Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He turns 20 today...

My one and only, Brett turns twenty years old today.

No more baby, no more teenager.

A young man, a blessing, and the best son in the world.

(I'm a little VERY proud of him, can't you tell?)


Remember when...

One Week...

1 week old 

15 Months...

15 months

2 Years...

He hated ALL birthdays...I think he didn't like us to sing to him, maybe it really did sound bad! haha

sad birthdays

He's in the cockpit window at the air force base in ?...


Our little terminator...(that is a TOY gun, what were you thinking????)


Our trip to Florida with Paw Paw Dale...


Growing up with us and Corvettes...


And growing up (center) with his cool cousins!


Traveling with me all over the world...

In Paris...


Near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on the Seine River...


In Pompeii...

0686522-R1-046-21A (2)

In Assisi, Italy...

0686525-R1-016-6A (2)

In Italy's wine vineyards...

0686525-R1-040-18A (2)

In the Rome Forum ruins...

0686527-R1-004-0A (2)

At the Rome Colosseum...

0686527-R1-006-1A (2)


At the Vatican & St. Peter's Basilica...

0686527-R1-030-13A (2)

In Monaco at the Place de Palais...



In Versailles...

scan0019 (2)

In Isle of Capri...

0686522-R1-016-6A_1 (2)

Loves Van Halen & drums, Hates the camera!

000_0015 (2)

For the love of music...High School Quads...

brett quads 11-14-05

His only Homecoming date ever...2004 (He's shy)

brett & hayley homecoming2004

High School Graduation 2007...

brett & oreo (2)

Mr. College Student, 1 year down, 3 to go...

DSC_0269 (2)

moody gardens rf brett mary thad (2)

What he does with his Dad in his spare time...Yep Brett drives, His dad is the "crew chief" and I just stay at home and pray that they both come home safe! 4 generations of drag's definitely in their blood.

DEC 2006 (27) 


2007 brett

Today went like this:

Me: Brett, what would you like for your birthday?

Brett: I don't want to go in for work today.

(He works for his dad & I during the summer breaks)

Me: Okay, you can stay home if it's okay with Dad.

It was, so he played World of Warcraft ALL day long...


Me: Well, what else would you like?

Brett: Mom, could you please cook me some tasso, pork meat, rice & gravy and black eye peas & cheesecake for dessert?

Me: Sure thing.


Me: But Brett, don't you want SOMETHING for your birthday?

Brett: Nothing really Mom, I have everything I want.

DSC_0271 (2)

DSC_0272 (2)

I smile & I think to myself, We really do have the best son in the world.

PS...He's saving the cheesecake for later!

He's 20 today...thanks for sharing this special day.

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