Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are bloomin' & grillin' here...

Hey! Did you forget about me? I'm sorry for staying away for so long. I think I'm finished being "needy" so off to my regular life I go...would you like to join us this evening???


It's a whopping 74 degrees here, breezy and partly cloudy, low humidity...perfect Louisiana Springtime weather!

DSC_0079 (2)

After work today, I walked around the house for a bit (with camera in hand) to see what kind of shape old man winter has left my yard. Not too bad I see. The hawthorn bushes above are blooming wildly as I totally forgot to cut them back in January/February.

Oh and I forgot to cut back my wisteria too.


No leaves yet but the purple blooms are putting on quite a show of their own...

DSC_0084 (2)

Around these blooms, there seems to be new life as we have not one but two little bird nests above our heads...

DSC_0088 (2)

Which in turn brings this below our feet. (I'm not too fond of bird poo which makes relaxing under the pergola a little well, less relaxing if you know what I mean.


But it was the perfect evening for grilling. I have been longing for this for quite sometime now. (And so has Oreo in the bottom right corner just watching her Daddy so intensely just in case he drops her a pork accident of course)

DSC_0080 (2)

So while we wait for the 'grill master' to call "Dinner's Ready", we play with the little one. Back and forth we throw her tennis ball as far as we can and she brings it right back to us. Maybe somewhere in her lineage, one of her ancestors may have been a Golden Retriever.  A small one, possibly black? Maybe? Maybe not. She's just a smart little Miniature Pomeranian who is very spoiled.

DSC_0064 (2)

Thad and I planted these green onions day before yesterday. When we planted them, I cut them all the way down and look how much they have grown in 48 hours!

DSC_0057 (2)

Oops, dinner is ready. I have to go. Maybe the next time we grill, these green onions will be ready to cut and spice up a potato salad! Yummy!

Hope your surroundings are looking like Spring wherever you are!


Jennifer Tilley-Voegtle said...

That wisteria is just stunning! Hope you are well!!!!

Geralyn Gray said...

Love the wisteria......grillin and chillin sounds good right now....we have a few more weeks to go for that.

pinkroses said...

Hi Jodie! Glad you survived your busy week, you are a good friend/sister/mommy! I will have to pass your sons gourmet recipe along to my son...I am sure he would love it! Your spring blooms are lovely, and I can almost smell the grill from here....

Jenny Fowler said...

I can't believe it is so warm there! I am jealous. I keep trying to get my husband to go out into the cold and grill. Haha, he's not into that. I love bbq! :0

Debra said...
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Debra said...

Aaarrhhhgg! Where are you that you can be outdoors grillin? If we tried that here we might have to take turns thowing ourselves on the grill to get warm.
Your sisters house is lovely, and your son is well fed and stocked up, you deserve the break!!!

P.s. Now I am Jealous

I had to delete the previous post, my spelling was B-A-D!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie! Wow, now I know where you have been! I bet Penny's house is decorated like you see in Southern Living! Yes, I am back at the library and wanted to check in and say 'hi'. Been busy too~~ As always I love the pictures, augh...I am lonesome for Oreo! And yes, you and Thad too~~ ;)
Love yall and miss yall, Karen

Anonymous said...

I love wisteria! it so pretty and so easy to grow! it has been super duper nice here! we were grillen out on the lake the other day(we live on False River) and it was so nice but the pesty blood suckers are back out again already! blah! well hope you enjoyed the grilled food! yummie! big mermaid hugs


Frippery said...

We are getting closer. All that blooming looks so wonderful! We did get a day last weekend that went all the way up to 78 but of course it is freezing again out there this week. Oreo is so stinkin' cute! Enjoy the beautiful weather, Pam

The Victorian Parlor said...

Welcome back and thanks for having me over to grill:) I love your dog! He is so cute! The wisteria is beautiful and I can't believe those onions! So what time is supper tomorrow?

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Oh my gosh... your flowers are BLOOMING!!!! I have wisteria on my patio so similar to yours... BUT it never blooms. for five years now... no blooms.

Yours is gorgeous!

Karen said...

OH. I had a Wisteria. At our old house. But it was so big, I couldn't bring it with us. It was the last gift my Mom ever gave us. She had looked at me one days and said "Is there something I can give you Karen?" And I thought about it and said "YES. I would like a tree. And I bet JoAnne (my sister) would like a tree too. Something that will grow stronger each day - which is what I don't know if I can do without you." She smiled. "You'll be OK Honey."
Yeah, well - 12 years later it still hurts like hell.
And I did love my Wisteria in my patio at the old house . . . smelled like Heaven!