (3)

See those blue things above??? I love'd never guess what they are. My brother in law (Karen's husband) is a nurse anesthetist. He uses these little blue sponge applicators to give epidurals to expecting mothers. They come three to a pack so there are usually 2 extra unused and brand new. He knows how I love to craft and sends me the extras instead of throwing them in the hospital trash (what a waste of our insurance money!). They are perfect for applying glue, glaze, ink, etc. So Karen stuffs my little boxes with them when she sends me my little surprises!

DSC_0182 (2)

I am sooo lucky to have such a sweet sister. And Rose too! Rose was my Mom's best friend. Mom passed away 5 years ago and Rose has adopted us kids as her own. She spoils us so much so we try our hardest to spoil her like we spoiled Mom.

Karen had everything wrapped so cute in velvet beaded bags and vintage tissue paper with the sweetest little notes...

DSC_0183 (2)

I didn't want to open them! However I did so ever so carefully so I could keep the tissues...perfect for Valentine's...don't ya think?


Here is everything unwrapped and I am so a little kid at Christmas time!


Up above, below the goodies above is a full apron in a cream, olive and red floral pattern with ruffles all along the bottom. Old papers from a poetry book titled A Sonnet for a Loved One. Two hard cover books...The Apron Book and Apronisms (I can't wait to sit and read these!)


Above is a metal vintage replica tin, 6 spools of scrumptious velvet and silk ribbon and a vintage inspired 2009 calendar. The spools of ribbon are so pretty, I don't want to undo them! What am I going to do???

DSC_0188 (2)

Having Karen is almost like having a permanent swap sister on hand 24/7. I try to spoil her too. Matter of fact, the box I got last weekend at a garage sale is full of goodies and on it's way to her as we speak! They say it's better to give than to receive...receiving is good too! tee hee!


Frippery said...


EllynAnne said...

Hey! A precious sister living 7 hours away - oh, my! How wonderful for y'all, indeed. My "precious" is 2000 miles away.

I scrolled to though the package of surprises, and surprise to me, there are my beauties - The Apron Book and Apronisms. Do let me know how you enjoy both (can't imagine otherwise).

Tie One apron, of course!

Jodie LeJeune said...

OMG, I'm about to FAINT! Look at the comment above this one. Ms. EllynAnne IS the author of "The Apron Book" & "Apronisms" and she commented on MY blog!

I am totally honored, thanks to my sweet sister!!!!!!

{Thanks Ms. EllynAnne for finding me and leaving such a wonderful comment!}

I'll be on cloud nine for a while,