Tuesday, August 18, 2009

With a watchful eye...


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It's rainy here today...the perfect day to curl up with a good book or get nose deep in a wonderful project in the studio. But unfortunately, I'm on my lunch break and just walked away from the weather news at noon. It's Hurricane season here in the South and I have my eyes glued to the weather channel, watching these storms form with fury, praying that they don't reach the Gulf. (And of course, praying they miss the states all together! )

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So, since I don't have a whole heck of a lot to share with you today, I thought I'd show you a sneak peek of the latest Silver Bella Swap I'm working on...a mini art quilt swap. We have to make four 5x7 art quilts and mail them to our hostess. She then puts 4 together (from 4 different artists) and makes a larger quilt for each one of us! How cool is that? Here's one of my 5x7's done so far in the midst of all my little gathered trinkets...


I've never made a mini art quilt before. I have thumbed through the pages of Sew Somerset and Art Quilting Studio many times and gathered much inspiration! There is SO much talent in those magazines!!!

DSC_0004 (2)

I love vintage ephemera and KNEW that I had to incorporate it, along with velvet, pearls and lace too!

I won't receive my completed Mini Art Quilt until I go to Silver Bella in November. I'll be sure to show it to you upon my return. As of now...I'm just dreaming of how beautiful it will be when my art will be combined with some of the most talented artists I know!!!! I'm so humbled...I hope mine compares!

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Hey little sis Lynn, if you are reading this...thank you again for the cloth measuring tape...I've found the perfect use for it!!!! :)


Debra@CommonGround said...

Your work is just absolutely precious! Be sure to take photos of it all before you send it out. And how fun to receive a completed quilt at the swap party. Do you have an ounce of extra talent to send my way?

The Victorian Parlor said...

These are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished quilt:). This is such a great idea! We used to do something similar in my quilt guild where each person would make a 12x12 quilt block and then all the blocks were given away as a door prize. Each month some lucky quilter went home with the makings of an entire quilt!

BTW, I laughed at your comment about my new teddy bear. Kramer seems to be more interested in my tiny critters than the new bear. I have a small black and white kitty as part of my collection and for some reason he keeps going after that one:). I don't know why as Kramer continues to be the top cat in the house-haha!



Linda said...

A sweet idea! Love the items you've compiled and I'm sure it's going to be lovely!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Beautiful work Jodie, as usual. I almost fell over at first because I thought those beads were sequins. I know you are totally allergic to glitter and sparkles but I thought you had a change of heart. Phew, you scared me girl! I do love me some glitter but I couldn't see you getting all sparkled up. Who ever gets your mini quilt squares are lucky indeed. Hugs, Pam

icandy... said...

Jodie, wonderful assortment! :)

Beth E-R said...

I am headed to Silver Bella and am doing three swaps, but unfortunately not this mini quilt one. Everyone who receives one of your creations will be thrilled! I am impressed you are working on them already.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Lori said...

ooooooooh, didn't YOU put your rainy day to good use...i think it was raining everywhere today...i spent mine lazing around...per usual...i really need to learn to take advantage of rainy days and use them to create...i just love what you are doing with your sewing machine over there...your quilt square is gorgeous Jodie!!!

Willnnabel said...

This is lovely!

trash talk said...

I'd say I just got through looking at a lot of talent right here on this blog post. Oh mylanta, darlin'...your square is Fab U Lous and you know I don't just throw those 3 words around! These remind me of the friendship quilts that ladies made for new brides with each one doing a separate square and "signing" it.
You are allergic to GLITTER??? How can that be? I just assumed it flowed freely through your veins and that's why you are so clever

Patti's Artful Design said...

Jodie, your artistry is exquisite and you must accept it.....you belong in a magazine too!

kana said...


Your mini art quilt piece looks great! I didn't sign up for that one. I did sign up for 5 swaps and need to get busy ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration and for your sweet compliment on my blog.

Jessica Rodarte said...

I hope the storms miss you! You mini art quilt swap sounds like it's going to be gorgeous when it is put all together. I love what you're putting together. I will have to pick up an issue of Sew Somerset. It looks like a magazine I would love. :D

Cindy said...

Love that cloth measure tape!

yapping cat

Karen said...

Oh Jodie! It's beautiful. It seems like everything your hand touches turns out absolutely gorgeous. I don't think you have a worry in the world.

You are allergic to glitter? MAN! Well, at least I learned something new about you today.

I have you in my thoughts with all the hurricanes brewing out there. Have you ever had one hit? I mean to the point where you had to evacuate and knew you had to? I guess that could be perceived as a stupid question, but . . . what's a California girl to do but ask the dumb ones? Go ahead!! Ask me any question about n earthquake and I'll give you the answer because I've been through them all!
Gosh, aren't you just dying to get to SIlver Bella?
I joined a swap for An Artisitic Affaire L'Automne and I just don't know how I am ever gong to have time to do it . . . I'm really getting worried. UGH! Talk about pressure! I really wanted to do another one - oh GOLLY I want to do the paper doll swap, but there is just no physical way. We don't even get home until Sunday . . . and the event begins on the 18th. Sounds like a lot of time, but I have my nephews wedding in San Diego, our wedding anniversary, and after being gone a month, how do you think my desk at work is going look? UGH!

Oh well . . . it'll all get done!

I can't wait to see your quilt!!

HAGE!!! Hugs. Karen

The Texas Woman said...

Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Wish it would rain here. We'd even take a hurricane if we could be on the wet side!

DeeDee said...

Wow...this is just beautiful..I love your style...

Tara said...

I am so thankful I don't live in a hurricane zone! Or tornados, those would be very scary. Your Bella Swap looks like it's going to be gorgeous, I can't wait to see the finished product. The Birthday Party for the little one was so much fun! She looked adorable and the captions were hilarious. Loved the decorations too. Have a great day tomorrow and I'll be by for another visit soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the 'full complete quilt'...What a keepsake for everyone!!! Truly, it shows all of your masterpieces into one!!! :)
Got a sore throat today...
Hope you are feeling okay.
I love it ALL!!!
Did you get the pics of Ms. Sophie's distant cousins from Texas?!! hahaha
Hugs, Love ya,

Draffin Bears said...

Beautiful work Jodie and how exciting to be able to see your finished quilt.
This is such a beautiful idea and what a lovely keepsake from a lot of friends.

Sorry about the rain, but often you work so much better when the day is rainy. I know I do.
I hope that the hurricanes stay way away from your place.
Stay safe and my thoughts are with you.


Anonymous said...

Hey sweets! I love the blue sponges are you kidding me!?! I am almost out! hehe Ps no recipe for instant pumpkins sorry except if I am a sweetheart and can bare to make another one which I dont see happening any time soon! haha sorry they are such a mess. I love LOVE what I am seeing here! Ms talented talkin about everyone else! You blow me away with your T's(thoughtfulness, talent, touches of vintage, techniques, and last but not least the bomb! hehe). Eight more days and you will hear my mustang pull up in your driveway and me jumping up and down for joy! hehehe Big hugs


Christine Edwards said...

Your art quilts are off to an amazing start. I'm sure you'll come home with an incredible piece that you will always cherish. Wishing you well during this hurricane season. Having lived in Florida for a number of years, I know what it's like to be on pins and needles with the forecasts. Be safe!

Sandy said...

Your art quilt is just beautiful! I can't wait to see what all the other Bella's come up with. It is sure to be an awesome finished piece of art.

zandra said...

Hi Jodie, your square is fabulous! Can't belive you are allergic to glitter! One of my favorite things other than flowers of course! ;o) Can't wait to see the rest of your quilt. I'm sure you have as much fun at Silver bella as I will be having next week at Creative Escape! Stay safe. Hugz, Z

A Fanciful Life said...

Ohhhhh, what yummy art pieces and embellishments! It's going to be so beautiful, I can't wait to see it when it's finished. My next swap is the Inspiration Apron swap where we create 14 3 x 5 pieces, send them in and get back an apron made with everyone's piece. I'm a bit envious since you only had to make 4 pieces - lol!
Sharon :-)

PS Loved the photos of little Ella and her birthday party. Looks like a grand time was had by all.

miss lynn said...

yeah, jodie!!!
i'm so happy that you
found a use for the
little fun fluff! and
by the way, you are
right, those mags are
full of talented artists
and your work should be
right there with 'em!
what fabulous minis!
happy day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie , Praying that you all are safe , I grew up in Minnesota with tornados , it was always scary having to take shelter in the basement. Your little quilt squares are absolutely beautiful What patience you have! I'm sorry you are allergic to glitter - do you just use other mediums? xoxo, Sue

Caleen said...

Lovely piece.. Can't wait to see it when it is all done. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate such talent!

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to visit my blog and leave a comment so I could find you. Your work is beautiful and I know you are excitied to see the finished quilt. I love the vintage tape measure - reminds me of watching my grandma sew when I was little.

Martha's Favorites said...

I can't wait to see that quilt. How lucky to go the the Silver Bella. I hope to go next year. Your squares are stunning. I am sure they will be the bell of the Bella. Martha

Wendy Hue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and for the sweet comments. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment, and signed up for nine swaps. Your blocks are wonderful, I need to find a way to step up my game :-)


June said...

Jodie, these photos of your artwork are stunning! They make me wish I was going to 'Silver Bella', but alas, I will just be stuck home shoveling snow from my front walk, thinking of you sitting there creating beautiful things, with your pretty little art quilt tucked in around you, and you laughing and having a great time. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Stephanie O. said...

These are beautiful! I've been thinking about you, but with school starting here I haven't been blogging too much...

Hope Ellington said...

Jodie~These are gorgeous!

Sheila Rumney said...

Oh, I just love your mini quilt! Just lovely!!! Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella with a beautiful mini art quilt!