Friday, July 24, 2009

everything vintage Studio Tour...

Next!...Oh, Good Morning! Can I have your ticket please?

ticket copy

Welcome! Are you with the "Where Blogger's Create" Party Tour...Could I have your name please? Aahh yes, you are at the top of our VIP list. Come right in, I've been waiting for you!

My name is Sophie and I'll be your tour guide today. I've known Mrs. Jodie for quite some time as I am her studio playmate. Oh the fun we have together! Mrs. Jodie is at her real job today but she might be home by the time we finish the tour. I'm sure she'd love to see you.

sophie1 copy

I must start off the tour by telling you that this is a private tour. ;) It is for bloggers only! In Mrs. Jodie's whole year of blogging, she's never posted about her little studio and only a handful of special people have been allowed to play in here. You see, Mrs. Jodie is sort of a private person, but don't tell her I told you that. She doesn't like me talking about her private life and such. You won't hear any of that from me, no ma'am.

Mrs. Valentine of Desert Cottage has worked very hard in getting you a VIP pass to enter everything vintage.  And since this is a very private tour, there are a few rules we ask that you follow:

rules copy

But most importantly, I ask that you complete the comment card at the end of your visit so Mrs. Jodie knows she's getting her money's worth in hiring me to be your tour guide for today. And of course, tips are welcomed ;)

Please refrain from asking questions during the tour. We are on a tight schedule and I cannot make you late as I was told that you have many more tours to attend today so I will try and cover everything possible. I encourage you to email Mrs. Jodie with any and all questions once you return home.

Now, with all that said, Please follow me...

studio entry copy

Mrs. Jodie and her dear husband built this home in 2003. If you notice at the top of the doorway, there is a transom stained glass. Mrs. Jodie herself made several in the home but this one in particular represents Louisiana Mardi Gras. The pictures along the wall depict her love for this holiday, hence we call it the Mardi Gras Room. Well, she just calls it "her room" but actually I stay in here 24/7 , it should be called "Sophie's Room"... hmpf!

full room copy

This room was originally the music room which her husband and son enjoyed very much. Full of electric guitars, drums, and amplifiers, the sound of rock and roll filled this room almost daily. Tragedy struck Lucky her, her son graduated high school in 2007 and left home to attend college. Her husband had no one to play with so he retreated to his outdoor shed where he now spends most of his time. Mrs. Jodie made good use of the now abandoned room by  turning it into her creative oasis and a new home for all of her flea market/yard sale finds. And if I do say so myself, she brings too much of that stuff home and she's running out of room in here. But I don't tell her that, she'll just disagree.

magazine area copy

We'll start off here as we meander through the room. In the bookcase is Mrs. Jodie's extensive collection of Stampington & Company & Somerset publications. These magazines host many articles of her friends and she spends much time thumbing through them. When the mailman brings one or two of those, I don't see Mrs. Jodie for days. I don't like those magazines, they take up too much of our playtime together. Makes me jealous.

sticker copy

Also to the right is a rotating store display she found at a yard sale. It holds almost every sticker from this store. Mrs. Jodie has a secret about those stickers. She never opens the packages. Instead, she puts them on her copy machine and cuts the ones she needs as she creates. I asked her why she just don't use them and she rolled her eyes at me and said "because they cost money Sophie!"

cabinet cards2 copy

This is also where she keeps her beloved cabinet cards which she fondly calls them "her extended family".  It makes me jealous when she plays with them and not me...(sniff sniff)

cabinet cards copy

And to make matters worse, she has some real friends she plays with too. Although I never see them, she calls them her "computer friends". I know they are for real because they send her stuff and she hangs it on her Eiffel tower.

jodie1 copy

They always have boxes coming and going in and out of here, sometimes I feel like I work at the post office.

Mrs. Jodie is spoiled...that's what her boys say all the time but I could never tell her that. She'd put me to the road.

tower of tags copy

I'm so jealous of her "computer friends" and her dear husband feels the same way. Sssh, but just between me and you, if Mrs. Jodie don't get out of this room and start paying attention to her man, I just might have to take action! He's so lonely out there...I bet he could use some good cooking & a foot rub. He works so hard and all she does is spend it I tell you! But you didn't hear that from me. I'd never tell anyone Mrs. Jodie's business.

tower of tags1 copy

Do any of you watch the Lifetime Channel? That's Mrs. Jodie's favorite channel when she's in here. I think she watches the television more than she creates. All of those movies about cheating couples and murders, hmpf! I know that ain't healthy to be watching, but I don't tell her that.

tv area copy

What's that suitcase on the floor you ask? Now I told you not to be asking any questions but I'll answer this one. That's Mrs. Jodie's Silver Bella suitcase. That's all the "stuff" she came home with last year. Some of it she made & never finished but most of it was given to her by her "computer friends". You know the ones I never see but I know they exist? I get so tired of her talking about Silver Bella this and Silver Bella that...and she's going again this year! She better get her another suitcase if you ask me.

sb suitcase copy

Let's carry on...we're almost half way through. I don't know what's taking so long with this tour, it's not like I'm telling you any of Mrs. Jodie's personal life or anything. You know she's such a private person, I'd never tell her business to strangers, no siree.

ribbon area copy

This area above is where Mrs. Jodie keeps her paper, wrapping stuff and beads. She's pretty organized and all but I hate it when she makes me dust. I have to be really careful because she has some really special things that she don't want me messing with.

ipod area copy

She says some things are irreplaceable...

ribbon area2 copy

and very cherished...

sandy copy

Here in this corner is Mrs. Jodie's paper cutting stuff.

sizzix corner copy

She makes little tags and cards. These floral boxes below are filled with Sizzix dies. And she has two machines, one for each arm I guess. She's so lucky to even have arms...I'm so jealous of her. She's so spoiled, but I'm glad I'm her playmate! :)

sizzix stuff

Oh my goodness, you are going to be so late! I cannot believe it's taking me so long to get you through the tour of Mrs. Jodie's little studio. Let's hurry because she'll be home shortly and I'm sure she'll want to come in here to play.

stamp station2 copy

Speaking of playing, Mrs. Jodie has an extensive amount of rubber stamps. She has many wood mounted but her favorites are acrylic. She has many from Stampington & Company and her favorite artists are Sandra Evertson and Lynne Perrella to name a couple. A long time ago, Mrs. Jodie was head over heels about scrapbooking but lately she's been telling everyone it's called "paper art". Does anyone in here know the difference? To me, if you play with paper, it's all the same! I wonder if there such a thing as paper t.v. watching art because that's what she really does!

velvet ribbon postcards copy

And speaking of favorites, her latest "kick" is vintage velvet ribbon. Mrs. Jodie scored really big on some new old stock, which she cannot bear to open the package so she leaves them out as "display only". Now we all know that no one comes in here but me and her. Are we supposed to just look at it??? go figure.

sewing area copy

Mrs. Jodie has this cute little sewing area, you would think she would sew with the vintage velvet ribbon but nooo. Just look at all the other velvet ribbons she has on her shelf. She even has some beautiful ruffled vintage velvet that she bought from Heather and she can't even use that! S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Plain & simple. I wish she'd sew me a new apron with some of that pretty velvet ribbon. I think this room is getting too small for the both of us, but don't tell her I said that. She'd light a match to me!

my desk copy

Well this is the Queen's throne. Mrs. Jodie sits here in all her glory (& watches the t.v. most of the time!).  However she does write in her journal  often (I hope she's not taking notes about me!)

desk closeup copy

She keeps her small things within reach and jots down ideas as she sees them or reads about them.  Her desk is neat above but usually it looks like this below...

desk top copy

There's always some inspiration near Mrs. Jodie, always!  

Well beautiful people, it was so nice that you came. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. I hear Mrs. Jodie coming down the hall as we speak...

"Well good morning Sophie, I see you have company. Hello friends, my name is Jodie. I'm sure by now, Sophie has given you a tour of my studio and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope she didn't bore you with any of the little details, she can be quite talkative sometimes. Mrs. Valentine just called and informed me that your next tour is ready to begin. You have a full day ahead of you, I hope you have lots of fun.

Thank you for coming and hope to see you again soon!


So tell me Sophie, did they enjoy the tour? Did they ask anything about me? Thank you for working let's go read the comment cards! ;)


Alison Gibbs said...

Wow... what a fabulous lot of supplies ypou have in there. Looks like heaven

Geralyn Gray said...

Good Morning Jodie----I wish I had a tour guide like Sophie she was full of southern hospitality and showed me all of your studio. I think you lived up to all I imagined it to be. It is the Fat Tuesday of studios. I love all the Mardi you!!!!! I love how we score supplies and can't bear to use them like your velvet ribbons. The packaging is like a gift too pretty to open.......Jodie your studio is a dream. Thanks Sophie for letting me in even if I didn't want to give you my ticket(I have to save everything you know) and it was sweet of Sophie to point out my bird tag hanging---sweet!!!

LiLi M. said...

Hahaha, well my ticket was worth every penny up here! I enjoyed every second of this tour. Too bad Sophie hasn't got arms otherwise she could create on your command while you were watching the tv, or is that something I shouldn't say right now? That studio is gorgeous and what space! I do have to compliment you about the 'mardi gras glass', I did a course once and I know this is difficult, well done, my compliments to you! This give such a personal touch to your home. Well as you know there is little time today to visit every one so I'm off, thanks for touring us around Sophie, here is your well deserved tip!

Sonia said...

Oh, Sophie has done such a wonderful job and no, she didnt give away any of your secrets, dear Mrs Jodie!! She was very polite and your studio is magnificent. I am starting a bit of a collection of stamps myself. Theyre addicting. I love the acrylic ones too. Your Eifell tower is a great idea to display goodies too. All wonderful...I love your space...

Lori said...

Jodie...i am seriously jealous here:) wow!!! your studio is HUGE...i am in awe looks SO pretty...and you have oodles of inspiration to look at...lots of goodies to play with must be SO nice to create in such a wonderful space...thanks for sharing!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Well...I'm speechless! When you took us through the door, my reaction was, "Wait!!!What???". I've never seen such organization. Thank you for this awe-inspiring tour. The commentary was just as much fun as the sites. Hee-hee!

Anonymous said...

Your studio is so full and everything has its own designated place. I enjoyed the tour Sophie did. Looking through all pictures, supplies, and other things - - I'm in awe. I just stared and stared LOL What a room to create. It seems like you have everything there needed and maybe even more! :-) No wonder you create all those lovely pieces you get to share with us on your previous posts. Just entering in this room would just make you wanna create something. It's like craft heaven!

And with all those beautiful fabrics folded, wouldn't it just make you sew a new apron for Sophie? I think she'll like that very much ({wink} :-) )


vintage girl at heart said...

Fabulous!!! Of course I just knew it would be but did not realize just how grand of a tour we would go on! Sophie is quite a doll and I just may have to borrow her apron!!! I can see why you are able to create so many lovely things, your studio is so very inspiring!!!

Willnnabel said...

Okay Jodie you win! Wow I am in velvet ribbon envy right now. Can I come over to play? We could have so much fun. Love the room and wow all the space.

P.S. I think Ms. Sophie rushed me thru I will have to take another trip through to oogle....

Lynn said...

I really enjoyed the tour of your amazing creative space, I am in awe of all the supplies you have and so neatly stored too. Who wouldn't want to create in a room like this? WOW!!!

Teacup Mosaics said...

OH OH OH I want to come PLAY, I could spend days in your magical studio, I'm sure it would cure this nasty "bug" I have. I would share most anything with you dear Jodie but I'm afraid I can't and WON"T share my "bug". Have a wonderful weekend!
OX, Kelley

Belinda said...

Well when did you have time to get it so neat.I have been in it when it is not quite so shall we say tidy.Ha!Ha!Great tour guide,great tour.Love, Bea.

Linda said...

This is amazing! Yet again, I'm in awe over you. :) You really put this post together in a thoughtful manner; it's so cute and clever.

Thanks for sharing as always,

miss lynn said...

you are a stinking
riot! love your
studio! isn't so
fabulous to have
a space where
you can just create
and be? thank you
so much for sharing
your precious

Claudia said...

Sophie was a fabulous tour guide! I love your space and all the wonderful things you have there. I know the feeling of buying some vintage supplies and not wanting to use them!

Sandi said...

How do you come up with this stuff? Genius! Love, Love Sophie. Love, Love your workshop. OK, lets be honest. This is a one time shot at this room being this organized. If you are like me, it is usually chaos
from working on an idea and pulling from every corner to chose the right items to work with. Unfortunately, my room is upstairs and I can't get to it. I'm sure it is in a wreck right now due to my husband stashing all kinds of things up there while I'm recuperating. He's is big trouble when I can crawl up those stairs. Ha Ha.

Love the tour

Impatient Cajun

Robin Thomas said...

Gurl, you so craaaazy. I can't wait to hear your voice at Silver Bella. And to hug your neck.

Terri said...

Everything wonderful. Just a delight full room to do all your creations in!

zandra said...

WOW! Sophie is the hostess with the mostess! tee hee You're sending her to my place next? Love, love, love my tour. Your place is awesome! You are too funny. REALLY, enjoyed my visit! Thanks so much for sharing and taking the time to post such a fanciful party! Hugz, Z P.S. You'll have another Mer-bear tear bear post card in your package coming? Did you see her on my table when you came by to visit? Take another sneek peek! lol

Karen said...

OMG. GIrl! You crack me up. What a wonderful post! I had to zip over to yours right away. Couldn't wait to go down the list alphabetically.
Your creative energy is AWESOME! Your space is so YOU! I love it when a space so reflects a person's heart and soul. I think you have captured yours perfectly. From the smallest detail the space is just enchanting.
We would have such fun together. Oh my! A bottle of wine . . . can't you just see it? Sophie would just die! The men? Oh they can just hang out in the shed. This is Woman's work!
I am so jealous that I am not going to Silver Bella this year. I was too slow in signing up. But next year FOR SURE! My friend Joy is hosting one of the apron swaps. My gosh, she is like you OVERBOARD!
I had such a wonderful time on your tour. Sophie did an outstanding job. But, not to squeal on her or anything, but she did give away a few of your secrets. I think it's "off with her head!" oh - well . . . maybe not - OK, how about "OUT!" You just let me know when she's packed and "out" and I'll come pick her up!!! No problem!
By the way - quick! before Sophie gets bored . . . I am so glad to hear that someone else "hoards" all the good stuff! That cracked me up. I'm learning - albeit slowly, but when I find a special piece of jewelry or a fabulous vintage piece of lace, I just want to put it out and STARE at it and keep it forever.
Thanks again for a fabulous tour! Now its off to the next place - golly - this is going to take me a month to look at all the wonderful creative spaces. Good thing I'm going on vacation!
Wonderful, wonderful post. A+
Big hugs my friend! Karen

Pellie / Penny said...

Sophie was a great tour guide worth her weight in gold. Your Studio is beautiful and arranged so well. It surely must ticle your creative muse.
well on to the next studio. Thanks again for letting me in for a look see.
Have a nice weekend

The French Bear said...

Wow, Jodie this is fantastic!! I am overwhelmed with all your wonderful and gorgeous things!!! This is an amazing space, no wonder you are so creative!!! I love your post, I was laughing so hard the Dutchman had to come and see what was going on. His only comment was, that's why you cleaned up your sewing room! This is so much fun, I love to see where others come up with their inspirations, now I know!!!
Thank you my dear, great room!!!
Margaret B

June said...

Oh Jodie,Jodie,Jodie,
I have never enjoyed a tour so much in my life. I don't care what Sofie says about you. And I,m thinking I will be back for another look around. Once was definitely not enough. Everything in here just makes me happy. WOW! Now I'm not one to tattle, but Sofie is a blabber-mouth. I wonder what she would do if she had a head! I left a big tip at the door, but I'm sure I saw Sofie put it in her pocket. I'd pat her down if I were you. Wait a minute, I think she would enjoy that too much, better leave it be.
Hugs,to you, funny girl,
Oh by the way, I couldn't help myself and took one of those beautiful velvet ribbon spools. I had to tell you or I couldn't live with myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!!

omg your soo funny! I love your space! its sooo you! no fussy or anything just you! I am so goin to come and see it all in person saturday! I cant wait! You have some wonderful treasures in there and what a great idea to copy the stickers instead of using them!! big hugs


ps I will be calling you bright and early tomorrow morning!

Debby said...

Oh my gosh, Jodie your studio is awesome. So many treasures to see and play with. Sophie was a great hostess. Thanks for sharing.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Just glorious dear! Blessings.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jodie:
Sophie conducted a great full of information and inspiration. It was a pleasure being in your studio. Off to the next one...sorry I can't tarry longer.
Hope you'll visit me, too. Wish I had a Sophie - darn! '-)
Hugs from Blogland.

Sue said...

Your space IS beautiful, but this was the most FUN tour so far! I became a follower. Thanks for sharing!

One Shabby Old House said...

What a dream studio. A girl could get lost in there. Just beautiful.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Loved the tour! Amazing creative space! Best regards to Sophie and your poor neglected husband! :) I have one who surely feels the same!
Take care, Laura said...

Thanks for letting me visit. Love the milk glass holding the jewlry tools. Gotta do it!

Tara said...

Ah Sophie, you gave a delightful tour! What a wonderful space you and Jodie have to play in! It's like a little store! I won't tell her you spilled a few of her secrets either!

Jessica Rodarte said...

What a wonderful space, Jodie! Sophie was a great tour guide. ;) You have so many delightful things to work with!

Cheryl Connell said...

That was cool- very creative! I wanna come back and see more.


Sandy said...

Sophie kept me in stitches, she is the best tour guide ever! If you kick her to the curb please kick her my way, she is utterly charming. This is the best post ever and your space is just awesome! In two years I am just now showing my spaces too. I feel a little guarded about my private havens but it is fun to share. Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

OMG, I felt like a kid in a candy store wondering around your fantastic studio!!!!
What terrific photos, thanks much for the "tour."
Barb in Texas

Payton said...

I LoVeD the tour!! Sophie was wonderful...although she did spill a few secrets.hehe. Your studio has grown soooo much since I last saw it. I can't wait to go visit it in person tomorrow!!!!
Love, Payton. :) said...

Adorable tour! (my family gets sick of my yammering about Silver Bella too, but they just need to get used to it!!)

Sue said...

I am just speechless!!!!! What an amazing and fabulous place to create. Put's my lil' room to shame and that's for sure :) Can I come and move in?

Sue E

Rebecca Nelson said...

Be still my heart. Are you kidding me? Amazing my friend! Absolutely amazing! Can I please come visit in person? *wink*


Julie Marie said...

How adorable! My family is originally from New Orleans (I am one fourth French) so I LOVE Louisiana and Mardi Gras! How clever to have "Sophie" be the tour guide! So much fun! She did tell me a bit of "gossip" that hit home, about your hubby, I think mine thinks I like my new blog and blog friends better than him too somtimes!(especially around dinner time when there is nothing cooked yet and it is our 5pm dinner hour!)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Jodie,

I love, love, love your studio workroom Jodie.
I did call by last night and for some reason my computer was playing up so I am back again.

It must be such a lovely place to work and no wonder all your work is beautiful.

Thank you so much, my friend for taking me on a guided tour of your lovely space.

Have a beautiful weekend

Karen Valentine said...

Jodie that was the most entertaining posts I've been to today!! Absolutely spectacular. And speaking of spectacular... Your room!! OMG. it is a total dream. I would get lost in there for days just looking at all your wonderful things. One of these days I will have boxes and boxes of wonderful vintage goodies!! Thank you so much for helping to make today's party such a huge success!!!

My Desert Cottage

Linda K. said...

Clever opeing with the ticket, thank you so much for letting me in to view your stunning space. I'm in love with all your vintage things, and photos are one of my favorite! Have fun today!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a clever way to give us a tour of your creative space.
I can relate to the "sounds of rock and roll" as my teenager is also a musician. He will be living away this year for his junior year at college, and I will actually miss the noise!
I didn't get my studio photographed for today's event, but I will be hosting a Christmas in July giveaway on my blog tomorrow (Sat), if you'd like to stop by!

Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks for the tour. It was definitely worth the price of admission!! It would sure be fun to REALLY be there.

lorhen82 said...

I know I said this yesterday, but you're such a clever girl! I love that Miss Sophie took us on a tour of your studio! It was fabulous, and I see that you have a lot of great stuff to work with!

You might want to spend a bit more time with Sophie. I'm just sayin'!


Becca said...

OOOOOOO....*squeal*** I am SO coming over your house! What an awesome fun room :) I Love every nook and cranie. And the stamps, and the vintage velvet ribbon, and ALL that FABRIC!!!! How beautiful Jodie! Thank you for sharing!

Tammy said...

Loved the tour - so entertaining. And you have an awesome studio to create in. Thanks for letting me peek into your creative zone.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh that room is fabulous!!! Sophie was such a delightful tour guide but she hardly said anything at all-heehee! Wow your room is inspirational-you have so many great things to work with. I really LOVE that stained glass above your door! Truly amazing! So now that I have seen the room behind the woman I can understand how you are able to create such beautiful treasures:). BTW, I think Kramer is a bit jealous of Sophie! I better run-don't want to miss the next tour!



Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

I love your studio! It's wonderful. And Sophie was a great tour guide!


Dosha said...

Isn't your space DELIGHTFUL and full of whimsy!!! Oh, the stamps, the stamps... I must touch the stamps! What a beautifully creative space you live in! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance at this lovely event; please do stop by for a visit soon!

Enjoy the party!

Warm Wishes,


Carole said...

I enjoyed every minute of it. Your are sooooooo clever and fun. Your room is chalk full of inspiration. I'd have a hard time leaving.

caren said...

OMGoodness.......I've been about to fall out of my chair! This is priceless! I understand how that tv can get in the way of crafting...mine does the same thing! You have a wonderful crafting space and a humorous Ms. Sophie. Ours is named Annabelle!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Holy schnizzle Jodie. I haven't commented 'til now because when Sophie opened the door I fell over in a dead faint. I didn't know you had a craft store in your house. No wonder you are so prolific! I can't turn around in my craft space without knocking something over. Yikes, what an amazing space. You are one lucky girly. Love the transom too. You need to show us the other glass you have done. Wow....did I say wow? Wow. Hugs, Pam

Denise said...

Adorable tour guide you have! AND I love your studio...thank you so much for sharing!
Dancingly, Denise

Sheila Rumney said...

What a wonderful studio. I just love your Silver Bella suitcase... I think I will have to find one for me! Hope to see you at SB!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful place!

A Fanciful Life said...

Fabulous, Jodie, fabulous! I adore the ticket you created, the story, Sophie and of course that space. Wow - a person could have fun in there for days on end without coming up for air! So much to create, so little time. :-)

Caleen said...

Wow.. what a great place.. I could spend hours in this lovely place. Pure "Eye Candy". I loved the ticket and Sophie and everything.. You have wonderful treasures.. The stamps are great.. Also the velvet ribbons.. Everything is just wonderful.Thank you for visiting me and the wonderful comments I will be back to visit.. Keep creating.

Melissa Valeriote said...

I'm late for the party! What a studio. I think I could easily spend the day here looking around at all your treasures.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Jodie ~
I love taking the tour with Sophie and getting a peek into your enchanting world! I also wanted to tell you that I am also going to Silver Bella this year! I am going to be there all by my little lonesome so I am hoping to meet some of my blog friends in person there! I was so excited to see you on the list! I hope your weekend is blessed!
PS~And the chandelier from the flea mkt. would look lovely in your studio!

Keli McKinley Hansen said...

miss jodie is one lucky girl!

Chrisy said...

oooh I want to come and play at your house...I'll be won't even notice I'm there I promise....

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a fabulous fun place to create! Absolutely filled with inspiration! I love everything, especially the vintage photos since I collect them too! Fabulous creative space! (Be sure to come visit me, too!)

Stephenie said...

Jodie, Your killing me over here..You are so organized.. I just looooooove your creating space..You have so many amazing supplies to use...Love how you have all your stamps organized...I need to borrow you organization skills...Thanks for sharing...

Kimberly said...

Very fun, Sophie was really quite hospitable in your absence. As someone else has said she is a little blabbermouth! But we are happy she is because she did not miss a thing and we were able to enjoy everything you have.

Thanks so much for the wonderful tour.

fawndear said...

Dear Miss Sophie,
Thank you so much for the private tour of your home. I mean the magical studio where Mrs. Jodie creates her enchanting wares.
Had such a lovely time viewing all your wonderful trinkets!
Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think my computer crashed before I could leave you a comment... anyway,
I loved your post! it's one of the most creative, wonderful, enjoyable posts I've ever read! your studio is just so enchanting and I can relate alot to the secrets that were told here today.
please come by for a visit as soon as you can!
:) Missy

Brett said...

She stole me and dads music room...
She stole my stereo system...
She stole my computer desk...

She cried for an iPod and she never uses it b/c she watches Lifetime non stop...

She cries that she's never in her room...but she's always on the blogs..

But she's still got the coolest room around...

And i love her anyway...

Unknown said...

Oh what fun!!! Your space is amazing and Sophie was such a delight!!
Thanks so much for the tour and the charming experience.

paperbird said...

wwwYour studio is wonderful and Sophie is a lovely host, she is quite adorable I most definetley would have hired her to be the guide for my tour- very creative!

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Yes, was well worth it! I love Stampington too!! If they come out with one more publication I'm gonna be giving up some food...LOL Yep, I've got to have them!

Mardi Gras....oh my, it's been many moons ago but I've enjoyed the French Quarter more times then I can count in my much younger days. I lived along the Gulf Coast off and on my whole life.

I truly enjoyed the tour...please drop by my blog to see my "studio in progress". I've recently moved into our home and have been remodeling for almost three months..but I'm within a few weeks of finishing that part. (I think!)

Hope to see you soon,
Stephanie said...

Jodie - thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. They meant alot to me. You are some organized gal, I looked at your blog again. I still love the milk glass holding you tool. I took my milk glass to my sewing room and put pieces around with things in them.

Thanks againl

Embellished Bayou said...

What a fantastic tour, I think I enjoyed yours most of all, Sophie was a great tour guide! You've got some unique items in your studio. Thanks so much for visiting me, it's great to meet another Mardi Gras-lovin' girl from Louisiana! Stay in touch & visit again soon.

Rebecca said...

Thank you so much for the lovely tour of your studio.
I enjoyed it so very much. Your studio is wonderful.

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow, Simply amazing, well nothing simple at all in there, I sill can't beleave everything I saw had to put you in my favs , will be back to see more! My jaw is still on the floor

Anonymous said...

I completely enjoyed my tour and Ms. Sophie did a fabulous job describing every nook and cranny of your creative space! Very creative and fun post to read! Thank you!!!

Lynnae said...

Jodie, your workspace is lovely! What a dream come true!

Anonymous said...

So funny and by far my favorite stop on the tour! I have family from NO and I bet Sophie was one of them...

Anonymous said...

ps...I am SO glad that I am not the only one that cannot bear to use "the original"! :) Gina

Kara Ward said...

I feel the same about my is such a piece of me and not many people get to see it! I love the apron and the effiel tower is like one I am kicking myself I didn't buy at a KC store called Redeux. Love your space and thanks for the ticket.

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

A fabulous studio, Jodie. I can't believe all of your amazing supplies!

trash talk said...

I know Sophie, the ticket says it was good for one day only, but I PROMISE you Miss Jodie will see ME! Go ask her yourself!
Well, finally, I got past Sophie...I finally had to crawl thru a window. Do you have any idea how hard that is for a chubby old lady like me, but I just had to see to see where the magic is made! Jodie, is that what I have to do to create...surround myself with beautiful things that I love and it will happen? It is Fab U Lous! BTW, love the comment from Brett... no love coming thru that one...HA! Only a whole lot of it and pride in a certain someone we all know and love too!
The good thing about always being late is I get to avoid the crowds. I bet it was a madhouse in that room! Tell Sophie she earned her keep with a very well thought out tour. I'm couldn't have done it better!

Anonymous said...

Some of the pictures did not show up, but those I saw were really nice and your "tour guide" idea was fabulous! THanks for sharing.

beautifullybrokenme said...

hi Jodie -

Love your Mardi-Gras room - great use of space and so much storage! Thanks for sharing!

:-) Molly

Unknown said...

I'm so far behind I don't know if I left you a comment or not! Your studio is amazing, thank you for the tour.

Chrisy said...

Just snuck in again for a quiet little play and that dang Sophie told me where to go! She a jealous little minx isn't she!

kana said...

LOVE your wonderful creative space! Lucky you! I really love the Silver Bella suitcase!!

Jane said...

Thanks to Sophie for a great job with your studio tour. It is a wonderful space.....Thanks for sharing.

Christine Edwards said...

Sorry I'm so late for the tour...hate to make Sophie put in overtime like this. She was a great and informative guide, pointing out many of the highlights of this magical space. Is it just me, or does Sophie have a Cockney accent? Ah well, thanks for the fun tour, I really enjoyed it.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Jodie!!! What a wonderful studio you have! I just love it all...I want to study the photos and look at each and every thing ~ the ribbon is so beautiful, and velvet?? I think I need some of that too! Such a sweet post and amazing creative space, I just loved peeking inside Jodie, xxoo, Dawn

Holly Campbell said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour Sophie! Mrs. Jodie, it is nice to meet you too! Your Mardi Gras room is filled with wonderful things. . .it must be so much fun to be surrounded with those ideas and inspiring pieces!

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

oh my goodness Jodie!! what a SUPER CUTE post and what a GORGEOUS studio you have!! I loved looking at every single detail. LOVE the mardi gras theme... so fun and creative!

xoxo Heather

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh my what an incredibly fun tour! I loved every minute of it and had to keep scrolling up and down to look at the pictures again and again! Thanks for such a great time!
bunny hugs,

Connie said...

Oooooh how fun and big your space "where bloggers create" is, sugar!! Squeeeeeal..... So organized. I'm determined to get around to each one of the bloggers no matter that Love Bunny might have to peel me away each night for bed. Nice to see you participate and lovely and I mean LOVELY creative space.......

Anonymous said...

Oh my...the pics are so vibrant, as if I am with Ms. Sophie, taking the tour... You are sooooo talented Jodie in your writing, in your imagination, you really bring your readers 'in' to the life of your studio!!! Just as Brett said, this is one of your best works... And all along as I was reading, I love Ms. Sophie!!!
Alllllllmost as much as you!!!! hahahaha...
Hugs to both of you!!!
I am lonesome for yall~~~~
Love yall,

Jane Jeffress Thomas said...

Hey, Sophie! I so enjoyed your tour and I will keep my mouth shut on the "particulars" you shared with us about Ms. Jodie. Can't have her setting a match to you, oh no siree!

Now, is it you or Ms. Jodie who keeps all of this stuff organized? If it is you, then could you come to North Louisiana for the weekend and make my place look that spiffy? I honestly have a pig sty going on in here. Not a good thing, no!

You know, some of my people come from Avoyelles parish. We still have some folks down in Sinmesport and Moncla and even Marksville. I don't get down that way much, but if I ever do, I will just keep on coming and take a tour with you.

Ms. Sophie might watch the TV a lot to get inspiration, but you know what? I stay on the computer for inspiration. I am filled with inspiration, but need to get from behind my computer and put some of it to use. LOL

You said, shhhhhh, yes, I know you don't want her to know you told us, but I bet my husband would appreciate it if everytime he came in here I wasn't on the computer. It has gotten so bad that I almost hate to see him come to the doorway. You know what I mean, Sophie? He interrupts me all the time. Guess I had better watch out or he might find someone else to talk to, if you know what I mean. LOL

Oh, I forgot to tell you that both of us are retired educators. Ms. Jodie is excited about her son becoming an educator and she should be. We need more men in the classroom and more teachers. I devoted almost 35 years of my life to teaching, but have been happily retired for several years now.

I just read the other day on someone's blog that it takes real talent to do nothing. Most people would think that I do nothing, but just connecting with other people out there is something if you ask me.

Well, your eyes are probably about to fall out from all of the reading. I hope you have a great day and the word is "mum" about what you told us. I won't say a word if I ever see Ms. Jodie.

If you are ever up my way, stop in and I will show you around my place. Who knows, you might want to hang out here for a while.


Jane Jeffress Thomas said...
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Jane Jeffress Thomas said...
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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

This is absolutely hilarious and so beautiful. Your creative space is to die for. Thanks for your comment on my simple little blog. I have no idea how to do all this fancy blogging stuff. I used to work in New Orleans which is how I met my husband -- blind date. He was in for the weekend visiting his college roommate. That was 17 years ago. I am so inspired by what I've seen! Best wishes,

Artsnark said...

what fun! Love your creative space & the guide was fabulous (you should give her a raise)

Tania Pelletier said...

Love the tour of your studio space Jodie (and Sophie), what a clever, fun way to have the tour!! I can't wait to see the pictures this year, I'm participating too!

I am envious of all your supplies and I have the same problem you do about using some of those old beautiful finds!! LOL!


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Jodie, What a fun space hoarded, I mean, filled to the rafters with such wonderful finds. But I know that in order to fully appreciate all the goodness of this special place, I would need to dig through all those drawers. Sophie wasn't hearing of any such thing...she's quite protective of you! I am so glad to hear that you can't bear to rip the wrapping off of your velvet...I have stuff like that too...why do we do that?! So enjoyed my visit and discovering your're way fun! Xo, Sue

Angela Weimer said...

Jodie, Sorry I am finally making my way through the list of creative spaces and yours came up so I definately had to take a look. You have a wonderful studio and so filled with lovely things. I love all your wintage trims and little tags you made. I am also in love with all the space you have. Sophi did a wonderful job with the tour and was very informative. Please tell her I love her apron. Thansk for sharing. Have a wonderful night. Angela

Stella said...

I loved the tour; your craftroom is beautiful and filled with lots of treasures. It must be lovely to have such a great space. I can imagine that you enjoy every minute in this room!
Have a wonderful day!
( And I love the tour guide LOL)

Sherry F. said...

I have been viewing the party one by one and I have to say this was one of my favorites. We actually have alot in common according to sophie. Just a few were that I also call my craft room my craft oasis alot and I called myself a Scrapbook Artist for 10 years now and recently call myself a Papercraft Artist, since I do so much more than just scrapbook now. There is more but I dont want to get into how much my fiance is neglected or how much money I spend! LOL!! I recently (a week and half ago) started a blog and would be honored if you visited and told my what you thought and some pointers if you will. I also read your post about those wanting to blog for the first time. Take Care~ Sherry w/Scrapping With Sherry