Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blog Holiday Update...


I'm still on blog holiday (vacation) but wanted to touch base...


Seems like I don't know where the first 10 days of December have gone. And it's scary knowing there are only 14 days left until Christmas and I am so not ready.

DEC 2006 MY TREE  That's right, I am not ready!

Above is a picture of Oreo and my tree 2 years ago.

I have not wrapped one single gift and I have no decorations on my Christmas tree. This is not me. I always have everything done before Thanksgiving. Not this year. This has been one heck of a crazy (but good) busy year. Do you feel sorry for me? Don't...

My sweet man and I are flying to Orlando today for a long weekend. He will be attending a racing convention while I on the other hand will be spending a Christmas filled weekend with Mickey Mouse and Friends! The joy about this trip is the only thing I have to worry about packing is my underwear, camera and credit card! Oh, and my toothbrush of course!

{So what if there are no gifts under the tree or decorations plenty? Life is too short. Stop the madness. Slow down. Spend time with family. Enjoy the time you have now. Tomorrow is a whole new day.} 

Have a great weekend of your own and I hope that you are on the schedule you want to be during this holiday season!

See ya'll next week!

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Rachel said...

I am feeling the same way, Twin! I have purchased nothing, wrapped nothing and I've hardly decorated- and then you go and say 14 days and now I'm freaking out- geeze! I'm so jealous you get to "run away" from it for a weekend!