Monday, May 10, 2010

A Simply Sweet Sunday...

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

DSC_0136 (2)

I hope you were in the midst of lots of smiles and happiness...

DSC_0155 (2)

I hope your arms were around the ones you love...

DSC_0152 (2)

I hope you were spoiled to the gills with your favorite things...

DSC_0144 (2)

I hope that you had plenty to eat...

DSC_0134 (2)

And I hope you had lots of love to share!!!

I really enjoyed my Mother's Day at home with The Man's Family.

The weather was nice and cool...worthy of fresh fruit, lemon water, eating steaks on vintage linens and playing ladder ball in the yard. {I just LOVE that game!}

However, this was one of the hardest days of the year for me, besides my Mom's birthday. These photos are missing a beautiful face this they have been now for almost 7 years.

But somehow, seeing these smiles above and knowing how happy The Man is to have everyone together makes my pain a "little" easier.

Plus, a big treat for me was having The College Boy home for Mother's Day after some serious celebrations of the end of Spring semester...

Nope. I never ask any questions...would I really want to know the answers???  ;)

DSC_0153 (3)

Note the shades never came off of his face all day...hmmmm ;)

Counting my blessings and knowing that I am a truly blessed gal, I savored this Mother's Day as there are many out there who are not as fortunate as I am.

Life is so short. We really need to embrace and appreciate it...everything about it's gone.

P.S......Don't let that big bottle of Jim Beam freak you out.

The Man's Mother is 70 something years old, she can run circles around you and I both. She IS a prime example of living, embracing, and appreciating day at a time.

So what was the highlight of your Mother's Day???


Geralyn Gray said...

Happy Mother's Day......loved reading how you spent yours!!!!! Mine was excellent!!!!

Lori said...

girl, i was cracking up about the giant sized bottle of Jim Beam...and i love the smiling dog...that is just too cute:)

Theresa said...

Oh sweet Jodie! My Mama has been gone almost 22 years and I still miss her so much! My day was spent with family and it was a glorious day! I went to Church, two Sisters and my cousin were there, to the cemetery to take flowers and home to prepare for my Daughter and her family to spend the evening! It was a great day:)

Sounds like you had a fun day too with your Honey's family and that handsome Son... WOW!

Love you my friend, enjoy your week and get some rest!

Robin Thomas said...

It might take Jim Beam to take you on right? Glad you were surrounded with love. Hugging you from here...

Lisa said...

Jack bottle, too funny!! Maybe that is why she is full of "juice"!! A cup of Jack a day keeps you running all the way! Ha ha!!
My "moment" yesterday came with my little Gracie... IMAGINE THAT!?? We went to mom's to pick up my middle son that had stayed the weekend with her and also to take her Mother's day gift to her. We usually leave Gracie in the car as I only go in for just a few short minutes. Well, this time Gracie didn't agree! The door open and out she flew! Mom has a cat that is highly opposed of this new and strange looking visitor. Oh, Gracie was steppin' in high cotton as she ran wild and free. I just let her go... needless to say that the next trip to mom's we will be taking the harness and leash :)
My day was great! Oh and your little fuzzy guy is just adorable! I'm thinking my Gracie may not be full blooded as her little nose doesn't look quite like a Pom's. You little cutie looks like he's smiling!! Like having a real live teddy bear, hu?
Have a great day... you may have rain on the way - it is here today! Maybe it will go North of ya'll!
Bye Bye!!

Unknown said...

What a great post! I'm so glad you enjoyed your mothers day! And your so right, We need to live every day to the fullest! Your post made me smile, that's why I like to stop by and add a little sunshine to my day!

Hugs, Linda

shana said...

The Jim Beam bottle is funny, she must know something we don't. Just spent the day with my family at a picnic. This was my daughter in laws 1st mothers day so it was extra special. Take care.

Linda said...

I loved reading about your day and seeing the fascinating photos :) I'll tell you something about whiskey - one of our dearest family friends from our old neighborhood lived a full life to nearly 100 and she enjoyed her glass of bourbon (straight) each and every day, so there must truly be something to that. ♥

The best part of my Mother's Day was simply being with my family - my dear husband and daughter, and my parents who remain our neighbors for these blessed, precious days.

Hearts Turned said...

Looks like a perfectly gorgeous Mother's Day, Jodie--beautiful photos! Your MIL looks pretty happy with her gift...!

Life IS so amazing, and I appreciate your reminder to grab it and enjoy every second!!!

Glad you had a wonderful day--hope today is wonderful for you, too!

Claudia said...

I'm so glad you were surrounded by family on Mother's Day, Jodie. It must have eased some of the sadness you feel on Mother's Day and your Mom's birthday.

Love the big 'ole Jim Beam bottle! And the photo of your son is great! Better NOT to know what happens at college!


Marlene said...

Happy Mothers Day! lovely post!
surrounding ourselves with the ones we love..thats what its all about! Marlene xoxo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Jodie...glad to know my Mom has good company! Happy you had a nice day ~ mine was perfect!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day with family. Around here, it was just a regular ol' day. I'm looking forward to summer in the States and a few drinks of my own. DH brought the tickets home today. Woohoo! Best wishes, Tammy

Unknown said...

Hi, Jodie...I just found your blog today and enjoyed my visit so much. Love your Mom's Day post. Jim Beam....too funny.

Will be back again for sure.

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I'm sure you know who the star of this post is! LOL. If she can drink that then no wonder she's full of energy!

Sweet family and I'm glad your day was special.


Angela Weimer said...

Jodi, Looks like some fun was had and you got some Lovely pics. This is 4 years for my mom being gone and it has not seemd to get any better yet. I keep waiting. Being in England this year we celebrated mothers day when they do in April. DH is back to the states this week so no celebrating for us(except maybe having the house to ourselves..LOL) Glad you got to spend MD with family. Angela

vintage girl at heart said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!
Looks like a great one in your neck of the woods!!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Ok, am I to understand this correctly-the pictures look as if they are outdoors. If my memory serves me correctly you don't like bugs which are generally found outdoors. I'm glad you had a wonderful day with family while also being outdoors-heehee:). It does sound like you had a great day:). Your mother-in-law sounds like a hoot! My mother-in-law is one of those active '70 something' women who dances circles around us! She and her man kareoke and dance on the weekends at the Amvets til all hours of the night while hubby and I are snoozing at an early hour. What can I say-sometimes the old keep us young!



Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

enjoyed the post... the bottle made me smile from ear to ear. It looks like you have a wonderful family with a great sense of humor.


Kateyed said...

Then there was my friend, Izzy, who drank her Scotch straight (or with just a dollop of water. We would leave Jud and I smashed on our butts and she would be still standing. She died at ninety-four. I am seeing a trend here.

Dear Jodie, I lost my mom at eighteen and not a Mother's Day goes by that I don't miss her terribly. It's a loss that never quite goes away.

Sending hugs...


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Jodie!!! It looks like you all had a WONDERFUL time girl!!! Just having our babies around us can always make us smile ~ and I love that your MIL has SPUNK too!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Karen said...

Hey Girl.
I knew that was your booze . . . (hehehe)
What a nice day you had. I Love the shot of Oreo.
Yup - missing my Mom the entire day too . . .
Hugs! Karen

Honey Lamb and I said...

Sorry it was bitter sweet for you. Glad your man got to have his fam around. I remember many of days coming home form college break and wearing sunglasses the whole time too!! lol

Debby said...

What a fun post! I was missing my Mom yesterday also, but I know she is always watching over me. I am with you on asking no questions, I prefer not to know unless they want to share...LOL...
Happy Belated Mother's day!

Beth A. @ Songbird Hill said...

Sounds like you had a great one! I was with my mother in law too and we had a wonderful time. Whew, they are good cooks!

Becca said...

Hi Jodie, I'm right there with you...Mom's been gone 16 years now, and I still miss her everyday! I'm always a little sad this day too, but I'm so grateful I have a WONDERFUL mother-n-law i can have fun with. (not too many people can say that huh? Love the post, glad you had a good day!

Pierelantijntjes said...

Hello Jodie,
What a beautiful post. I got tears in my eyes when I read it.And I am so sorry for your lost! I'm so lucky to have both of my parents and I cherish every moment I see them.
My 9 year old son made me a poem, and crafted a little box on school to put some things in, and together with my 13 year old daughter they bought me some perfume. And ofcourse they looked after me all day.
Hugs Ester

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Hi sweet Jodie, I'm sure your MIL uses the Jim Beam for medical purposes only, lol. It looks like you had a wonderful time even though you missed your Mom. College Boy is looking good and content! Hey Brett, When you read this, I hope you had a great time celebrating!
Mmh, the highlights of my Mother's Day? I tried to convince Cecil the cat to make breakfast for me. He just purred something that sounded like: "You know exactly that I'm not even capable to open up a food can. How would I be able to throw some toasts into the toaster and get the butter out of the fridge?" Well, that was a winning argument, I guess. He came by for some extra cuddeling though :-).
Have a great Tuesday, girl!
Big hugs,

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love that photo of grandma- so cute...
Just became a follower- (Everything Vintage) my life- what i live for- my heart skips a beat when i see such amazing vintage finds.
Love the Blog

Lisa said...

Oh girl, I love Grandma with her whiskey bottle. Lord at her age she deserves a pull or two or three! I'm glad you had a good day, I know the feeling of it being a bitter sweet day. I lost my Mom on MD 2 years ago. I didn't even post Sunday, it's a toughie. I'm grateful for my babies tho, I'd sure be bored without them! Lisa

Sheri said...

Hey Miss Jodie,
What a wonderful post and sharing your Mother's Day with all of us! It sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful day. Love all the pictures.

Natasha Burns said...

LOL I did giggle at that pic with the Jim Beam!
Looks like college boy had a big night the night before, hence the glasses?
my highlight on Mother's Day was an unexpected ride on a pedal boat on a lake... and finding red mushrooms like the ones in fairy tales :)

Charlene said...

Hey TROUBLE!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day. ASK no questions for you may NOT like the answers!!!! Hee Hee You are a wise southern Momma. I learned that trick too with my two boys. And now... let me tell you it is SWEET when the GRANDS give it all back in spades to their own sweet Daddies. Hee Hee again an evil laugh. Still not finished posting Savannah. Can you believe???? I signed up to go to Kim's Event in July. Can't wait. Now... off to work. Hugs! Charlene

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Jodie,
Just stumbled on your beautiful vintage blog. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration. Even though it is still hard missing your Mother, mine went to Heaven 5 years ago. I'll be following along and will be back soon.
Happy Wednesday,

Laura said...

Hey Jodie-

What a great celebration.
I know what you mean.
I still miss my mother and I always will.

You are the best Jodie.


Signs and Salvage said...

Great post!!! Love the look on her face with the BIG bottle of Jim Beam:)

Take cARE,


kanishk said...

Love you my friend, enjoy your week and get some rest!
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