Wednesday, August 4, 2010

16 Days...

One of my most important blogging tips is...

TO HAVE FUN and when you feel like you need a break from blogging, take all the time you need to rejuvenate yourself.

(note that I said "when" and not "if" because I can assure you, it will happen...and that's okay! I'm prime example of it)

16 Days of a blog break...I am still here.

DSC_0203 (3)

My heart is so happy that you come here, check in on me, read my latest antics, and love what I have to share with you...

Thank You!

I wish that I could spend the rest of my days traveling, snapping photos of my vintage finds, and taking you along for the ride.

But like you, I have a "real" life too.

DSC_0204 (2)

NEVER ever think that just because I don't share my "real" life with you here online doesn't mean that everything is "hunky-dory" over here in the LeJeune household!

I hate to break this to you but...I really AM human after all  ;)

Sometimes, not everything is as pretty on the outside...

DSC_0203 (2)

as it is on the inside! DSC_0223 (2)

No one wants to see or read about "ugly"...right?

But...we all know that "real" life is not always pretty.

We must stay positive and make the right decision to do what's best for us, no matter how rough the road may be.

The key word = POSITIVE

Before you know it, one little problem...

DSC_0221 (2)

Can weave it's way into "real" life and create havoc, making everything around you overwhelming to say the least.

DSC_0227 (2)

Sit back.

Thank God for all of your blessings.

Pack up your troubles and lift up the "mess" to HIM.

DSC_0211 (2)

Trust me...He will be more than happy to help you out.

In the meantime...


Before you know it, things will start looking brighter (& prettier too)...

DSC_0226 (2)

And everything will fall into place...

DSC_0214 (2)

The blessings and the beauty, and unfortunately the havoc and the ugly are ALL present in our "real" life.

Sometimes we just can't see the pretty because we were so overwhelmed about the negative to see the positive.

So in the past 16 Days,

I have learned this above and these things below...

I have learned that as much as I want the best for my child (at the age of 22)...he must make his own decisions...without me.

I have learned that giving (other than receiving) is always the best medicine :)

I have learned that when I am tired, I must take a break ;)

I have learned that cleaning out my studio is a bigger task than I thought it would be!

I have learned that Oreo, (my little girl dog) does indeed have a heart condition that will have to be treated for the rest of her life. It's amazing how we can love these little fur balls so much!

I have learned that in order to keep my mind positive, I need to keep positive company.

I have learned that even though inspiration comes in many forms, I need to stay true to myself.

I have learned (although I really knew it all along) that I have the best husband in the world!!!! :)

I have learned that I cannot visit hundreds of blogs daily. I'd have to quit my day job and sacrifice my (required to function) 10 hours of sleep. I love you all, ain't gonna happen!  ;)

I have learned that even though you visit me and do not leave a comment, you still love me anyway :)

and...I've learned much more.


Thanks for letting me have a 16 day blog break!!!

DSC_0248 (2)

I sent this old rusty lunch box above filled with goodies to Julia of Vintage with Laces for her birthday. It now resides with her in Germany!!!! (it's okay...she LOVES the rust!)

DSC_0225 (2)

I was in a swap with Tina of Tiny Bear recently. I sent her some lace, trims and trinkets. I just received her box this week so I'll be sharing that soon too!!! (I haven't opened it yet! are you surprised???)

In the midst of all my "learning", I have been traveling too. I hope to share that with you soon.  

DSC_0164 (2)

oh...I have learned that I should pick up the things I love when I see them. This one above I left behind. I gotta go back and get it. I "need" it for my "new" studio! haha

I don't know about you but it's triple digit HOT here in Louisiana. 

When I come back home in the evening, all I want to do is shower and plop like a fat potato on the couch. and eat. and sleep.

What have you learned while I was gone?

You gotta tell me what all I missed so I can go over and visit!!!

I missed you guys!!!!!

The Fat potato is signing out for now...



Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so inspiring and eye-opening! That rusty trunk with trimmings is down right dreamy!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Jodie!
I have missed you. Looks like you enjoyed your sabbitical and came back with great knowledge to share.

The things that you have learned are some of the things I'm still learning.

I just love the old rusty lunchbox.
Reminds me of my Granddads. I used to wait for him to come home from work and carry his lunchbox.
He always saved something inside for me to eat. Usually a little debbie cake! LOL.

Glad your back.


Sheila Rumney said...

Everyone needs a break. What great inspiration. It is so hard staying positive and productive when you feel down. Glad you are back.

Just love all the rust and lovely goodness.

Hopefully things are looking up!

NanE said...

Jodie, we have missed you but I think we all can understand needing a break and needing to take care of "real life" issues first. LOL, your sign off line cracked me up! Let's see what have I learned in the past two weeks?
1) I spend waaay to much time reading blogs when I should be working.
2) If I don't put my art supplies away as I'm finished using them, they breed over night!
Have a wonderful, peaceful week!

Theresa said...

I always love it when I see you in my sidebar:) It seems as though you worked out lots of things while you were on your break! I will keep you in my prayers Dear Jodie! It sounds like lots going on down there and you are working thru it in the right way, lifting it up to the one who can help from the inside out:)

Enjoy your day my sweetest ever "potato"! I love you and miss your sweet smile! Big hugs and continued prayers from your Georgia Friend! T

Becca said...

Hi Jodie :)
Everyone needs to "recharge" their batteries! What beautiful pictures you take and that was a birthday present? Holy Makeral, I would think that was the best present ever!!!!!!!

Becca said...

Hi Jodie! Welcome back! Glad you had a nice break. We missed you, but understand the need for a break once in a while! Lovely photos of all the lace, lunchbox and other vintage goodies! What a fun birthday surprise. Ha! I can totally relate to the triple digits and being a "fat potato that plops on the couch when I get home from work" Always looking forward to the weekends because during the work week, it's work, eat and sleep!
Take Care Jodie

Claudia said...

Welcome back, my friend! A break is sometimes necessary, isn't it? I'm sorry about all your worries and stress and I pray all is resolved. We are dealing with our stresses here, as well. In the meantime, I firmly believe that staying positive is essential. Sometimes it is hard...but then I give myself a swift kick in the pants and smile!

Boy, I get it about visiting everyone in blogland...impossible. Try as I might, life does take over.


Jamie said...

Hey Sweet Girl!!! Missed you too!! It was so good to see you on my reader this morning. Breaks are good. We all need to recharge and be still sometimes. Love Ya to Pieces!!!

Your Ever-Lovin' LURD,

Kathy said...

Boy, this was inspirational! Sometimes I forget, that the harder I try to fix something the worse it gets. When I give in, throw my hands up and say, "I give up. It's all yours now." That's when divine intervention steps in. Thanks for the reminder. - Kathy

trash talk said...

You know I have a "honey baked ham" in Georgia...guess now I have a "sweet potatoe" in Louisiana!
Sounds like you used your break wisely and learned much...things we all need to listen to and learn.
Were you missed? Yes. Do you want me to tell you how much? Hold your hands out in front of you...further apart, please...further...further...THAT MUCH!
BTW...if a shopping cart is what your little ol' heart desires...don't go buy one. What size do you want...grown up or child? I owe you big time!!!

Jane said...

Hi Jodie,
It was good to hear from you. I was so involved in what you wrote that I now have to go back and look at all the gorgeous photos. You are so right about taking a break and taking time for "real" life. Life does have it's pressures and taking care of yourself and family comes first.
Continue to do what you need to do for yourself and we will always be here waiting when it's time to share.

Linda M. said...

Hi Jodie,
I enjoyed reading your post this morning. I especially loved seeing all the eye-candy as I scrolled down. Your photographs are wonderful. Your birthday gift is a delight to look at. I love the way you wrapped the handle of the lunch bucket, the sweet way you rolled the laces and secured them with twine and a button. Inspiration! Thanks for sharing!!
Warmly, Linda

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Those are some good life lessons that you have shared with us...I am still struggling with a few of the same! Your photos are beautiful and inspiring..I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jodie ~ boy did I need to read your thoughts today! I tried to explain why but it was too much so I am simply going to say "Thank You".

Why is it that you seem to know when I need a hug?

xoxo Sandi said...

Welcome back! And with such a great 'positive' message too:) I try to learn something new everyday and definitely look at things with a positive eye. It's a choice.
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Olive said...

I see you feel more rested. I think the nutshell of what you so sweetly said is BALANCE. It is all about balance. Too much of anything is too much. Except sleep maybe. I wrote today about my goals. I have been thinking along these same lines. hugs♥olive

miss lynn said...

i love LOVE
your photos
and words of
bless your heart.
miss you!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Jodie ~
This is such a
beautiful post ~
It is true that
we all have real lives
and sometimes something
has got to give ~


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Jodie,

Thanks for sharing ... what an awesome post. I understand what you are saying, and I am so glad that you are taking care of yourself. I'll be saying some prayers for you and your family. :>)

Also, I need to reorganize my creative space cuz I can't find most things anymore. But I don't want to because I know how hard a job it will be, just like you pointed out. Oh well, hard work is sometimes easy work stacked up. Stacked up very HIGH. LOL!

Take care and God bless you.


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

We're always glad to see you when you can pop in. I have really taken more days off from blogging too. So much to do and my kids are only going to be young once. Priorities, right? I hope all the troubles in your heart are soon replaced by sunny days.

she dreams big! said...

Darn our 'real' lives! Don't our 'real' lives know that all we want is time to create beautiful things and to blog, to visit blogs and to comment on blogs? lol

Seriously, welcome back! Although we just 'met', I've missed your sassy posts and comments!

Wishing your days are filled with happy things that make you laugh! You take care, girl!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi...I am new to your blog but I love your post. It is so true about everything that you wrote and a good reminder to all of us!~Hugs, Patti

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Sweet Jodie, I, too, am :in the process" of learning that these man children that we raise do have to make their own decisions. My oldest is 20...can't say that I like it....cos' after all....I am ALWAYS right! HOWEVER, it is what it is....

Loved your post, LOVED the stunning photos....MISSED YOU...

Take it easy, chill, cool off, rest...see you soon...

Lou Cinda :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie,
I'm new to your blog, but already am head-over-heels in love! Wonderful, insightful words and gorgeous, creative eye-candy!
Happy day to you & yours,

Leanne said...

It is good to take a break now and then. Helps you realize what's important and what's not.

That said -- that tiny wee font at the end of your post? Nuh huh, sister, you're not getting away with that!

(I hope I can call you sister even though I scarcely know you beyond blogging and Silver Bella)

You are deliciously filled with rich and sublime goodies potato.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Dear Jodie! I have missed you but do understand blog breaks. Those that have jobs must find it exhausting to try to visit all of us and I understand. I have looked at my lovely pillow you sent me and it reminds me of true giving and friendship! I will enjoy what ever time and blogging you can give us.

Jacqui said...

Thank you for your beautiful and inspirational post! I am glad I am not the only one who has a 'real' life!!!

Kelly said...

I feel ya~

I love what you did to the lunchbox~ It looks wonderful!! I always love to stop by here, you are such an inspiration!!

You can take a break whenever you want, but you can never leave (us)!

Hearts Turned said...

Wonderfully thoughtful post, many things to learn every day, aren't there? Having a wonderful family to support us while we do that is such a blessing, isn't it?!

I love your beautiful photos and the way you put everything together--you just have a magical touch...

I've been pretty much gone for a month, is busy and wonderful. Home now for the rest of the summer.

I hope today is good and restful for you...MAYBE a bit cooler?!


vintage girl at heart said...

Well welcome back sweetie pie!!!
I figured you were on some grand adventure...maybe that Canton one???
Yes... life has a way of bullying it's way in on our play time...harumph!!! Guess we have to take the bumps with the smooth sailing!!!
Love that rusty lunch box that went to are such a doll!!! I have one on my junque table that needs some purty-in' up..I'll follow your lead on that one!!
And yes..children are the hardest joy we'll ever have...I have to let go times hard to let go and watch them make their own mistakes and follow their own path in life!!! Whew!!
Prayers for you sweet fury baby too..yes they are so precious to us!
Well, take care and I will be following to see all about that trip you may have went on...
Love..shugars and blessings!!

Tina said...

Wonderful post Jodie - I can so relate.
I LOVE that lunch box you send to Julia - Oh My - filled with yummi stuff and the embellichment on the outside is wonderful.
Wonderful photos.
Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend and sending lots of hugs.
XO Tina
ps: I´m so glad the box have arrived - I was starting to worry :)

Sandy Navarro said...

Sooooooooo glad you're back girl! Breaks are a good thing; we all need them! You have the best attitude to face the realities of life. I have learned that I love me some Jodie! But then, we already knew that! LOL

Blessed Serendipity said...

If it were possible to give you a hug I would. Hang in there sweetie. Come visit me. I think the post I have up right now is for you!


Rochelle said...

Oh Jodie-I just love coming to your blog! You have a way to lift one's spirits and a way to fill their hearts with laughter!
And, the things you create are so "eye-candyish" that I can't help myself but drool at them!
I'm glad you took a break and came back to us with a great enlighten my somewhat dull life at the moment (taking care of 4 puppies that need to go to homes soon!!!)
Take care

gina g said...

i just love you Jodie! you are such a breath of fresh air!

Debra@CommonGround said...

I'm sending prayers for you and your family. I know how hard it is to have our children be out on their "own". They will always be our little ones, no matter what, and for Oreo, cause God loves our little fur babies too! A break is good, love you, hope you received your package.

Janet Ghio said...

Welcome back from a well deserved and very productive "learning" rest--hope you feel rejuvenated. Inspired by you, I've been on the look out for great estate sales or any estate sale for that matter and I finally found one! Wohoo!! So if you have a chance, come visit my blot and see what i found. If not, there will be another time!! you were missed. said...

Sounds like you have your feet on solid ground. Best of luck with your real life issues!

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

You just take a break any old time you need one, Jodie. You are always so busy doing for others that you forget about yourself. Wishing you the best.

Secondhandrose said...

We are alot alike! I need alot of sleep too but am not getting as much as I have started to work at the family business. I need to do this for my family. Such a change of schedule for me. So not much blogging going on here either. Maybe I was doing too much blog hopping before? Balance, that is what I need. It sounds like you are finding it too. Good luck.


Bohemian said...

Just discovered and am enjoying your Blog... so insirational... the words and the Art! Yes, we can keep our little Blog world pretty even when life gets ugly can't we, I love and look forward to my Blog Breaks even though I'm new to this Blogging Community I'm already 'hooked' *wink* ... and turn everything over to the Lord to sort out...

Dawn... The Bohemian

Bohemian said...

Oops... should proofread before I post... I mean INSPIRATIONAL! I'm trying to hurry before the Grandkids interrupt me! *SMILES*

Dawn... The Bohemian

virginiasvignettes said...

Hi Jodie!...GOOD for you!...taking a break and rejuvin'...Glad you are back and LUV LUV LUV Julie's gift!....truly missed your 'words of wisdom'....:)~~~virginia

p.s~I bought this rubberstamp awhile ago.."Be KIND to thine OWNself"...funny part;it was a really tiny stamp....hmmmmm

Laura said...

Dear Miss Jodie-

First things first... you are a special , special lady and everything is going to be OK.

Secondly, it helps me to say to myself- just do the next right thing.

I have been reminded that there are things in life that blogging can not replace.

Love to you and yours,
Laura Belle

stephanie o. said...

Your post was perfect for me to read tonight...I've spent just about the last 16 days feeling sorry for myself...

But....Tonight, while sweating on the bike at the smelly gym, the light went back on and pushed my "poor me" alter ego back to the dusty corner of my messed up mind!!

There are times when life just ain't gonna be fun when there is a mess (like bad eating and exercising habits for over 43 years) to clean up...

The hardest thing we as women, not just mothers, but WOMEN have to get through our pretty looking all together to the rest of the world heads is that when our mental or physical health is in crisis to put OUR needs at the top of the to-do list...

So, good for you for taking a blogging break, my sweet southern friend...And sorry to hear about Oreo...

Keep calm and carry on...

Sylvia Cruz Smith said...

Jodie, I get you sister! Your lunch box is fabulous and so are your photos. Take Care! Sylvia Smtih

Lisa said...

Dear little sassy Sister,
There are 16 things I know for sure,
1. Life isn't always as sweet & pretty as vintage lace.
2. We had a feeling you were a real person, with problems, fears & dreams.
3. That's why we love you.
4. We can't control what our kids do, we can only love em & be there to catch them if they fall. You've done a great job, it will work out.
5. I/we DID miss you terribly.
6.There are not many things more painful than losing a pet. They are our children too.
7. You do have an awesome hubby, a cute one too (don't tell him I said that)
8. We women do need to rest, we sometimes forget that.
9. Your smart to realize it & take care of yourself.
10. Love that black trim in the 5th photo.
11. Also love the lunchbox you gave Julia.
12. You give great gifts!!!!
13. I never understood how you visited 100s of blogs before. You may be the only blogger who welcomes each & every new follower.
14. No one expects you to.
15. You do need your 10 hours of sleep, I know that!
16. I am inspired by you every single time I visit & I cherish our friendship.
This I know for sure!!!! Lisa Marie

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

I have always love being in my blog because it has been an escape (of thoughts) for me. And I do like visiting people I've come to meet too. But yes, there are times where I too feel like I need to be away for awhile. Which is good because then I get to miss it and when I come back everything is seen fresh :-)

So I guess I'll say that what I learned today on my visit here and in writing my comment is that A little break is good for us. Not just referring to the blog but in whatever situation in life we may be. WE don't want to get burnt out! LOL


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl!!!! I've missed you so much!!! But I DO know how "real" life does suck you in and you DO have to figure out just exactly how you're going to deal with it. With FIVE sons, I've been through my fair share of calamities and drama!!!! They are all VERY important and relevant at the moment but seem to become a part of the fabric of our's so not what happens to us but HOW WE RESPOND TO IT :), right? Thank you always for visiting me Jodie and just know that I'm glad you've posted and I'm sending you love and hugs, Dawn

A Fanciful Life said...

Dear Miss Jodie, Do you know what I finally realized tonight? It's that your blog has personality and that's why it's so dear. It is so YOU, so full of your personality, it comes alive. What wonderful words you wrote today.

Love you,
Sharon and Miss Gracie :-)

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi sweet girl, This is a wonderful post and not only because I see your gorgeous pictures of the amazing lunchbox you have sent me! I'm in LOVE with my lunchbox SO much and YES, the rust is wonderful!!! It's such an awesome find and I've never seen something similar before. Your embellishments are just perfect for it! The contents are so very yummy too. All the pretty laces, the bead soup in the gorgeous powder box - I LOVE everything! Thank you very much, Jodie!!!

Of course we missed you but we all know that everyone has a real life to deal with. We shouldn't feel guilty when we haven't blogged for a while. I tell that myself but it doesn't really work, lol.

Have a great day with only positive thoughts, dear friend!Love ya!

Big hugs,

Anne Lorys said...

Well THERE you are!

Me and a certain other Paper Cowgirl were just talking about where you had run off to.

And you know what? Sometimes we really, really NEED to just run off and do whatever it is our bodies, hearts and minds are compelling us to do. I'm glad you took that time for yourself.

Would you be up for a phone call?

Love you loads,

Anonymous said...

Hello, I happened upon your blog from another site I read. Great lessons here especially the one about your son. I know because I've had three. It's very hard to let them go.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Jodie, glad to see that you have taken the time you've needed to regroup, recharge. I think your 16 could be said for all of us. I know that although I love our summer vactions and being able to enjoy the great outdoors, we are always anxious to get back "home" even if that means Kuwait. Back to normal lives, regular routines, our own beds and spaces. The hard job at the moment is packing all we've accumulated the past month and a half, and making sure we don't go over the weight limit for checked luggage. That keeps me tossing and turning for days. But once I get through customs and on the plane, all will be well.

Take care and keep creating and inspiring! It's what you do best. Blessings, Tammy

Lisa Phillippi said...

I have visted your blog many times & this time I just have to tell ya how inspiring you are! We all need a break now & then and I am glad that you use your blog as an outlet because you are a blessing to me!
PS I will be attending "Tidbits & Tassels" in Rockwall,TX in a few weeks as I believe you will be I look forward to meeting you !

Ruth said...

Love you Jodie..... we are all still here no matter how many days you are not!

((Hugs)) Ruth ;)

Karen said...

Girl! I missed your return! I've been off playing with the AZ Peepes.
SEE! I told you everyone would understand if you took some time off and that we'd all still love you!
YAY! The perfect post!
Big hugs from an unheard of balmy 85 cool degrees in Southern California.
YAY! Karen

Geralyn Gray said...

Missed you!!!! Uptown was scratched from the Haskell....we hope to tell you what he is doing in the future ....he had a there is still race in him...we just don't know when....I love how you post--you make it fun to read.....and you are always good with putting the pictures with what you are writing.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hi...I am back too! good to hear from you and Julia must have absolutely flipped when she got the adorable lunchbox. Amazing!

Suz said...

Missed you, Jody. I have learned that family is important, warts and all. I have also leaned that I must start treating my daughter like an adult.

So, how's that?


Tara said...

I am glad you enjoyed your break! That lunchbox is fabulous! You much have all the hot weather, we can't seem to get much in the way of Summer weather here!

Susan said...

Nice photos and post. Susan


Oh, Jodie Le J, I'm happy to see you! I do know that breaks are needed, can't be avoided, etc. Sometimes they are hard to find, so we just have to make 'em. I do hope that all is well as can be in your sweet cajun world. Now, about that McKinney thing, I had no choice. No voice. Those girls are loads of fun, so I think I kinda like their spur of the moment style! Miss ya! ~ Angela

Debby said...

Oh my dear sweet, sweet girl!!! I have been away from blogland for almost a month and thought I had better check in on you today. I think your post is wonderful and so true. I had to take a break and try to get my priorities in order. I was consumed with making everyone else happy and never considering my feelings. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized I wasn't having fun anymore and needed to reorganize my life. Like you, I have a wonderful husband who always stands by me, why he let me go as nuts as I had I am not sure...LOL...I am so sorry about your sweet Oreo and I know everything will work out fine with your son. I have been there and I learned it is better to let go and try to follow instead of trying to lead them forward when they know what their dreams are. It truly does work out in the end, they know in their heart we will be there waiting when they are ready. I love the beautiful goodies you have shared with us and I have missed you big time.
Love yah sweetie.

Karen Valentine said...

Jodie, I can always count on you to do the most wonderful posts, and somehow capture the exact essence of what I am feeling. I think we must be tuned in to the same frequencies! It's been quite a while (more than 16 days for me) since I have done any posts and now I'm starting to feel guilty! I just have so many things going on right now and I really needed a break from blogging for a bit. I'm glad you are staying positive. We must you know, to keep ourselves happy. We really have so much in common!
Please know that I do think of you all the time, even if I don't come by as much as I would like. If I could just have 5 more hours in a day Things would be great!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Jodie~ I am so glad you have been taking a break! All of us have real life and problems going on, and they have to come first! I for one will never get my feelings hurt if I don't get a comment or response...sometimes it's just not possible! Take care of yourself! XO

Teacup Mosaics said...

Dearest Jodie, You have the written the words that I am feeling. Sometimes it is hard to know what we should share with our blogging friends, you always write from your heart but don't bring us down. I have had an interesting summer (see I used a positive word) and in conflict how to express that to my friends in blog world. I don't want to complain, who wants to read that. Although I must find a way to express what is going on and why I have been less than creative and very absent.
You set a wonderful example and I thank you for all your great posts.
Stay cool, you know my 70 degree door is always open.

Lisa said...

Such good advice Jodie! And wonderful lessons we can all learn from.
PS The lunch box is da-bomb! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Frippery said...

True words Jodie. I have found that being positive no matter the circumstance is the only way to live life. Ups and downs are a part of living but the way you react to things is what makes life good or not so good. You should go ahead and get that cart BTW although if you decide to travel my way some day and hit the Springfield show, I got a similar one there for $14.00!!! Just sayin'. Hope all will be well with little Oreo, I can't wait to cuddle him in person in a few weeks!!!!Yeah!!!Hugs, Pam
One more thing, what the heck is the fat potato s*#t, not very positive my dear girl. How about shapely saucy tomato instead!

Nancy's Notes said...

Well, Miss Jodie! I am a new follower as of today! I read what Debbie had to say about you on hwe blog and knew I had to meet you. You two are such bright gems.

I'll be back to check on you. Remember, take care of you too!


kana said...

I love all of your little lessons you shared! Glad to see you back in action in the blogword. Let me see took a 16 day break and I have been on a 16 week break!! Hope to return soon, maybe once I get Macy to college.

Kateyed said...

I miss you. You always give so much and I am glad you are recharging. I just love all your lessons, Jodie. You are a wie one1

Sue said...

A brilliant post! Great to "see" you back and your post really hit home for me due to my enforced semi-break at the moment. Wow - so many of what you have learned, I swear you got from me LOL!

Smile, be happy and live each day to the fullest.



Unknown said...

G'eve Jodie ~ It is so nice to have you pop by! I enjoyed every fabulous word of your write ... so inspirational & many of my own words professed.

Love your lunch box gift ... somebody is going to be thrilled!

Have a lovely PINK summer weekend ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

The Polka Dot Closet said...

First of all thank you for stopping by and sharing in my publishing joy. It sure was fun! Yes, you have to give up, the kids will do what the kid want to do and boys take a little longer than girls. I am so sorry to hear about your furball, yes we do love them. 16 days does not seem like much of a break! I only blog once a week, maybe you should just blog less and enjoy it more? Glad your back and things are Ok


Hope Elllington said...

Wow learned so much. I love it when that happens. That was such a nice post and very thought provoking. And yes....I hear you loud and clear. Oh and thanks for visiting my blog even though you can't visit hundreds a day....I am soooo happy you came to mine. Yes...we are getting ready for Silver Bella and it just won't be the same with out you!!! Swapping is awesome and such a blessing. Stephanie started a book club....(I know you just read Somerset too) I don't read too much....but hey a group getting together....I'm in.
All the Blessings~Hope

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful and inspirational post. I first visited your blog during OWOH, and am finally back. Since I love everything vintage, I'm surprised it took me so long to get back here.

I feature a blog each day on my blog and I am going to feature yours Monday (August 9). Thanks for having such a lovely, well written, and beautifully photographed blog.

Alison Gibbs said...

Fabulous to have you back.
Sometimes it doesn't hurt to let people see the 'ugly' we all have a bit of it.At times we have huge pieces of 'ugly' and other times tiny.
Take care

Vintage Style Downunder said...

So lovely to read your blog again...keeping it real is how we really live...LOVE the rusted lunchbox you made for your friend in Germany...the flower on it is fabulous! And the rust is just pure essence of vintage!! Thanks for sharing your life with us in cyberworld!
You are Beautiful! Your son will grow to be the man you know he already is...and you will manage to be there for him when he asks you to be...nest emptying is NOT FUN!! ;)
Take care...blessu
jessie x

Halle said...

hank you for this little tidbit...

"I have learned that in order to keep my mind positive, I need to keep positive company."

Such a good reminder!!

Love your vintage finds...esp.the lunch box!!

NicNacManiac said... are my inspiration!! I am rejuvenated reading this post....I echo so many of your revelations and they are very close to my heart! Thank you for bringing beauty and positivity into my world and making everyday brighter!!
Hopefully, I think I am breaking out of my funk, maybe because the weather is breaking as well and Autumn is just around the corner!! Keep on smiling's contageous and I think I might be catching it !!
xOxO Nerina