Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~~~I am so honored~~~

Someone's been thinking of me while I've been on "Holiday"

Vintage girl at heart has surprised me with this award and she had  such sweet things to say about me and my blog...

Edited: Also at the VERY same time I posted this, Rachel of Yard Sale Mama was also gracious to bestow this award upon me too!


I am tickled pink to receive this award as I have seen it on some of the most fabulous and favorite blogs I have read. And, now I am proud to hold the banner on my side bar as a reminder of how great blog friends are to one another!!!

I would like to thank these two girls and all of you for your continuing inspirations. It's because of YOU that I sit here and share my thoughts often of what's going on here and there.

The 'rule' is that I am supposed to award 5 other Kreativ bloggers out there but that is really hard to do as I feel everyone who has a blog is a very Kreativ individual indeed! However, these are a few that come to my mind in no particular order...

One sweet gypsy who is just growing her wings in the blog world (and doing a fantastic job I might add) is Sandi Moran of Victorian Gypsy. I met her at Silver Bella this year! 

Another sweetie I just met through blogging is Rachel of Yard Sale Mama. Rachel is so hip and cool and her posts are so real and funny. You never know what's coming up next with her!

This sweet girl will give you ALL the information you need to know about what's 'in'. She loves every aspect of the shopping world...you have to check out Jeanette, I think you'll agree. Her blog is very addicting! Oh, and she loves Bon Jovi!

Another Bella I met this year is Pam of Frippery. I am sure Pam has received this award already before, but as far as I know there is no 'rule' to remind someone of how Kreativ their blog really is!

And lastly, this wonderful girl was one of the first smiley faces I met at Silver Bella. Stephanie of Crowns...Pearls...Bette Davis and her friends Lisa and Cherie took me in under their wings and made me feel like one of the bellas.

Please stop by and visit these wonderful girls. Leave them a comment or two and I hope you enjoy your visits!

Thanks again to Vintage girl at heart & Yard Sale Mama not only for awarding me but also for making me take the time to slip in a post in between all of my holiday madness~

(But loving every minute of it)


Rachel said...

Okay, can I tell you how silly this is.... I just finished choosing you to recieve the very same award from ME!! That's so funny!! I popped over here to say check out my blog- really, I'm laughing, lol.


JeanetteS said...

How incredibly kind of you to say such nice things. Oh how I wish I had the opportunity to attend Silver Bella. A couple of my friends attended and I understand a good time was had by all.

I appreciate the blog nod and am glad we have this medium to keep us connected.

Kind regards, Jeanette

Brett said...

congrats momma...i know this means a lot to you. Have fun in orlando!

Frippery said...

Jodie, Thank you so much. I haven't been near the computer since Monday and hopped on to visit for a minute . You are too sweet. BTW, I have decided to wait on the new camera and play with the one I have for a while. Your tree picture is stunning as is Oreo. Hugs, Pam

stephanie said...

You are so sweet!!! Now I really have to get to blogging...It's wild that you have gotten snow before us....Stephanie