Sunday, July 27, 2008

I think I'm addicted...

to my "extended family"...

extended family

Is there such a thing as CCA... cabinet card anonymous? If there is...please give me the phone number so I can stop this insanity!

I bought one little picture on Thursday, then I come home with 5 more on Saturday! Let me explain to you how this happened to me. (maybe you can help me or know someone who is in the same predicament as I am)...

1. I think I am attracted to the photographer's commercial embellishments at the bottom of the card.

cabinet cards (2)

The more elaborate, the better. I found one I liked and when I turned it over to see how much it cost, I thought I was seriously going to pass out. The elaborate beauty that I am so attracted to was on the back of the card also! (I'll blame the weakness feeling on my blood sugar running low, I really was starving!)

cabinet cards 001 (2)

2. Then I looked at how appealing the person was in the photograph before I took the plunge of shucking out my lunch money to purchase a picture of someone who is probably dead by now or has been dead as long as I have been alive. (After all, the final outcome is I do want a good looking extended family!)

3. Maybe I'm attracted to wondering who they were, what's their story, and what kind of life they lived. (Do you think someone will find my picture in about 100 years and wonder about me like that?)

Now I'm asking for your help in my addiction...what's on your cabinet card? I'd love to see your extended family.

3 comments: said...

Good morning Jodie, that is the funniest thing I've ever heard. Something I've never thought of. Only a vintage person would ever think of that. I'm addicted to so many things, for so many reasons, but this takes the cake.

I'll start looking now!

Mermaid Treasures said...

Yes, I am addicted too! I love the backs as well! Those are pretty cards!

Curtains in My Tree said...

We are blog sisters, because I love the bottoms of those old pictures also. I think all bloggers do its just the faze we are going through now and I love it .