Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7 Days Later...


THAT'S ME copy

(this was the best I could do in photoshop on short notice)


I finally clicked the registration button! I am sooooo excited. Except for ONE thing. I was able to get into all of my first choices except for one. Unfortunately, I won't be taking a class with Pam Garrison. I am super sad. That's what I deserve for waiting so long to register but none the less, all of the classes will be wonderful and I really am going! Pinch me Please! I also realized in the past 7 days that I will FLY instead of drive. I LOVE road trips, but silly me didn't think about the snow that is possible up north in Nebraska in November! Being from Louisiana, I haven't seen snow in over 20 years, much less drive in it! So at the rate things are going...maybe within the next 7 days, I can book myself a plane ticket!

But, first things first, I just need to get through my little brother's baby shower...it's this Saturday (19th) and so far, everything is falling into place nicely.

I will catch up with ya'll next week.

I can't wait to meet everyone in person!!!!!


Bristol said...

You are so lucky to go. I work in retail management and it's nov. you know how that goes~
Enjoyed visiting your blog

cammyk said...

Well, I just sent you an email about SB and then I go to your blog and see that you will be attending. Yippee!! I look forward to meeting you in person. Cammy