Thursday, November 27, 2008

Silver Bella after hours fun & finale...

After all of my classes were finished on Saturday, I met my partners in crime, Sandy and Pam. Pam tried to skip out on us saying she was tired, but I insisted she come with us to Second Chance Antiques. She gave in, and the three of us wandered the streets and arrived at the quaint little shop. Wow! There was so much to look at...2 stories of antiques and vintage wonderfulness! Sandy reminds me so much of my Mom that I was almost in tears. I came across a 1927 high school yearbook and I wanted it badly. There was no price on it so I asked the owner how much it was and she told me $15.00. I went back and told Sandy that it was only fifteen dollars...she said fifty? I said no, I think she told me fifteen. Immediately she said and I quote "Oh no young lady, you are NOT paying no fifty dollars for that old book, you hear me?" I froze in my tracks, blinked my eyes, and thought...I hadn't heard anyone talk to me like that in over 5 years since Mom passed away! I was so frazzled, she had me second guessing the price so I walked all the way to the front again and asked the lady how much it was. She said, "Honey, I believe I told you $15." I said "one five?" She looked at me funny and said, "Yes Ma'am, one five." I ended up purchasing it, but I didn't buy much. I behaved because I knew I wouldn't have any room in my suitcase to bring anything big home. So by now it's dinner time and we were starving. I missed my cell phone calls from Stephanie and Cherie...they invited me to join them for dinner but my phone must have went straight to voice mail and I didn't check it until almost midnight. I was sad I missed them. But, trusty old Sandy and Pam decided to text Joe (Receipts) to come eat with us. (I think this was Sandy's first text she ever sent). It worked really well because by the time we turned the corner, Joe was waiting for us at the stop light!


We ate at a quaint little pasta place and had great conversations. Every thing from politics to religion...and we are still friends! Pam and Joe called it a night and Sandy and I met Sandi in the hotel restaurant. She was eating and then came meet us near the bar and we sat for another 3 hours and just talked. It's amazing the great friendships that arise from those with the same things in common. Now I know what the sisterhood of Silver Bella is all about. We do "get" each other. Who knows if I will ever return to Silver Bella, but in the meantime I am fortunate to have met these lovely women I call friends. The end.

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stephanie said...

We were sorry to miss you that night @ Silver Bella. Love seeing your pictures of New Orleans. You have a fabulous December and I PROMISE to make one of my New Year's resolutions to get blogging. Stephanie Oyler