Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet as a Georgia Peach...

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As a rule of thumb when referring to all things good in life,

some people come into your world and make a huge impact.

It may be a nod at a grocery store, followed by a smile.

Or, maybe a courtesy wave at a four-way stop sign.

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I really believe that FATE brings two people together and before you know it, a lasting friendship is formed.

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I have been blessed with some wonderful friends and one of whom I'm singling out today is Heidi Meyer of Sugah Beez.

Heidi and I have visited each other's blogs for a while and luckily, we were able to meet (in real life) in Savannah Georgia this past Spring while attending an art retreat hosted by Jennifer Hayslip.

DSC_0363 (2)

As her tag stated above...this was the postcard that started it all :) This postcard from Savannah, along with the handmade tag in the first photo are now very very dear to me :)))

DSC_0364 (2)

A Georgia Peach with a heart of gold and smile that will melt your heart, Heidi surprised me with a Birthday Gift in the mail (November IS my post-birthday-month!)

After a busy entry into November and being glued to the political elections (both local and national), I came home from work today and relished in opening one of my many gifts that are still waiting for me that I've yet to open   :)

DSC_0357 (2)

This was such a sweet sight as I opened the box. Little gifts wrapped ever so softly in tissue paper, adorned by the most fragrant of handmade tags and vintage bling.

ummmm...I smelled both vanilla and coffee...ummmm.

I. was. in. heaven.

One by one, I opened them while all the while thinking just how thoughtful this girl is.

She sent me this totally sa-weet headband lined in brown velvet ( favorite!) and adorned with rabbit fur applique!

Soooooo Soft!


DSC_0359 (2)

Heidi also reminded me that I was 40.

This tag (along with the others) is going on my inspiration board.

DSC_0366 (2)

She's so thoughtful and knows exactly what makes my little heart go pitter patter...

DSC_0365 (2)

And most of all, Heidi SO knows how to spoil me with not only Victorian trims but also with her beautiful handmade goodies...I love this little tablet! It's going right on my desk!!!!!

DSC_0368 (2)

But I really think that this little gift below was the icing on the cake.

Her sweet birthday wishes and sentiments will last me a lifetime...

DSC_0370 (2)

Only to turn it over and get weak in the knees...

DSC_0371 (2)

The personal touches are amazing and SO ME!!!!

The "J" on the crown and the glittered "1" could stand for the following:

DSC_0372 (2)

a.)  me being the number one queen

b.) me being the birthday queen on the 1st

c.) I am her number one queen

d.) all of the above!

Just kidding, I'm not full of myself!

(or am I?)

(okaaay...maybe I am just a liiiittle bit)

(but this is MY blog so if I'm not full of myself, who will be?)


All I can say (without being too full of myself) is that YOU, my friends, are TREASURED...each and every one of you!!!!

DSC_0374 (2)

Old ones, new ones, bloggers, emailers, stalkers, lurkers, locals, and those far far away...all of you are TREASURED.

Thanks to FATE and our paths crossing...

YOU have made a huge impact on me :)))

By visiting your blogs and reading your delightful comments you leave here, I am soooo blessed.

I am STILL working on my birthday "thank you" notes as I cannot say "thank you" enough for making my 40 so special!!!!

I'm writing them one by one but I will mail ALL of them off at the same time :)))

I just can't seem to find the right words to say except I'm truly thankful to have all of you.

DSC_0377 (2)

Speaking of "thankful", Heidi has the sweetest post up.

It sure made me reflect...I'm sure it will touch you too.

Did I wish you a Happy November, full of thankfulness???



amy- the gypsy chick said...

what a sweet gift, i am so happy that i am the first to comment, because you know how much that we treasure you and your beautiful blog.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, Jodie, PRECIOUS gift and thoughtful! I love it all but adore the headband! It is so you:)

Enjoy all of your goodies and I am SO thankful to have met you! Can't imagine NOT knowing your sweet self! Hugs!

The French Bear said...

All your gifts are so wonderful, they reflect you, your sweet personality and your kindness to others. Each one had a little something of you inside, how perfect!!!
You are such a happy person, talented artist and a great friend, it's good to know you were blessed on your birthday!!!
Margaret B

Kris Pare said...

Jodie, I just found your blog and wishing you a happy birthday! What gorgeous goodies --the tablet is beautiful. Wishing you joy, Kris

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

How wonderful! . . . and how blessed YOU are!


Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

What a wonderful friend Jodie! Yes I really do believe people are just meant to know each other. You really are blessed! xoxo

Robin Thomas said...

That is good stuff there girl. knew that!

Happy 40. I warmed it up for ya'!

Catlyn Berry (Cizz) said...

You're the QUEEN! LOL! What wonderful gifts, I love the tag and all the little details.


Claudia said...

Lovely gifts for a lovely person. But, be careful, you are now intruding on MY birthday month!!


Karen said...

Are you OK? Did you break out in hives?
I think because the gift was so special that you just don't need to worry about it this one little time. :)
Love it all! You are so darn spoiled Girlfriend!
Enjoy! Karen

A Cottage Muse said...

S P O I L E D B R A T!!!

But I love you!

Gorgeous, thoughtful gifts full of love!

Have a great weekend!!

Liszha said...

What a splendid presents. So LOVEly!
Given with love, you can tell.

Electricwitch said...

The beauty of friendship is indeed a precious gift.


Linda said...

You ARE blessed, Jodie! Such sweet goodies she sent you...I went to visit and follow...thanks for sharing! XO

June said...

And this is how we all feel about you Jodie. So thankful to call you friend. I have you to thank for me staying with the blogging in the first few months that I had started. I had started as a lurker on so many blogs and then decided I would like to try it myself. Well my first several posts were awful, and it was so frustrating just getting the post published because I am seriously challenged on the computer. The kind messages you left for me were so encouraging and so I kept it up. So thank you for being the generous spirited person you are. A person who can always find something kind to say to those who need it most. To cheer for the ones who struggle with self confidence and lack of talent.
I know you have blessed me!
hugs and love to you from me...

time-worn interiors said...

You have a wonderful group of friends Jodie! But as sweet as you are you deserve it!

mo said...

Hi Jodie, You have a stunning blog. Glad I found you. I am your newest follower. *hugs*

Debby said...

Another beautiful gift for a beautiful lady!!! Love everything.

Linda said...

How thoughtful and sweet! You are just the most darling person - wish you were my friend in real life, lol, but wait a minute - blogging is real life. :D

Beautiful post and lovely gifts.

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Oh what a spoiled little girl you are! LOL Kidding, actually I can't think of many girls that deserve spoiling more than you. Heidi has you pegged all right, except for one little thing. The animal fur on the headband. I think she meant to send that one to me. After all, as Julia says you are 'nature phobic'! Maybe you can peel the velvet off & send me the fox! Dawn & I thought of you often last weekend, especially everytime we found a stuffed bird, & there were MANY! Love to you, miss you! Tell Thad to bring you to visit soon. Lisa