Friday, December 11, 2009

Show and Tell...


A vintage hat box and a beautiful gift bag...

DSC_0545 (2)

A surprise just for me~

DSC_0553 (2)

baubles and buttons...

DSC_0575 (2)

millinery and leather...

DSC_0558 (2)

totally and truly, everything vintage.

DSC_0588 (2)

Today {and for the first time}

I am participating in Show and Tell Friday

hosted by Cindy at My Romantic Home

                show and tell fridays

I'm so glad you stopped by today because I wanted to make this a special post, dedicated to a special friend of mine.

During the month of October, I celebrated my birthday everyday, for the whole month, all 31 days. And everyday, I posted photos of my gifts and treasures that were sent to me...except this one above.

Now that I've "showed" you the goodies, let me "tell" you why it took me until now {December} to post about it.

Since my "Birthday Month", LIFE didn't allow me the chance to fully enjoy this beautiful gift as it is so deserving of. As she writes on the card, this was my "last gift for 2009".

DSC_0547 (2)

You see, Carrie follows my blog (illegally from her computer at work ;) everyday. We worked together for many years and she knows me like I would be her own daughter. She is my cheerleader in everything that I do and she is my f.r.i.e.n.d.

On the last day of October, she brought me my birthday gift. I could see she was just tickled to death to give it to me so I knew it was going to be something I would fall in love with. And with every peek into the box and every pull of the tissue paper, my heart was full of joy...

DSC_0551 (2)

This beautiful hat in it's original hat box was her's when she was in college. {Maybe 40 something years ago?} She remembers clearly how she wore it to "Rush" when she attended LSU. She told me the story of how her Mother would take her to the fanciest clothing stores in Baton Rouge to buy her outfits and she looked like a million dollars. She had all of the beautiful gloves and accessories to match too. Oh how I wish I'd have photos of her back then!


I don't know which gift was better that day, holding all of these vintage goodies in my hands or listening to her tell me those stories of long time passed. It had to be the whole package!

She continued to tell me how the linens were her Mother's and her Grandmother's! These beautiful women are both gone now but I hope they know how much their linens will be cherished in their new home...I just love them so!

The beautiful hat sits on a hat stand {which belonged to her Grandmother too!}. I have it placed in on a shelf in the library and every morning when I sit at my computer, I see it. For 40 something years, it has been sitting in a it's MY turn to enjoy it as much as she once's MY turn :)

Thank you for stopping by today for my Show and Tell Friday. Please visit Cindy to get a list of the other wonderful participants playing today.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Maybe we will play again soon...


Claudia said...

Oh Jodie, what a lovely present with an even lovelier story behind it! You will treasure it always, of that I'm sure!


Malisa said...

You got the most beautiful gift...the gift of friendship! How much she must love you to give you such cherished objects! Your gifts from Carrie were absolutely gorgeous, but the love behind those gifts is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story!


Mindy said...

What a beautiful gift! I am partial to the pop of the turq and blues. Pretty! Thank you for sharing. ~Mindy

trash talk said...

Jodi, this post makes me sob just like the big ol' baby I am. What an amazing friend. She didn't just give you little pieces of her memories and past...she gave you her heart. To entrust you with such beautiful treasures...well, it speaks volumes as to the kind of friend you are. She trusts you above all others to share such precious, precious gifts of love.

Jessica Rodarte said...

What a lovely contribution to show and tell. :) Wonderful and thoughtful gifts from a dear friend! Speaking of friends, I've missed you! The baby is giving me a minute here and there and I am glad she gave me enough time to read an entire post from you without interruption. :) I hope all is well! xoxo.

Karen said...

Sigh. This is awesome. All of it. The gifts, the story she told. Do you journal Jodie? You should write these things down. Listen to me! Like "who the heck has time for that?" but still, we should make time. This is just lovely. And that hat is KILLER!!!!!
Love this post. I'm sure it'll be the best one today!!!! Your photos are just gorgeous. I am taking a digital photography class starting in January. I'm excited because my photos need help! And I want to learn all the special touches everyone else seems to know how to do!
Have a wonderful weekend Dear Friend.
Hugs! Karen

Illuminated Manuscripts Workshop said...

Hi Jodi:
Love the hat box and vintage details.... just beautiful.

FYI: I am giving away some of my papers vintage/handmade/decorative in a little give away next Tue. Hope you get a chance to stop by and add some Joy by signing up...


Rochelle said...

Hello Jodi!
That is such a special the colors of the millinery on the hat! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day - and yes those elves are vintage. They were supposed to be part of some Christmas crafts I was planning on making but I got all tied up with sewing this month.....oh well, maybe next year!
Merry Merry!

Linda said...

This is so very special!!! A beautiful gift and a beautiful story to accompany it. Thank you for blessing my Friday. ♥

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend.

The Victorian Parlor said...

What lovely gifts! And the stories are just as much fun:)!



Pam @ Frippery said...

Wow Jodie! She certainly picked the right person to entrust these treasures too. What a great friend. The hat alone is completely awesome. Thank you for sharing Carrie and her gifts with us. Hugs, Pam

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

It is obvious these wonderful, lovely gifts were given to you because Carrie knows without a doubt that you will care for and cherish them always! What a blessing. :)

My Grama's Soul said...

I can't believe I have not stumbled on your blog before.

What a beautiful blog you have - a true feast for the eyes.

What a sweet post you shared with us today.

Blessings to you,


Vicki said...

Hello, Jodie,
Such a wonderful and sweet present from a kind and caring friend!! I know you will always cherish it and enjoy its beauty. To know the story behind something vintage is even better. Blessings to you! Vicki

LiLi M. said...

How sweet and wonderful! It is such a beautiful world we bloggers live in! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

Sandra said...

Wonderful friend, gift and hat! I think it would be so fun to go back a few years and really dress up like the woman use too. I can remember my grandmother in dress, matching purse and shoes, hat and gloves, jewelry, etc....just to go downtown shopping.

Tina said...

What a beautiful present - wonderful photos
Thanks for sharing.
~ Tina

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

What a beautiful gift! You must be really special to her to be given a cherished posession. How sweet and thoughtful.

Sue said...

Such a lovely box of treasures for a very lovely lady :)


Sue E.

Janean said...

touching story and exquisite gifts!

VS said...

Dear Jodie...
All I can think of right now is that it would be so WONDERFUL if you could go to the Kentucky Derby & wear your sweet friends magnificent hat! Just like in the Velveteen Rabbit, your hat has a new life & a new chance to be admired & loved. I wouldn't be surprised if the flowers started perking up with pride as it sits on it's hatstand longing to be worn. I want to see the photos of that!!! :)

Julie Pishny said...

This could possibly be my very favorite posting of yours to date...what a treasure to receive from a beautiful and sweet...your friend is the real treasure and the hat will always be a visible reminder of her devotion to you....

I love hearing stories of friendship between women, they are so full of hope, love and devotion. Bless you and your friend, may you have many years together to celebrate this very special bond between you.

It warms the heart...xo Julie

June said...

Jodie that's a beautiful gift and a beautiful story. I imagine that your sweet friend is tickled that you will cherish it. An amazing gift of the heart. You southern women really know how to dress. I don't think that kind of style ever made it to Idaho. It's always said that we are about 25 years behind the rest of the country.

Well it's time for hubs and I to go out, so I better go get my hot pants and go-go boots on.

Unknown said...

Wow...what a special and thoughtful gift. As everyone mentions, the true gift is the friendship, but to give something that personal...that is special. Lovely Stuff and a lovely friendship. You are both very lucky, cherish it!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

What a lovely story and beautiful gift from your friend.
How wonderful to have something that you can treasure and enjoy and the friendship that will always be special.

Have a wonderful weekend

TQ said...

High praise to you.

Truely ... a beautiful blog, with a beautiful story, beautifully told about two beautiful ladies and their friendship.

Thank you so much for sharing, I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Have a MARVELOUS weekend.

Debby said...

Hi Jodie,
What a gorgeous gift and beautiful friend you have. Awesome post.

Rebecca Nelson said...

What I wouldn't GIVE for that hat!

Lovely, Lovely, LOVELY!

Love, Rebecca

GwendolynKay said...

I just love this post. Such beautiful gifts from your friend Carrie. She must think very highly of you indeed to bestow upon you such precious gifts. The hat is lovely, I love the pink gloves too. Blessings!

Lenore said...

That is such a lovely and tear-rendering story. I love the hat and all the vintage goodies that went along with it.
Your friend is certainly a F.R.I.E.N.D. INDEED!
Christmas blessings to you and yours.

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Jodie...

Thanks so very much for your visit!

The WHOLE MONTH??? WOW! I love that idea. And, your gifts from this wonderful lady are just tooooo fabulous. What a lucky girlie you are. I adore that hat and actually gasped when I scrolled down to it in your blog...

I'm dying to make it back to Louisiana....I'm crazy about it.

Warm blessings,

The Feathered Nest said...

What a gorgeous gift Jodie!!!! The colors are just breathtaking ~ and how wonderful of her to give it to you...she knew you would treasure it!! xxoo, Dawn

Lori said...

Jodie, what a wonderful friend to pass her beautiful treasures on to you...everything is just gorgeous!!!

Emerson Bindery said...

What a wonderful gift from a very special friend! You are lucky!