Friday, April 1, 2011

It started with a green onion...

Let me explain...

It "really" started with a new gas grill,



The "real" question was...

What's for supper?

I was too lazy to go to the grocery store and The Man had some yard work to do around the house.

Like a "good" wife, I followed him around the yard asking him what would he like for any "good" husband would respond...he said "anything as long as it's quick and hot."

(hmpf! very typical. not much help there)

I turned the corner and noticed that in a planter pot that I had put away last winter, there was a huge bunch of fresh green onions that returned from last year...yum yum!

I quickly picked a handful and ran back into the house, opened the fridge and...realized that I really "should" have went to the grocery store after all.

Besides the normal "necessities", the fridge was bare!

DSC_0396 (2)

{{{ok. I cannot believe that I'm showing you the inside of my fridge but I want you to get the full idea of my story!}}}

{{oh...and the beer is not ours...I swear! My girlfriend Cindy stocks my fridge for when she comes to visit. She knows it's safe with us because the The Man and I are whiskey people!}}

Okay...back to the green onion story...

We had these beautiful steaks defrosted and seasoned, ready to break in the new grill.


But we had nothing to add as a quick "side dish" and now my mouth was watering for those fresh green onions.

I was even MORE determined not to go the grocery store because I wanted to get to grillin'!

So back to basics, I opened the pantry and low and behold...I found some leftover hot dog buns that were soon to be thrown away.

DSC_0399 my solemnly bare fridge, I found some butter and some leftover Velveeta cheese...


I added a little bit of bacon bits and some garlic powder and those fresh GREEN ONIONS and I made our own garlic bread...

Who needed to go grocery shopping, right?   ;)))


I was so darn proud of myself, I couldn't wait to slap them on the grill...

along with the steaks...

and a wiener for the pooch.

DSC_0405 (2)

I know, I'm sure you're thinking simple things like this is done all the time...we all "make do".

~~ I remember when I was an impressionable teenager, I'd watch my mother come up with the most "interesting" meals. Growing up with divorced parents, we didn't have a lot, but she always managed to pull stuff together from the most simplest of things. Even buttered biscuits filled with bologna and pickles were awesome. And the best part...anything and everything tasted better with green onions from her tiny container garden! ~~

But when I do it, it's such a good feeling because I'm guilty of being one of those "just go buy it done because I'm too busy" kind of girl. It just feels good to make do with what we have, don't waste anything and just live a little simpler.

Are you wondering about the wiener?


Oreo said it was nose smackin' delicious!


And the steaks and bread?



They surely got The Man's approval too...


New grill.

Happy dog.

Happy hard working Man.

And me? I love the simple things...

{gotta love those green onions}

Happy April

and have a wonderful weekend!!!



Theresa said...

You are so creative with your green onions:) Your dinner looks yummy and your fridge is WAAAYYY too clean!

When we were snowed in earlier this year, I used what we had and we had a lot! We should really do more of that!

Happy Friday dear Jodie! BIG HUGS, love you, T

Anonymous said...

just swingin' by to say HI!
missed you :D

Al said...

Yummy, I am hungry now. You have a very nice blog to visit, I'll be back. Check out my blog when you have a moment.

summersundays-jw said...

You did good!!! It's almost become a game with me "what can you fix tonight so you don't have to go to the store". It's amazing what you fix when you live alone. Jan

Lisa said...

Yum! You are a good wife-y! Now you've got me wanting to grill.:)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Nice grill and great side dish! I've missed you and your funny self! hugs, Linda

Suz said...

Oh, my, Jodie,
So good to have you back! That's a outstanding grill! It is only breakfast and now I am starving.
Your niece is just adorable. She is so beautiful (and inside, too? WOW!) and add to that a four-plus. She's going to hit the world running.
Your pictures of her are incredible. Now, that is your talent, Miss Jodie!

My Crafty Little Page said...

Long time no see Jodie Le Juene! I'd expect nothing less than you being creative...with food or paper or paint!!! Happy April to you! xoxo

A Cottage Muse said...

Now you've done've made me hungry!

Have a good weekend yourself!

June said...

Hey Jodie...remember me???? My name is June and I have been a bad, bad blogger (just ask anyone)LOL!
But right about now I'm thinkin' you are a bad, bad influence on my waistline, cause all I want now is the hubs to grill me a huge steak to wolf down. Your 'onion' creation looks yummo. Sometimes the best cooking I do is when the frig is empty. My kids used to say that when they were still living at home and younger. Otherwise we had the same things over and over.
My husband has diabetes, and I'm not very clever at fixing vegetables 100 different ways, so it gets rather boring around here.

The photos of you niece are amazing! I adore the one of her on the porch facing us with her elbows on her knees. Actually I love them all! You are a genius with that camera of yours.
I know how much your sweet girl means to you, and this was such a lovely way to show her.
sending hugs from here...

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hey Jodie! Sam doesn't even use the grill that I gave him as an anniversary gift many years ago. He says since I don't eat meat anymore that there's no use in it, but he and the boys still like their meat. Still, there it sits. Wish I had some beer in my fridge. :) Happy April to you! Tammy

Lisa Phillippi said...

Hey Jodie, Your "make do" creations looks yummy! It is just so nice to hear about the simple things in life that make us happy! I missed you in Warrenton...but I still managed to have a blast and empty my wallet several times!

A Fanciful Life said...

Hello Miss Jodie!
What a great story - I wasn't sure where this was going (thought something was going to happen to those green onions!) and something did - yum! I don't eat steak but that photo is certainly making my mouth water (and it's bringing back good memories). Glad you are enjoying yourself. Happy Spring to you!

Sharon :-)

Linda R. said...

Looks so yummy!!

Hugs, Linda

Lis Bommarito said...

Love Love Loved this post Jodie, ans Happy April to you too!!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Jodie my sweet,
Now I see how you are. You serve your friends soup with eggs in it & save the steak for you & Thad!
OK, we had craw fish too, & now that I think of it that gumbo was pretty darn good. But still.
Girl, your fridge looks as perfect as the rest of your house. I'd expect nothing less from you! I pray you never open my refrigerator door. You will have a stroke. OMG, I'm ashamed, in fact I have to go now because I am going to clean it. You've both inspired & shamed. LOL
Love Ya, good to see your post friend.

Sandi said...

Looks yummy, maybe I might have to do the same thing.
Glad to see blogging again. Have missed you.

frippery said...

Looks delish! I love them green onions girl. Did you get my email? I may have lost my mind completely.

Rose Brier Studio said...

I'm impressed! Looks like a wonderful dinner and have to love those fresh green onions!

Happy Spring, although we got snow on Friday! geez.

Cindy said...

The steaks looks so good! But I am so impressed with the weiner bun bread! Looks yummy!!

Linda said...

This was so much fun to read, loved it. :D I'm the same way with cooking - trying to make use of what I have around the house. I don't know how I learned all of this stuff, as our Mom did all of the cooking and we never learned (we were spoiled), but somehow when I grew up, I just knew. Now, Mom never cooks and I do all of the family dinner cooking. Somehow things have worked out just fine, as Mom would attest. ;)

Susan S. said...

Hi glad I popped into your cute blog....but dang I'm hungry. Its rewarding to make a dinner like that, isn't it!?!?! I've added myself as a follower and hope you come by and visit me sometime. Happy Spring Ya'll From Houston!

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

It does make you feel good when running low on groceries that you can whip up a simple, tasty meal out of almost nothing. Girl, that steak alone would have been wonderful, yet I think I could have been happy with just that fancy garlic bread you made! YUM!

victorian parlor II said...


Now I'm hungry!!! Wow, everything looks yummy! My parents were divorced too and I was always amazed at the wonderful meals my mom could create with the few things in the fridge and pantry. This post made me smile:).

BTW, the movie I told you about back in '09' that hubby and I are in opens this Friday, (woohoo) The Conspirator.

Kim (Kramer sends his love too:).

Ruby Grace's said...

Okay....maybe because I am on a diet and STARVING, but this looks SO GOOD! I don't cook but admire those who do. You would laugh if I took a picture of my refrigerator as it has ketchup, mustard and Diet Coke. If it were not for resale value, I would turn my kitchen into a game room!

Sarah said...

All I can say is YUM!!

Rustique Gal said...

I love this post! I also like to be able to make do like my Mom and Grandma used to do. I encourage my onions to grow right in the bag. I eat the sprouts when they grow on them. I make other sprouts and grow my own herbs. It pays to have some favorite ingredients on hand, then you can do anything!

Sugah Beez said...

Green onions make just about anything taste good, esp with white wine!! Awesome idea - you so could be on the show "chopped" where they have only a few ingredients in their basket to make something fabulous with.

Kay Ellen said...

oh my that looks yummy!

Love the grill!! We are shopping for a new one:))

Have a blessed Easter with your family!

Kay Ellen

Kana said...

Love your grilling din-din! That dog must L O V E his mommy!!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

This is a great post ~ using what you have and being creative with it! Love it! And I love your adorable dog too!

Erica said...

YUMMY! You are so creative!

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kay Ellen said...

Ahhh sweet Jodie...Praying for you!

I have been absent from checking in on my favorite blogging friends...

Hugs to you too..wish you could come over for pie and coffee so we could just visit.

Thinking of you,

Kay Ellen