Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Shower for Bebe' Rougeau

Hello! I am back. I promised you I would deliver the baby shower goodies...well here goes! Lots of pictures of my home, decorations, favors & food. This was a special baby shower. It was for my little brother and his wife. He's the baby of the family and he is extremely spoiled. Let me remind you that he is 30, but still...extremely spoiled. (Mostly by me, but I just can't help it!)

DSC_0121 (2)

And...this is my wonderful sister-in-law, the mother-to-be. She's going to be a great mother...

DSC_0239 (2)

I decorated my home with baby items and baby supplies that they could take home and actually be used instead of just put away.

The weekend before, my cousin Sonya and I decided to catch some hometown garage sales. We did find some goodies such as this vintage baby blanket that I used under the diaper cake as a center piece on the dining room table. The yellow vintage handmade runner with lace was also a lucky find!


I got these candle holders for $2.00 each! Not quite my everyday decor but perfect for the serene pastel colors of a baby shower.



I decorated each chair back in the dining room with a bouquet of flowers and a small gift. Most were teethers, rattles, pacifiers, etc.




My sister Karen and I threw together this neat baby banner made of paper, ephemera, ribbon, flowers, beads, etc. and hung it in the dining room window.


The guests were welcomed at the front door with a little note in an acrylic frame placed on the side of the sign in book. The guests were asked to fill out a "note of advice" card for the expecting parents. This will be neat in years to come to look back on some of the advice given from family and friends. It's such a great keepsake!


I had pictures of her sonograms at each table.


I had enough seating for 22 people! I moved all of the library furniture in the living room and set up 2 card tables with flower quilts and table centerpieces to soften the harsh wood feeling of the library shelving. I wanted more of a cafe feeling where everyone could sit and visit or eat in a cozy fashion. I really think it worked! Nobody wanted to leave! (Some even stayed to eat again for dinner that evening!)


Here are the guests party favorite of the whole shower. My little niece Payton and I made these and couldn't wait to show everyone! It was so hard keeping them a secret! They are little muslin bags and small glass bottles filled with gardenia scented bath salts...smelled heavenly to say the least! I arranged them on a Southern Living cake stand with a little note in an acrylic frame letting everyone know they could take one home as a souvenir.

BabyShower 008





Then I decorated the breakfast table in the breakfast room with old time vinyl placemats with my little brother and sister-in-law's baby pictures! It was quite a conversation piece and a keepsake for the two to take home. I can only imagine in a couple of years when baby Rougeau will be learning to feed himself/herself and using these placemats to prevent a will be sooo cute! Then, as he/she gets older...I can imagine hearing..."Momma is that you?" and "Daddy, you looked funny!"

BabyShower 010


BabyShower 009


The liquor hutch was decorated full of unwrapped gifts and set the scene for those walking in from the patio area.

BabyShower 018

And the food...we had food. Everything from Jambalaya to Boudin, chocolate chip cookies and every kind of homemade pie that could possibly be whipped up!



We had a total of 55 people join us for this special day.


Untitled-2 copy

It was great and the weather was beautiful. The men cooked outside in the shed ... yum yum some jambalaya!

BabyShower 064

Attending were family members and some of our best friends that we also consider family. 

Thank you for coming to the shower too! Hope you enjoyed it. We'll talk again soon!

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Laurie Richard said...

Love all the "footage" Where are the pictures of you? The aunt needs to be seen and not just behind the scenes creating:) Makes me wish I was actually kin vs kin through friendship...yummy food and fun~Lolly