Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jewelry Jackpot!!!

Yep, I won the  jewelry lottery again! You girls know how expensive it is to get your hands on that perfect vintage brooch, that gypsy pair of earrings, or that shabby chic necklace you can wear dressed up or down right? Or, better yet, if you are into re-purposing unwanted aka: "junk" jewelry (like me), you'll really understand my jackpot story! Well, about two months or so ago, my SNL's neighbor was moving (into a nursing home) and everything was going to the road! She called me at work and said "Girl, I think you better come over're gonna love this." So not knowing what to expect, I told the hubby I needed to run an errand and off I went to see what was the big deal. We dug under old tattered tarps and in some dusty old dresser drawers and this is what I came home with...for FREE! FREE! FREE!


If you notice closely, my blog heading is taken from this photo!

Then today, I rode out to my BFF Barbara's house and she had the best surprise waiting for me! Some scrumptious vintage-shabby-chic bling for ME!


And as an added bonus, she gave me (my first ever) two vintage hats from her husband's mother! They are my favorite color...Black! Also two beautiful hand fans, some little shoes, a pretty black beaded box, a vintage pair of eyeglasses and the case,  and the jewelry box itself...everything in the pictures!

DSC_0105 (2)

I think she loves me! :)


She sat with me and told me how much she wore this one, and how much she loved that one, and she came across a precious little pin that belonged to her mother. She asked me to make her something with it! My gosh! That's the least I had in mind to do for her~

You know what the coolest part of all this is? There is still some more I didn't bring home! I drove my Corvette there today and didn't have the place to put the "jewelry hanger" full of more jewelry lotto! It's the cutest pink hanger full of little compartments that hold little pairs of earrings and such! (I'll take pictures of that too and show you) So I left it and will pick it up tomorrow when I go back in my "grocery getter" Dodge.  (Besides, it'll be another reason to sit and visit with her and thank her again and again and again!) Can you tell how excited I am??? I really really am!


To some it may be junk jewelry and some may toss it out. I say no jewelry is junk jewelry! It's has sooo much potential! For example, I love to clip an earring in the middle of a bow (tied with ribbon or lace) on a beautifully wrapped present, especially those earrings whom have lost their life partner, you know, those single beauties! (It just kills me to break a perfect pair) Or use one to clip a scarf together, as a curtain tie back, or even if you really want to be sassy, use it as a paper clip! I love to add old beads with new funky beads and give them a fresh and updated look, but still keep the vintage feel.


Did I tell you that I think she loves me?


Thanks Again Barbara! I really appreciate it!

And thank you for stopping by, I'll show you the rest of the loot when I get back tomorrow!

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Sandi said...

I'll be looking for you at SilverBella. You'll be the one in all the gypsy jewels!