Monday, August 24, 2009

I survived...



IF...if I could tell you how much fun I had this past weekend with my class at our high school alumni co-ed tournament, ya'll wouldn't believe me. At all! For starters...I've been praying {and doing extra good deeds} for two things since the first day of practice:

1. Please God, don't let me get hurt

2. Please Dear God, don't let me strike out in front of everyone

And, I must have been a REALLY good girl because neither of the above happened! Yay! Although I rarely made it to first base, I did hit a double (because of an error) and I did run through home plate for a score (thanks to my teammates) and I did catch a ball (even though it was a foul). Those were the highlights of my playtime! We went home winning 3 and loosing 3. Not as good as expected but it's not all about winning, is it? ;)

But the REAL highlight was the fun our class of '88 had, even off the field. It's amazing how some of us see each other maybe twice a year but we are still so close thanks to texts, emails, blogs, and facebook (which I just got online this weekend!).  Time and distance are irrelevant and it's amazing how we can  just pick up where we left off from the last visit. We truly have a great class and so enjoy getting together...

Off the field...

Lauri & Jodie

On the field...


Oh how I wish I could tell you that I'm the pretty blond, but nope. I'm the lidded one. That's me. I hate to be in front of the camera...I'm usually behind the lens. So these are RARE photos! (When I become famous...they just might be worth something! ;)



Today is Monday and I'm up early...I'm back to the real world and I want to give you an update on Dad as promised. The MRI showed atrophy of his brain (shrinkage) so now my sister and I have to put our heads together this week and see how we will begin to deal with his rapid progress of dementia {Alzheimer's}.

Brett (my son) starts back at UL today, so that means a trip to Sam's to stock up his apartment before he starves to death.

Also, I will be leaving Thursday morning, headed for Texas. I'm going "play" with some Texas Bellas for the weekend. I'll have my laptop so I hope to stay in touch!

Now if I can get out of my computer chair without too much groaning, I'm going slather myself with Ben-gay & Tylenol! ;)

Have a great week!


Jane said...

I love reading your posts! Congratulations on playing (in my case in would be surviving) six softball games. It's great that your class is still connected. The best way to relive the "good ole days" (I can say that because I graduated in '78) is with the people that were there with you. Good luck with your Dad. Have a great week.

Hope Ellington said...

Hi Sweet Jodie~
I love you in baseball attire...a double with errors is still a double in my book!! Our days are dwindling until we meet again. I can't wait until Silver Bella!

The French Bear said...

Hi Jodie!! Looks like you had a wonderful time, good for you to go and see all your school friends! Pictures too, you look happy and beautiful!!!!
I am keeping your Dad in my prayers, I do hope things are not too difficult for you and your sister.
Take care sweetie!
Margaret B

Pam @ Frippery said...

How fun Jodie. You are a cutie in your "lid". Looks like a great time. Now you are heading for another wonderful weekend with the Texas Bellas. Have a Cosmo for me! Hope things aren't to stressful for you with Dad. At least it sounds as if he is already settled as far as caregiving. I am going to "friend" you on facebook. I am a newbie too and never know what to do once I am there, hee hee. Hugs, Pam

Linda said...

How fun!! You look so cute and it's great that you've remained in touch with your old friends.

I am in touch on Facebook with some of my High School class, but we had a class of some 600 so I don't really remember everyone, lol. Plus, my High School class is the Class of 1982. :P

Glad you had such a great time.

Sandi said...

So glad you had a good time with your classmates.

I wish you courage and hope for you, your family, and your Dad.

Let me know when you come to Lafayette, maybe we can get together.

Impatient Cajun

NicNacManiac said...

WOW Jodie,
You go girl...looks like a ton of fun!! It's great that you had the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends and do it in such style! Glad that all you need is some Tylenol and Ben-Gay and not the emergency room!!
I have your Dad in my thoughts and of luck!!
Have a fabulous time in Texas gettin' creative!! Enjoy the rest of your day!! Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

vintage girl at heart said...


Jessica Rodarte said...

I'm glad you survived! Sounds like a fun time. :) I am happy to see the lovely face behind the wonderful lady. I hope you get in front of the camera more often.
My prayers will continue for you and your family. Many hugs going your way. <3

Karen said...

Oh Girl - at my age, who the heck cares about the camera any more! You are gorgeous, inside and out, and I am so very happy to have met you and now have you as a friend!!
You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you and your family figure out what's in the future for your Dad. Even though my Mom died of ovarian cancer, she had such a peaceful death - I was amazed. She was coherent through the very end, no pain which was totally unexpected and amazing, and I am glad that if she had to go, she went that way. I always tell Mark, if ever the time comes, just let me go walk out into a snowstorm. That would be the most perfect way to go for me.
Oh you BRAT! You get to go play and do fun things this weekend!!!! I have to wait until 9-18/9-19. But isn't it fun that we both get to go play and do things we love!!
I'll let you go now, I think I can hear a slight moaning coming through the computer . . . must be your sore muscles - isn't it amazing how muscles hurt that we never even knew we had? LOL
HAGD! :) Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

The Victorian Parlor said...


How wonderful that you can play ball:). In school I not only was the last one picked for the team but they would actually argue over who would get stuck with me. Yes, I have emotional scars from PE class growing up (but that's for my 'I hate PE class anonymous' group therapy sessions-lol)! Needless to say I was the artist in school not the athlete:).

As for the pictures-you are as pretty as the other girl (Kramer thinks his auntie Jodie is prettier:).

I will send up more prayers for you father:).

Have a good time and a safe trip this weekend in Texas!



Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie!
Oh Yeah...that is where you were when I called this weekend, playing the field!!! hahaha
Wow, you and your team look really like a fun and bonded team!!! Not bad, 3/3.... :) !!!
Bill mailed out your package today... you will get it before Thursday!!! Do enjoy it!!!
I know you are super-busy, and so I may not be able to talk with you before your trip, but have lots of fun, and we will chat when you can!!!
Hugs & Love,
~*~ Karen ~*~

Bill said...

Jodie, Didn't know you had super power athletic skills to add to your awesome creative ones. Looks like you guys made/make a great team. Sounds really fun. It took a lot of faith and courage to get out there and play ball. I'm not sure I would have tried that at "my" age. haha. Yal should consider playing Eunice graduates of 87,89, or other class close to yals in year. And remember, age is only a number limiting your self-expectations. Love, Bill

Debby said...

Hi Jodie,
Sounds like you had such a wonderful weekend, good for you. Thanks for sharing your pics and your story.

Draffin Bears said...

What a fun packed post Jodie and loved seeing the beautiful you, step out from behind the camera!
You did really well and glad that you came back without too many aches and pains.
Well done my friend!

My thoughts and prayers are with your dear Dad, I hope you can work out something that will be good for you all.
Have a great and safe trip, to Texas.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Dad, that is a hard thing to deal with. I bet you had a good time. But on the acheys.
Have a good time on your trip and be safe. blessings

kana said...


I love the photos of you and your HS friends! Looks like you all had a good time. Hope you have safe travels and lots of fun with the TX bellas...wish I could go. I will be thinking about you and your sister in regards to your dad.

A Fanciful Life said...

What a fun time you had with the ol' gang! I'm so glad you posted your picture - the easier it will be to spot you in November. Oh, wait, you'll be the one who is NOT covered in glitter - lol! I'm so jealous of your Texas Bella weekend - have a great time. I'm thinking positive thoughts for your dad...
Sharon :-)

Mindy said...

How much fun! I love it!

Sorry to hear about the progression of your Dad's disease. Prayers continue, Jodie.

Now, I wanna hear about your trip to Texas. Who are you coming to play with? Where ya going?


Stephenie said...

What a fun post.. I think you're adorable.. You look so cute with that hat on.. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.. It's always so much fun meeting up with old friends.. Hope all is well..

zandra said...

Congrats! I'm so envious, I can't do any sports and love them. I loved racket ball and if I do say so myself I was good at it. lol Total left knee replacement has held me back from sports. So, glad you continue to do it and enjoy it! Good luck in Texas. Keep you in my prayers, too. Hugz, Z said...

You'r so cute what are you talking about!. I love that your still together with you high school buddies, and that you can play ball. I'm glad you had that prayer.

It doesn't sound good for your dad. One day at a time. God bless!

Going to Texas could be fun!

Anonymous said...

way to go chick!! i knew you would have a blast! Dont think the fun is over yet! hehe two more days! well really one in a half! Big hugs

Caleen said...

What a great time and to have such a good connection with your class is so wonderful. You all look so great in your baseball attire.. What a great time.. I pray all goes well with your Dad.. Have a blessed week.

Tara said...

It looks like a lot of fun! Sorry to hear the latest news on your Dad. I hope you and your sister take care of yourselves while you have to make these difficult decisions.

Have fun with the bellas and have a great week!

June said...

Hi Jodie,
Boy is it nice to see who I am talking to. I love the picture!!! What a cutie you are!!! You won't even be getting this until you're back, but I wanted to get this out to you because I have been away from the computer so much this past week. My G-daughteer had to have her tonsils out so I went to stay at my daughter's to watch the other children for three days. Got home, posted white wednesday and it was hubs b-day so we took off to go camping again.
Glad you made a great showing at the ball game, and I say great because if it had been me I would have ducked instead of catching the foul.